Best Friend Ghosted Me? Askes for space?

My best friend and I were in a situation ship, I told her I was catching feelings for her, she told me she felt the same but we never got to a official relationship, I confronted her about it and she told me she only saw me as a friend and didn't want to lose that with me. I was upset that she couldn't have told me this from the start and I felt as if I was led on. She told me she was sorry and hoped we could remain just friends. I told her that I needed space to think about it. I said a couple of other harmful things too that day but 2 days later I come back and apologize for what I said. I tell her that I'm fine remaining just friends and that I don't have feelings for her anymore. She said she's glad that we could move past this and remain friends, but says she wants the friendship to come back naturally and says that she needs space right now. I tell her okay. Its been about a week and we haven't talked since. Did she just leave me? She told me everything was good between us, but why is she asking for space then?
Best Friend Ghosted Me? Askes for space?
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