My Ex girlfriend is "lost"?

So my ex-girlfriend and I were together for 1y & 10m (longest she has been in and my only). We had a great relationship. We never argued and I believe there was a lot of love in the relationship. About late February she monkey branched into another relationship and she seemed so confident in her decision. She told me I could move out if the house and move back to my home town, but I didn't. I stayed but she seen my snap of a job application I filled out and she asked me if I was moving. I told her "depends on this job, why?" Then she asked "because why would you move?" and "you really going to move?". For 2 months I have not initiated the texting it has always been her. We started texting a bit and she said "I'm here for you" I said "but you are not truly here like you were" then she followed up "I know, I don't know what's going to happen". Then same day she came to my house when I was not there and cleaned my house. I asked her why and she said "I don't know". Then she left the note that is pictured. She said she wants to meet with me to workout. Is she regretting her decision? What are your experiences with monkey-branching? What does she mean "I dont know what's going to happen"? I still love her to pieces. Thank you for this long story ❤
My Ex girlfriend is lost?
My Ex girlfriend is "lost"?
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