How to overcome a heartbreak?

Today is the first time i feel so alone, at my age of 32, I'm still single, unmarried, no child, no partner to love and loved me back. I pay my own bills, my family bills, giving my parents monthly allowance, but I'm still alone. The man that I loved, already left me recently, without any efforts to make things right again. So hopeless at this point of life. I wanted a guy who can love me for who I am and care about me when I'm sad, it's hard to find the right one. I wonder if I could find love again.
How to overcome a heartbreak?
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Thank you everyone for being a good listener and amazing motivator in my daily life. I couldn't keep going strong without each of you. Your words and those genuine responses, have become my backbone to get myself back on the right track of life. Love you all!
How to overcome a heartbreak?
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