Guys I need your help?

Hi guys,
So me and my partner/ex got into a big argument and basically during our argument, we left each other. He would text me to see if I was ok with my health when we were silent to each other. I hurt my toe last week, so he was checking up on me. He sent me a light up frame picture that I gave him. I told him to turn it on when he missed me. This was Sunday or Monday. We left each other Thursday (last week)
But his really angry and so am I. Our communication is not good so it’s something we should fix if we were to continue. After blocking and unblocking, we haven’t spoken since Tuesday 5am and it’s Friday. I’m sure this relationship is over. Two days ago he challenged me to play 8 ball of pool. I got the notification on my phone. Everyone says that his holding resentment but he still cares. His just trying to show me his got strength.
He basically is always the one to fix an argument. And he use to say sometimes that if he never texts me, I would never.
we are both very hurt. I ended up crying on the phone on Monday to him and showed no sympathy. He called me the next day 5am to tell me his doing ‘just fine’ and then I blocked him and unblocked him the same night. We argued over stupid stuff but small things can lead to bigger things when communication is crap!

At this point, I miss him, I care for him but I feel so disrespected but I miss him.. do you think I should be the first to break the silence or am I just feeling the effects of a break up and just need time to heal and accept it for what it is.. I really need advice guys!
Guys I need your help?
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