Will he have remorse and come back one day?

so I have been helping this guy move on after his ex dumped him, ultimately I told his parents about his break up. Because I liked him more than he liked me, I left the decision to reject me in his hand
His parents started thinking that we are together. I told my friend to go and tell them that we are friends not lovers. Instead of telling his parents that he wasn't interested, guess what he said? that I have childhood trauma and was harassing him... like seriously? His parents believed him and the undertook procedures to prosecute me. The policeman was like that's not big of a deal, there was no evidence of my childhood trauma so he did not open a case. His father told him to cut all contacts with me.
This became talk of the town, upon hearing so, my family felt humiliated. My sister wrote to him and said that he insulted my family and he should not have said that in public.
Do you think, he will ever feel remorseful? will he ever come back for friendship or a relationship? I gain nothing except public humiliation.
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I treated him with a lot of respect and pampered him a lot for 1 year 4 months.
Will he have remorse and come back one day?
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