Heat of the moment breakup: is it final?

Me and my man have many arguments
Even over small things
We have broken up several times
And im always the one packing my clothes when we fight
Him saying "im done, i dont want to see u again, i will not message/call"
Vice versa..
But 90% of the time he calls and tries to come back to me
And we get back together

Then yesterday morning we had a good time just going to a park and joking around
And having a laugh

Then we got home and we had an argument about a tv show
And then he got angry and just broke up with me
"Im done, you always argue every week, im done with your crap, i can't take this anymore"

And then we bickered back and forth
I started packing my clothes
Then he said
"F**k this. I dont deserve this. I dont love u anymore, I dont care about u anymore, go find someone else"

And then he dropped me home
He was still angry

Is this final?
How could he switch to not loving me and not caring about me in 1 second?
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Heat of the moment breakup: is it final?
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