Why do I feel bad for him? Is he worth it? please let me know :(?

My boyfriend broke up with me when we were 21, he wanted to sleep around and be free, I was devastated when he broke up. He came back a year later saying that he still loves me and wants us back, I told him I don't trust you and I need him to get to know you again and he said he understands this completely, in the first week of us trying to get back together and work on the trust I found out that he has been secretly meeting his ex and didn't want me to know, when I asked him to show me their conversations he refused.

It broke my heart as I had made him promise me not to hurt me because of this ex in the future and he still did. We kept fighting and he never proved to me that he has cut her off or even told her about me, he broke up with me again because I can't trust him, this time I also begged him not to leave me but he did anyway...

Two and half years later he came back and sent me a message but I never replied as i had met someone in those 2.5 years. 2 more years he texted me and I replied and he told me that he misses me and my eyes and that he can't believe we will never see each other again as I had gotten married. He seemed very touched and sad that I got married and won't be able to talk to him anymore.

Why do I feel bad for him? He screwed himself and i feel bad about it?

Does he even love me or for real regret losing me?

Is he worth me thinking about him all the time now even after i got married? was there anything else I could do?

Please let me know
Why do I feel bad for him? Is he worth it? please let me know :(?
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