What makes your In Laws love you?


So, I somehow got very lucky with my ex, whose parents loved me a lot.

They bought a car for me in the past when I was engaged to their son, I didn’t accept it at that time and told them to give it to their daughter instead, they really supported me all along out relationship and encouraged our future marriage.

Even after our break up, they kept in touch with me and were by my side emotionally all the time.

They used to send me presents , money, even though I never took anything from them, I still appreciated their care for me. I was always sending their money back to them.

And while I tried to keep my distance from them because I was moving on from my ex, I still didn’t manage to cut all ties with them, as they loved me so much.

They told me they are my Chinese parents and I used to call them my Chinese dad and mom.

When I broke my leg, they were on a trip, they cut their trip short and came to Shanghai from their hometown today, spent a whole day with me, they brought me so many presents and and so many things when they came.

We had an amazing day together, we talked, laughed, dined together. I enjoyed spending time with them a lot and they seem to enjoy it too.

Then they were giving me the red envelope which I didn’t accept and gave them back.

When they left they messaged me that they hid the red envelope in my cupboard when I was not looking.

When leaving they told me they loved me.

I felt so loved and cared for.

I wonder, how is it possible for my ex in laws to care for me so much?

What did I do to make them love me this much?

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First of all, I think they love me because they are exceptionally good people and they choose to see good in me.

Secondly, my ex talked about me all the time and his parents grew very fond of me, they thought I was cute and goofy.

His mom keeps funny pics and videos of mine that my ex has shared to them,

I think he has a lot to do with the fact that his parents love me so much,

Then, I was his first girlfriend and his first fiancé, they thought of me as a daughter, as we were engaged.
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They also probably admired how much I loved their son and they said that I had a positive influence on him.

They also said I was a noble and a good person who’s rare to meet, which I disagree. But I am definitely not noble. However, they saw me as such and I tried to not disappoint them.

I also always showed care and attention to them, always remembered special dates about them and always stood by their side when their health and well being was concerned. I just adored their son.
What makes your In Laws love you?
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