My ex has been drinking himself silly since our break up.

Okay, he used to never log into Facebook and update his status messages, but ever since we've been broken up, he makes it a point to update his status message every day or two. The night we broke up (it was all him) he changed it to "Drunk as f*ck. Was sober, but then became single and drunk", and last night he changed his status to "Brandon says the liver is evil and must be punished". Now to me it sounds like he is drinking away his problems. He was never like that when we were together. Does it sound like he is doing it for attention or something, the whole constantly updating his status, cause he never used to before? He used to update his status maaaybe once or twice a month. I commented in response to his status message last night and told him that alcohol isn't going to solve anything or make problems disappear, and he is only going to be hurting himself. I made it quite clear after our break up that I do still care about him. Even though we're not together anymore, I do still care about him and I would hate to see him turn into an alcoholic or worse because he can't cope with what is going on around him. I know some people might say to just move on and not worry about what he is doing, but it's hard when I am watching him destroy his life.

By the way, we broke up because initially he said it was the distance, but then he confessed later that he had a quick kiss with a girl at a bar (apparently has a track record of cheating, which I didn't know how bad it was. I did know he had cheated at least once before) and didn't trust himself for he wasn't sure if he was capable of worse and didn't want our relationship to end like that. I gave him an opportunity to basically try and make things right with me, and he more less passed that right on up. So I don't understand his actions. He said he had been trying to think of excuses to break it off with me during that whole week, and was kicking himself for what he had done. He also said that he fell so deeply in love with me that he wanted to change so bad, but in the end failed. Our conversation ended with him basically telling me that I was one of the best girlfriend's he ever had cause he didn't have to wonder who I was with or what I was doing. I also asked him if he could stay out of the bars and the temptation wouldn't be there, if he would be willing to give us another try? He basically said he has issues with himself he needs to work out, and he doesn't want to be how he is anymore. He said maybe in the future it would work, but not to take it as him leading me on, and if I find someone that makes me happy then to go for it. But he doesn't want to lead me on or hurt me anymore. He kept apologizing and saying that he didn't mean to hurt me and he's sorry for what he did, and he's trying to become a better person and to solve his short comings.
My ex has been drinking himself silly since our break up.
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