After 7 Months of No Contact, We spoke Yesterday

Yup, we chatted through instant message yesterday for about 2 hours non stop. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I loved this girl so much and she loved me too. More than I've ever loved anyone. We had to end things because she needed to move north far far away to give her kids a better life..she just couldn't do it here so I understand about that. That problem is I was after 7 months I was finally starting to be really over her. I could think about her and not get upset anymore. it was a few months before I could do that and get rid of the obsessive thinking. Yesterday when we chatted was so nice, it made me so happy to hear from her again. I really thought we would never speak to each other again.

But now I'm starting to regret it. As much as I liked it it has brought so many feelings back with it. I've been thinking about her a lot since yesterday again, and last night I thought about her I was able to put myself (in my mind) back in time like nothing has changed. It was weird. It was like we were dating just last week. All the memories came flooding back. It made me extremely sad. and when I woke up she was the first thing on my mind. ughh.

I know if I want to move on and forget about her the only way to do that is to break all contact FOR GOOD. The problem is I don't want that. I want to stay in contact with her. Like, right now I'm dying to just said her a message saying "hey" I'm not 100% sure how she feels but I know missing each other badly is mutual. Life just sucks sometimes. I'd appreciate and kind of response even if it's not helpful just so I know someone was listening... Thanks :(
After 7 Months of No Contact, We spoke Yesterday
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