Ex-girlfriend contacts me out of the blue...What does it all mean?

Almost a month of NC and doing pretty good.

On Saturday, my friends and I went out to a popular club, I saw my ex when I walked in and she was there with a another guy. I didn't make eye contact or say anything and went on my way to having a great night. We were in separate sections of the place so I really never saw her the rest of the night unless I was going to the bathroom.

Apparently, she noticed me and I got a text from her around 2:30 am saying "save me? No?" [I got there around 12:30ish] I don't even know what this even means...

I didn't respond to the text nor looked at it when I was there until I got home. And then around 4:30 am, she calls me but doesn't leave a message. I didn't pick up the call and I haven't returned call/text. She did something very similar the night she broke up with me - called me late-late night during the work week to come over, which I did (I know, dumb).

Why would she do this?Any thoughts? Advice? What I may expect to happen next?

Brief background: she broke it off with me, citing multiple wishy washy reasons (nothing that could of been talked through). I was willing to talk it out however she never responded to my request and was being very hostile and bitter towards me. A week into the break up, she wanted to have a face to face but I declined due to how she acted towards me and did not want to deal with her being so angry still and I just wasn't ready emotionally to hash it out. Went into NC ever since.

I really gave her my all - probably gave her too much, but I was the "picture perfect bf" as my friends would say. She knew she had me on a string, which I had realized since the breakup.
Ex-girlfriend contacts me out of the blue...What does it all mean?
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