Ex girlfriend says we are soul mates

She broke up with me in January. Now she is getting in touch again and says we are soul mates. She also told how great times we had and she really cherishes those moments. She has a new boyfriend but she told me that she isn't sure does she love him or not. She is contacting me every day via texts or calls and says we are soul mates and we have unique connection. What's this? Does she still love me?
+ obviously she is hiding this communication from her new boyfriend, long calls full of laugh, texts etc... I'm not sure if I want her back but does she want me back?
She also googled "soulmates" and wrote me a long sms about that topic. She says we have all the signs that true soulmates have and this is something very special. But she is still with her new bf...


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  • I think it's quite obvious she still loves you. I wouldn't get in touch with an ex and tell him we're soulmates if I didn't want him back.

    • Yeah, maybe that is her purpose, but she still wants to continue with this new guy. She called again and said that yes, she likes him very much, but doesn't know if she REALLY loves him. She also said that she doesn't have that enourmous "spark" she had with me, and she said I am the only one who truly can understand her...

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    • We haven't met yet, but it's coming soon... we'll discuss about the date. Anyway, she called today again, out of the blue. We had a great time on the phone again. I also asked her straight that doesn't her boyfriend get annoyed, jealous, angry about this...and what if he wants her to stop contacting me, what would she do then? She answered that she would leave this guy. I said "choose, ME OR HIM?!?!" she replied "well... I don't know... well... I would choose YOU".

    • Just see how the date goes, I'll just keep on repeating myself.

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  • It's obvious she still loves you and wants you back. She misses you but it's bad of her to lead on her current boyfriend. If you love her back, then offer to rekindle your relationship!

  • Shes leading her current boyfriend on (emotional cheating even), regardless of her feelings for YOU it's still something to consider. Seems a bit fishy does it not? If I were you I wouldn't look back, if she's willing to toy with another man's emotions for you, who says she won't toy with your emotions for another?

    All in all, it's up to you whether you want to take this risk, but I advise you to consider what I've said and just be careful. Sometimes something too good to be true may have hidden intent.

    Good luck!

  • I think by breaking up and dating someone else, she realized how much she actually likes you. She sounds like she may even be in love with you.

  • She still has feelings for you. Ask her if she wants to get back together or something. Because it is obvious something is wrong there with her new guy. And if you don't want her calling and texting you every day let her now.


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