This Guy Won't Leave Me Alone and He Has a Gf!

So there's a guy I've been friends with for quite a while. Ever since I've met him, he's has this same g/f. Well, it's pretty obvious this guy and I have chemistry. He's always lingering around wherever I am and he texts me randomly and mentions hanging out with me. (We've hung out times before and it was great, at this point I know he likes me.) I like this guy, but we both are in relationships. His girlfriend and him have just gotten over a sour point and are back together. But I don't know if I should just talk to him about it. I feel like he likes me but he's either really in love with his girlfriend and confused or just using her as a safety net if I turn him down. Should I just be straight up and be like "I feel there's something here and if you like me you should let me know, if not, we can continue to be friends but that's it.?" I need help.


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  • Don't interfere with someone else's relationship. Nothing can start right if it causes the demise of something else. Plus, you're in a relationship too? I think you should be focusing on what's wrong with the one you have, and try to fix it. If things don't work out, break up. If he happens to be single, then you two are free to mingle.


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  • I feel like having an honest conversation with him about where things are at for the both of you is your best bet. Having an open dialogue will be beneficial for the both of you. Either he'll break up with his girlfriend and you can decide if you want to break up with your boyfriend. In the event that you choose your significant others then you can be friends, but probably need to establish some rules for that friendship so you don't end up in a sticky situation later on.

  • Simply tell him about how you feel and see how he responds.


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