Chase or don't chase the cancerian (zodiac) male?

a mature & well established cancerian gentleman recently befriended me. We went from barely speaking to each other (just "hi" and "bye" in passing), to him suddenly texting, calling & emailing almost every day (we've had one another's contact info. through mutual parties). We went out for drinks a few times, flirted and had a great time. He said that he has never texted/called/emailed anyone so much in his life and that there was just something about me, but he doesn’t want to seem pushy. He consistently expressed deep interest. We hadn't done anything at all (although it was expressed that the desire is very much there); in-fact, we barely even touched each other until one evening walking home he pulled me in and kissed me. This was a huge deal as he comes off as being extremely shy. After the kiss, we hung out for drinks the next day and rode home together. He was a bit tipsy as I was departing from him, he hadn't eaten all day and it was 90+ degrees outside and the way in which he walks home is desolated and dark. I was a little worried so I said "hey text me and let me know you got home okay... have a good night". He basically laughed and said, it’s cool, he'll be fine; and that when he goes to visit his mom, she always tells him the same thing and he never does it. We continued to joke around about it and I said I was going to kick his butt if he let me worry and didn’t send me something. We joked about it some more, then I left, still laughing but shaking my head.

It’s been five days and I haven’t heard from him since. I know he’s been dealing with some stuff in his personal life and judging from his conversation with me about how he can’t believe he contacts me so much that could be a factor as well. So I’m not sure how to gauge this and if I should just put myself out there and reach out (with the risk of not hearing back): Did he suddenly stop contacting me to see if I would be the one to reach out this time? Did I scare him away? Or could he just be in his “shell” right now dealing with personal stuff and will eventually come back around; as I have heard the Cancer male is known for doing this? I don’t want to give him the wrong signal (of not caring) by not reaching out, but I don’t want him to feel as if I am not giving him his space after asking him to let me know he got home safe. As a cancer man, please tell me what you would prefer the woman you are so deeply attracted to, to do?

It has less to do with "astrology" and more to do with personality.


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  • I immediately stopped reading after you brought up zodiacs. So basically, I didn't even bother to read your title. Zodiacs, and astrology in general... all of it is bullshit. All of it. Here's why...

    Want to know more of why it's bullsh*t? Click this one, too.

    From here on out, if you want people to take your questions seriously, never bring up astrology again. It makes you look like an idiot.

    • Right, and you're saying that him being a cancer is why he behaves the way he is, aren't you?

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  • they are well known for having their bad moods - too emotional. And unreliable. Too easily addicted to alcohol and drugs.

    Reasons why he didn't contacted you for some time now:

    1) his phone got %#$@&

    2) had an accident

    3) going through something personal

  • well if he's a scorpio did you se ehis sun sign or moon sign? those need to be taken into account too.

  • Astrology is bs to be honest but I would just chase him if you're interested

  • guys like to be chased, haven't you seen what guys on here say

  • i think you should go for it


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