Why does he keep coming back?

I met a guy via online dating. We talked for 5 weeks before meeting up. I guess I wanted to make sure he seemed normal, nice and decent. We opened up to each other about a lot of things, but as time would tell, he hid a lot too...

We slept together too early - second date. And then he pulled away and revealed more of his 'real ' self. no more sweet talking - and a lot more brash and up himself. then he would be sweet again, and send heaps of text messages, opening up about how he's a bad guy and bad influence, that his brother is a bikie and the gang comes over often. That he does drugs etc. I was shocked, but also compassionate. seemed like a cry for help. we got close again (talking - not sex) and the talks were good.

Then he was rude and asked me to pick him up from a date. I lost it and told him to grow up. It's like he enjoyed seeing that I cared. He then messaged and called asking me to please come over and see him - I ignored it.

Anyway I called him on his 'act' and games and pulled away. I told him I wouldn't see someone who treated me like dirt and spoke to me unkindly. He then put on the 'nice guy' act again, all because of the chase I think. And the harder I made it for him, the more he chased. He promised he just wanted me to give him a chance to make it right. and that if all I offered was friendship fine he would take that. so after a week of pleading, I gave in.

Wemet - but only as friends. I went to his place and he was p*ssed off when I left becuase I didn't sleep with him or even let him touch me. I told him if he begged to see me for so long after being friends, and he can't REALLY be friends - then leave me alone. It was a tactic to make him realize his own game had failed.

Anyway I still have a feeling ill hear from him again, maybe in a few days or a week. that's what he tends to do when I say 'dont contact me again'. What do I do then? He's made it clear he's talking to other girls - that's fine I'd rather someone else put up with the lies and games. but why does he keep coming back? Especially when he knows he's not getting anything from me now I know his game.
He's probably starting to genuinely like you
He's a player but likes you, probably why he opened up
He's just playing the game
You're different and a challenge
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Why does he keep coming back?
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