Why does he keep coming back?

We haven’t been together for 2 going on 3 years! But, we had 8 months of silence between us after I couldn’t tolerate his Bs anymore. <— He would treat me as his girlfriend... I would cook, help and be there for him and he would love spending time with me. Although, whenever I would bring up exclusivity he would tell me that’s not his thing.. So, I went months trying to show him the genuine love and care I had for him. but eventually I was done and I told him I was moving on.

*sigh* He asked me to stay friends with him and so I did. He went through many women until he found one... this is how our no talking period began. He would complain and compare me to his current girlfriend. CONSTANTLY. This would give me a glimmer of hope because he would always say you taught me what love should be. Until he began ignoring me. But, 8 months passed he messaged me again asking how I was doing.

But, this time I was with someone.. who later cheated. He was supportive and would say to me “I would never let you go your to valuable”. He had a girlfriend and I'm no longer interested. So, I found my current boyfriend who I love and adore. But, my ex broke up with his girlfriend who in opinion was abusive to him. Started talking to me daily and calling me to chat. This was fine because I got the sense that he was trying to get over his ex. But, he would constantly say stuff like “you know you’ve always been there for me in hard times and made me the best version of me” or “I miss (something I’ve cooked for him)”.

Naturally friction started to occur and my boyfriend was getting sad because he was worried. Furthermore, my bff was sitting right next to me when my ex said “_____, I love you.” This upset my boyfriend and I told him you can’t say those words they’re strictly for my boyfriend. He got angry saying it was as a friend. I blocked him out of respect for my boyfriend.

But, fast forward 2 months he messaged me Hey. It may be a simple case of the grass is greener and didn’t work out. But, he lost me forever.
Why does he keep coming back?
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