My family hates my ex boyfriend, what should I do?

Ok I have been broken up with my boyfriend for over a year now but we still talk. My family used to love my ex boyfriend because he respected me an our house was a really sweet guy everyone loved him . But after we broke up an we decided to get back together soon an remain friends. My ex and I hung out a few times an I would call him every now an then , sometimes he would call back. Now I'm getting from my parents an sisters saying that I should stop being so desperate an to stop calling him so much an that he's not thinking about me. He's been asking me to hang out with him sometime an parents won't even let me do that. An I don't know what to do because I still care for this guy a lot I mean a lot but at the same time I don't want to let them down because I still want to be with him what should I do?
An my sisters had complaints about him too an is it the best idea to tell him the reason why I can't hang out with him anymore or should I not?

And we text too, should I stop text him?


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  • This is difficult because I don't know how your ex is with you or what you still want from each other. I can completely understand your family and tend to agree that exes are the past and should be left alone. However, if you think he's a decent guy and you want to get back together, then that should be your risk to take. Note though that if people warn you, it's because they might see sides of him you don't realize yet, so always take them into consideration, but then again, you know him the most, so you should also trust your judgment.


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