Why would my exbf say 'i hope you find happiness' ?

what does it mean when a guy says this?

I could care less about him. I believe he just wants to look good after he sucked so bad when he WAS my boyfriend. now that things are over and done, he also says it will take a while for him to move on.

I just said he should 'f*ck off'

because if he isn't my boyfriend, I don't care about his existence. I ended things because of his incapabilities as a man.

please enlighten me...


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  • Generally, when someone say's "I hope you find happiness". They mean

    just that, they're wishing you well in life and love.

    And, I have to wonder what envokes such angry from a woman. That one would

    say "if he's not my boyfriend, I don't care about his existence". Really, you don't care about him

    at all? And, I saw you said "I hope he gets hit by car" So, what happens if he really

    did get hit by a car and dies? You wouldn't be sad? I'm not being mean, I'm just

    curious what this guy did that was so horrible, that you wish for him to get hit by

    a car. Angry like that, has to come from somewhere.

    • um his friends came in threatening my life...and he didn't stand up for me. is that enough context, to help you ... but thanks for the judgement

    • It wasn't judgement, I was just curious. I'm sorry that happen to you, I hope things are better for you now.

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  • He says it because he deeply loves you. When you love a person, you don't want them to be hurt.

    You sound mentally abusive towards your ex. Why do you 'hate' him so?

    • no I'm not abusive...his friends called me a b, a cunt, etc and did that at work as well. he didn't hate him. but I guess you've only read 2 sentences. of a whole 6 months of tormoil

    • Ok, I understand your frustration then.

      But if he said "I hope you find happiness". Then he means it. ESPECIALLY when you are acting very hostile towards him. It takes a lot of balls to do that.

      And judging by the fact that he did say that,I don't think he is aware of what his friends did.

      You think he wants to hurt you, but I don't think he does if he said something like this.

      His friends by the way must have their own reasons for treating you like that.

  • Allow me to enlighten you he means he hopes that you find love someday even though he might've caused you pain and heartache and emotional damage

    • Agreed. Men are generally more in control of their emotions than women.

      During breakups, women go berserk and go on constant rants about their ex. OP is a prime example. Men on the other hand can often move on fairly easily. While the relationship didn't work, they don't wish harm to the girl and often still care for them. He wishes that you find happiness because he is either unable or unwilling to provide it to you.

    • i hope he gets hit by a car

    • How about the karma BUS instead?

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  • because he is a douche that didn't know how do do it himself and he is being sarcastically stupid.


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