Is my boyfriend trying to make me look like his ex?

Is my boyfriend trying to make me look like his ex?

Yesterday he was playing with my hair, trying to put it in a hairstyle and said ''Why do you never put your hair like this. A braided crown would look good on you?''. He was very persistent and strange about the ''braided crown'' do...

To my surprise, as a friend was browsing her Newsfeed on Facebook, I saw a picture of my boyfriend's ex uploaded on the same day he made that comment in which she had the exact same hairstyle he was talking about.

I feel betrayed and find that it's almost sneaky and disrespectful to me that he doesn't think I would find out about things like that. Ofcourse I can't say anything about it... Is he not over his ex? Not seeing me as a whole individual, but as some sort of an ''stand-in'' for his ex?

Would you think something of it yourself? Would you say something about it, and what?

Or am I overreacting, maybe he just thought ''hey nice hairstyle'' and went on and proposed it to me...?

He has been telling me from the start ''why do you never wear your hair tied?''.

I know this is a petty problem, I am no the jealous type, but somehow this really made me feel betrayed and want to re-evaluate our relationship.

Your help/insight is dearly appreciated.

But do you find this strange also?


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  • Sweetie, with everything I am reading here, it's as plain as the hair on your head, that Ape man still has the hots for his "braided crown" jewel, and is using you as a "Rebound Rebecca of Sunny brook farms." Hair it is. What did he expect? That you would just sit, as he ran his sticky fingers through your own crown, and "bubbled" on about something "that he doesn't think you would find out things about?" Tell him to get a grip. And Of course You should say Something. If it had been me, and I have been known to be Facebook fiendish, I would have spread This hair fetish follicle of a boyfriend, All over Newsfeed.

    You have every right to feel betrayed, because in "Herbal essence," You have Been back stabbed by someone who you thought would Never be this sneaky and disrespectful. If he is playing around with your feelings, not to mention your hair, what is he doing behind your back---- "hairing her voice" again?

    No, you are Not over reacting in the least. You are right in assuming that he isn't seeing you as a whole person, but I know a name for someone who does this to someone they say they Care about, and it is speaking as the Hole truth, if you get my drift.

    You need to to re-evaluate your relationship with him. Sit down, as well, and have a "hair to heart" talk with him, and find how he feels about different issues, now at hand. Tell him you will Not be some "stand-in," nor some "knock-off," either of this replica rebound he is trying to hold on to.xx


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  • Unbraid your hair. Dye it bimbo blonde. If he has a fucking issue with how you are wearing your hair, he can go F himself. That is not love. That is a sign that you are dating a manipulative creep. Most of the guys that do these things are big time narcissists. He will never see you as a person or as an individual if he tries to change you to suit his desires.

  • *Screeching Breaks* What the fuck?

    Yes he is associating you with his ex. ugh. Next time pull out a pic of YOUR ex and be like "Look how sexy that bedhead look is, I want you to get your hair cut like this".

    If he has never done anything like this before and he isn't the kind of person that you would see him being, by all means give him the benefit of the doubt and talk it out civilly. It seems like you painted the picture that he was definitely trying to get you to look like his ex, and if that's your gut reaction in my experience there is usually something to it.


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