Ex "snapchatted" me a picture of him and his new girlfriend?

I haven't talked to my ex in four months since our failed attempt at being friends after we ended things and a few weeks ago he sent me a random snapchat of him and a girl.

Through her social media I know its a new girlfriend. I didn't respond because it seemed pointless.

Two days later he sent me another one, completely random of an animal.

He was my best friend and I've never been so close to a guy before. I know I was one of the most important people in his life and at one time he thought I was the whole package and that he's never connected with someone or been able to share as much personal stuff with anyone before as he did with me, including his ex girlfriend of 4 years. The loss of friendship was hard but overall I'm at a good place and if he's happy so am I.

He seemed nonchalant about our friendship ending and that he "knew it wasn't possible for things to go back to normal," so I just don't understand what that whole thing was?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think maybe he misses you but I dont nessarly think he's rebounding. Maybe he's just wondering if you still care cux its drivig him crazy thinking that maybe you moved on. Dont give him that satisfaction. Make him wonder, if he really cared about you he wouldn't be with a new girl and he would try harder


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What Guys Said 3

  • That's a pretty douchy thing he did.

  • he wants you as his mistress


What Girls Said 3

  • He probably wants to talk to you? Why exactly? I've no idea but it seems like he doesn't know how to start the conversation and a quick pic could possibly initiate something? but his tactic is obviously not working since you're not reacting to it as he would hope so. ... Or maybe he's just bored, but I think he wants to talk to you, even if just like friends, he could possibly miss your friendship?

  • I agree with what lacelover said... I also think he may be trying to make you jealous... I'd just leave it at that and not snapchat him back... it seems like maybe that's what he's looking for... the girl he is with could possibly be a rebound

  • I think he probably wants to rub the new relationship in your face a bit and get a rise from you. Don't response, would be my advice.


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