Taurus men or those with a taurus man: Insight needed on married taurus men. Are they really committed & loyal to marriage or prone to affairs?

Need thorough insight on married taurus mens traits, personality, behaviors, wants, needs, etc. Are they prone to cheating or does that happen when/if they no longer love or want their spouse? Do they only become sexually involved with woman they deeply care for or are taurus men users and liars? Are they always battling internal conflicts within? Is image everything, even at the expense of sexual/marital satisfaction?

Having a hard time understanding him!


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  • As it is said man (and woman) are polygamy by nature, because nature has design us to produce babies to everlasting life on earth. Sex is a pleasure to induce them for it. If there is any problem in his marriage, he will be diverted soon, otherwise he might try to be on track because of social traditions.


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  • Er, this is extremely general.

    You shouldn't base a guys loyalty over what star sign they are.
    Factors such as environment/experiences etc. play of more importance.
    If you're really into the whole Astrology thing though, looking only into his sun sign isn't the way to go. You need a full natal chart to determine what he's like and even then it's not fully accurate.


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