7 Reasons You Should Date A Guy Who Lives At Home With His Parents

7 Reasons You Should Date A Guy Who Lives At Home With His Parents

Are you dating a guy who still lives at home with his parents? Or are you thinking about it?

If everything about this guy is a check on your list for "boyfriend material" besides his current residence, don't panic just yet! Below are a couple of reasons why dating a guy who lives at home is NOT a deal breaker.

1. No Competition

A guy who still lives at home isn't exactly a hot commodity, so women won't necessarily be lining up to date him.

2. Clean Laundry

Chances are since his mom probably lends a hand with his laundry, he'll always smell like fabric softener instead of last week's sweaty attire.

3. Getting Caught Having Sex

The possibility of getting caught in the act is such an adrenaline rush. You'll have an adventure sneaking around trying to get it in.

4. Mom & Dad's Cooking

Whether or not she knows she is cooking for two, his mom will probably cook enough breakfast or dinner for you to chow down too! So forget all of the takeout and oven pizzas, you'll get a home cooked meal when you visit your boo.

5. Disposable Income

The money he's saving on rent he can use towards paying his student loans, moving in with you, a new car, a new endeavor, gifts for you, etc.

6. Family Man

If he's still living with his family, he probably cares for them deeply and is family oriented.

7. Meet The Parents

You get to meet the parents early and probably get to hear all of the cute stories and see all of the adorable baby pictures from his childhood.

Research has found nearly 30 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds are living at home. Don't be ashamed if you still live at home, the economy is rough! After reading this list, would you consider dating someone who lived at home?


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  • I don't agree with all of the reasons on this, but I honestly could care less if a guy lived with his parents ( depending on the circumstances ). Unless he isn't working or trying to get a job and just bumming away and living for free just because he can then I wouldn't mind. You never know what's going on with a person. He may be in college or just got out and needs a place until he raises enough money for his own place or maybe he had an injury and couldn't work so he moved back home. His parents may even need someone to take care of them so he moved back to take care of them. You never know a person's story so it doesn't make since to just dis them because they are roommates with the people who raised them.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm 24 and live with my parents.

    -Do I have to live with my parents? No

    -Did I finish college? Yes

    -Do I have a professional job? Yes, I'm a Marketing Manager

    -Do I have a car? Yes... but I am upgrading to a 2015 Mustang next year.

    -Why do I still live with my parents? Because I got out of school last year and have a 20K student loan debt, which I have knocked down to almost 10k. I am also going to invest some money as well. By living with my parents I can finish paying off my student loans, get a brand new car and get that paid off quickly... so when I move out I will only have to pay car insurance, rent and other apartment bills.

    When a woman is saying she doesn't want a man who lives at home with his parents... she is really saying she wants a man who has it all already. Listen... Rome wasn't built in a day. Once I move out, after all my stuff is taken care of, I will be better off than most people my age. Slow and steady wins the race.

    • I applaud to that. That was very well said

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    • And to answer you other question:

      Anyway, was it hard to find the manager job?

      Yup! I got out of school in August of last year. After graduation, I went to dozens of interviews with no results. I got my big break with a startup company that was started a few years ago. They were looking to hire a brand new marketing manager (there are a few of us at my job) and they were willing to train me up. As of right now... they are telling me that I am one of the best Marketing Managers they have ever seen and that I have the potential to go further.

    • Literally same but my student loans are gonna be like $60k+ ugh. But yes, I agree with you on all that.

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  • You can make this kind of a list with just about anything...

    10 reasons you would totally click with a stupid person

    Five advantages of dating a grandpa

    23 reasons being insecure is actually good for you


    Doesn't mean it's actually good for you - none of it...
    But if a person doesn't have the money to live alone... or with a roommate, then he/she really doesn't have any other choice but to live with their parents. I understand that.

    • Omg, so fucking funny, lol

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    • @Lonewolf_1296 Sounds like you're bitter for some reason... I was pretty supportive to people living at home. I live at home. Nothing wrong with that. A financial situation that doesn't allow a person to live on their own - what choice do they have?

      Not condescending - logical.

    • Are you done ranting?

  • Unappealing.

    I can respect a man who lives at home that's trying to better his future.
    But when you lay everything out like this it seems like a major turn off.
    Like he can't do anything by himself.

    • Perhaps you just misunderstood?

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    • If he's doing these things by himself , as I already have stated I would have no problem with him living at home.
      If he always needs mommy's help then it's a turn off.
      That's all I have to say.

    • That is actually much clearer, than your original post. Thank you for clarifying.

  • I don't expect a guy to have his own place, because jobs are not exactly readily available anymore, nor do they pay juniors enough to afford a house or apartment. But don't pretend like it's something desirable. It's just something that should be accepted by women.

    • I notice you are not American though. If only you could enlighten more of your American sisters of this...

  • The odds of me dating a guy that lived at home at my age are next to none. I'm not interested. I'm a single mother of three, have my own place, car, and I go to school full time and I don't have anyone doing anything for me. I expect my men to be independent and have their own place and job. there's no excuse for it at my age. End of story.

    • A guy who has all that will not want you, though.
      He wants his own kids, not some random fuckhead's.

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    • The odds of me upvoting are 100%. End of story.

    • That's cool. Men and women have expectations. I expect my women to have symmetrical facial features, tight bodies, and nice sized breasts, with a toned ass. That is pretty much the requirement for women. Men have it easier, in that regard. Men can always make something of themselves. It's a bit harder to become attractive.

      Though yeah. Raising another man's kids. No way.

      @PhilOmega You have clearly not been to South Dallas or Houston.

  • Umm... no.

    You know, the funny thing is that I've met so many men who want the best quality woman that's out there, she has to be hot, has to work & be in school, has to have HER own place, etc. but the minute a girl like this requests the same from a guy, she's such a terrible person, & even worse, we then end up getting dudes writing articles like this. Laughable.

    • ... seriously?
      newsflash, we're al a bunch of hyorcites. No, not talking about guys. I'm talking about EVERYONE!
      Girls write a set of standards they demand, then bitch when men do the same. Men write a set of standards they demand, then bitch when women do the same.

      We're all a fucking bunch of hypocrites that clearly have lost connection with reality. "it's fine for me to have standards and want the best ofr myself, but woe to you if you try to exclude me from your own standards".

      I think it's about time everyone shuts the hell up, sits the fuck down, and thinks through what the hell they're saying! Bcause we're acting like a bloody bunch of babies crying "mine, mine, mine", like the world owes us just for being alive!
      (people who swear a lot are supposedly more honest)


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    • Actually all I did was try to point out, just because a guy is spending money that you can SEE, on rent, a new car, fancy clothes, going out every night, DOES NOT mean he has money in they bank. In fact big spenders are often the least financially stable people. It is usually the careful, frugal ones who don't spend as much on such things that are more stable. Well I guess you'll just have to find out the hard way.

    • @genuinlysensitive Except spending money on rent does not mean you are living lavishly nor a big spender.

  • I am dating someone who lives with his parents. No drawbacks as far as I'm concerned (considering he's my first boyfriend I've nothing to compare him to)

  • Nearly all my ex's and current bfs lived with their parents. doesn't really say anything about their character as it could be for a number of reasons
    like one was caring for his grandmother, the other 2 were saving to learn to drive and for other things as its just too expensive to move out so why judge them for that
    my current boyfriend lives at home as its tol expensive to move out on minimum wage and wants to learn to drive and i get on with his family great because of it making it easier for us and he can afford to treat me when we decide we should go out so why would it affect a person as its them your with not their living situation

  • Aw you regretting your life choices and excessive use of the internet and gaming? Can't find a girlfriend? Well, this take isn't going to suddenly change the hearts of females so they can magically be attracted to an old fart (well you may not be old but you may be a fart) who plays games all fucking day, etc, etc. Sorry bro, it doesn't work like that.

    • You're 15.

      Shouldn't you be playing with legos?

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    • Well if you're hardworking and you're already helping out your parents of course it wouldn't count. But if you were lazy and maybe did a small part time job and didn't do so well in school or college then i'd say you were irresponsible, not looking out for yourself in future scenarios, etc. But if you work your ass off for not only yourself and you parents as well its a tragic situation and I apologize. I was being stereotypical myself. Good luck. @EnglishArtsTeacher

    • @PeachSunset I figured my situation didn't apply to your original claim.

  • In our place, I haven't heard any girl who won't date a guy just because he's living at home. Well that's maybe because I'm not living in America or whatever country where as early as 18 someone is expected to move out of their home so I have no problem in dating a guy like that.

    Nice take ^_^

  • Hahaha no way. I'd rather be with a grown up man, not some kid who doesn't do his own laundry or doesn't cook his own meals. I'd also prefer not to meet the parents early, I don't like that kind of pressure and I also don't give a shit about awkward baby stories. A guy can also be a family guy without mooching off of his parents, and a guy who's mooching off of his parents might be doing it because of the convenience. Not because of the family closeness yay. Bullshit article.

    • I'm also not a fan of getting caught while having sex. Especially by a guy's parents. Talk about turn off.

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    • Oh well, I guess you wouldn't date any rich men who hired live in servants to do all his work for him right? Because that means he can't do anything for himself and is therefore "undateable" correct? And you aren't just one giant hypocrite?

      And for the what seems like 100th time, just living with parents does not mean they do everything for you, believe me that is not how it was with my, nor many of my friends when we lived with our parents.

    • @genuinlysensitive like I said, I would refuse anyone who hires people to do all their work for them. Some help is fine if you've got the money for it, but the important thing is that you do the majority of the work yourself and that you still know how to do the thing (s) that the helper is doing for you. So no, I'm not a giant hypocrite.
      And for what seems like the 100th time, I KNOW. I have always been specifically talking about the people who live at home and the parents do everything for them. I never said that ALL people who live at home are mooching off their parents.

  • I dated a guy who lived back home when his parents went away for summer. No surprise though, his parents were millionairs can't blame him for not wanting to move out.
    He moved out again once they came back, so unlike the majority of this post, he looked after himself.

  • To be honest, if a guy is working on his career or skill and still living at home... that's actually a turn on. He probably has similar values to me. #3 though... lol hell no.

  • I did date a guy that still lived with his parents. I won't do it again. He didn't value enough what other people did for him and thought everything in life was granted... as cleaned laundry, fresh meals and cold beer.

    • Well at least you could get a cold beer! That should count for something.
      But you are right. Try not to judge people because they live at home. Look a little deeper. Then make a wise choice. Good Luck!

  • No. Just no. And the only time I was caught having sex was by my current boyfriends parents while he lived at home. He was military though and based overseas so didn't make sense. When he came home we moved in together... *shudder*

  • It would get old after a while - the whole sneaking around to have sex thing.

  • nice take... but according to you a guy who still lives at his parents place is the ideal boyfriend material?

  • I will pass, thanks. I like my men independent. No way in hell. I own my own home and am independent and expect the same. He should be able to cook, clean and take care of himself. Also, a man my age or older that lives with his parents basically has no drive whatsoever to better himself. Not attractive.

    • I agree with you.

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    • Well, good... hopefully the dream never ends for you.

    • Yeah, well... it will, unfortunately since he has chronic health problems... but I won't get into that. I am not going to settle for less than I deserve. No woman or man, for that matter should.

  • I dated a guy Who lives With his family, he Was so sweet and cute, but the only problem has been That he didn't have his priorities in order.

  • It all depends on why they are living with their parents. At my age I have met a couple of guys who lived with their parents. One had screwed up his life (substance abuse) and had moved in with his parents to "start over". Yep he was definitely not dateable.
    Another guy had moved in with his mother to care for her when she got cancer. Definitely a guy I want to spend time with.

    • Seriously, the age of the guy needs to be in question.

      22 and right out of college? Fine.

      Mid forties? That even makes ME dry up.

  • The first 3 are in no way attractive qualities to me lol.

    • Only the first three? lol

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    • @consultantisback clean laundry is very attractive when he doesn't have him mommy doing it for him.

    • Hahaha. Agreed

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  • Great article! I know the job market is tighter than ever. Even college graduates are struggling to find well paying jobs to afford an apartment.

    Here's a thought for all who are 20 something's and still living at home. Be proud!
    Your folks hopefully are glad to have you still around to help with the daily chores. More important you can bankroll your earnings. Instead of jumping into the apartment life, leapfrog that stage and instead invest in some property. Go right from home to a condo or townhouse. Now you own something and will immediately get that mortgage tax break while building equity in your investment. You will wind up ahead of your peers who are squandering their money on expensive cars- (gain 0 equity) and big shot apartments. They will be struggling to ever make the quantum leap into home ownership.

    In summary:
    > Pay mom and dad a mere stipend to live at home (free laundry, wi-fi, meals) and look for future investments!

    > If your folks are well to do they may even be able to supplement your purchase with a 'family loan'.

    > Forget about a girlfriend for now. There are plenty of available women to go around. Save your bucks for the future. You will be better off in the long run.

    If you can discipline yourself to focus on the financial end of things, the social portion will take care of itself. Women are smart enough to recognize a wise investor.

    Oh, this goes for the girls too. I know of several young women in their 20's who are homeowners. So go for it girls!


  • Well I can definitely say I struggled dating a girl who lived with her parents.

    I know me sating I can't date a girl living at home would net me insane hate. Yet I have seen clear cases of girls only wanting to date a guy for his own place. One guy j knew was dating a young girl mooching off of his. living space. She wouldn't even do her own laundry and he eventually gave up on her. I guess the sex wasn't worth it for him.

    The real kicker was reading s post from someone saying about how someone was dating a girl who told him he wouldn't be dating him if he didn't have his own place yet she did not have her own place. That is a huge issue because I'm sure we got tons of girls like this. They want guys who have things they don't even have for themselves. It is that "I deserve this" mindset instead of "I should go earn this" that too many girls need to learn. Instead they will try to flip things and to criticizing guys to feel better about themselves.

    Granted I would definitely avoid dating a girl who lives with her parents, I can at least say I tried it. I know each living situation is different. I also live on my own so I definitely see things way differently. Some guys understand who pay rent to their families but then you got people who live rent free and claim they have no money then go off and buy the latest gadgets and video games regularly. It gets ridiculous.

    • People who are leeches are the worst. I can't blame you for wanting to date someone more independent and mature than that. The girls you mentioned sound horrible.

    • @lightsoff yea I'm understanding of people during hard times or taking care of I'll parents but overall the ones I encounter and hear about are just leeching. The typical girl who tells me she is independent is the girl who just thinks it means she can leave the house whenever she wants, not paying her own bills, etc.

      I do feel though that the typical guy has a much more lenient stance on girls living at home. I see girls much more focused on the guy having a place.

  • Damn this is a smart take! I wish most young women could see this but now maybe you have helped them.

    As I once heard it put, there is a big difference between living with your parents and living off of them. If the guy is staying at home but gets on well with his folks and works a regular job, that's one thing. If he's a troll playing video games in their basement, that's another!

    Family is absolutely critical to your relationship. Being able to do a bit of reconnoitering and early relationship building is a good thing.

    • "Family is absolutely critical to your relationship." Agreed, too bad so many women don't want family, but instead money.

  • Hey fuck it I will happily admit I still live with my parents, I mean minus the fact that I am going to university now and have some financial issues with the hugely expensive apartments in my local area.

    Minus that I happily
    - pay my share of the bills
    - Do my own washing and chores
    - Buy and cook food for myself
    - do enjoy spending what income i do have left on parents or activities we do
    - don't suffer from a lot of stress e. g no money for bills
    - less stressed from working longer hours at work so can focus on studies
    - spend more quality time with my younger sisters

    Hey I get my own space they get theirs its all good : )

    • I completely respect that, I accept guys living at home but when they have to have everything done by their mothers it's kind of a red flag cause I don't want to be their mom you know

    • nah @live4love I couldn't do that I need to be self sufficient in a lot things I do I feel much better about it haha

  • 1. Yeah, no competition 😢
    2. I smell like ahh 😌
    3. I really wouldn't like it, nor my parents. But I'm with them from 3PM-9PM only.
    4. Best one. She cook better than any restaurant can.
    5. I'm rich 😎
    6. Yes I'm caring 😶
    7. Have a nice time with them 😏

  • I'm just living at home to blast through my student loans. Should be able to pay them off in about a year. My parents are awesome, and it's nice living here rent-free, but that doesn't mean I prefer it.

    I used to have my own apartment during school. My social life was through the roof, the pace was higher, and I actually cooked more and ate better.

    Once I moved back in, that all went to shambles.

    I'm not saying you just reject guys like me. Indeed, if he's cool, don't hold back. Especially because a guy probably wouldn't reject you just because you live with YOUR parents.

    But I am saying that a guy on his own is probably on his feet a little more, and making more of his own decisions.

    God, I can't wait to get back out there.

  • I wouldn't care if someone lived with their parents, of coarse it would also depend on their age. If you're pushing 30 years old and still living with your parents, that's pretty pathetic in my opinion. You are a fully grown adult who should have taken full responsibility for your own life by then. I'm almost 22 and living with my parents, but I'm also attending a private college that costs $26,000 per year. Now that's justifiable.

  • Getting my own place hasn't made a difference. However, a gal still living with her folks wouldn't bother me at all. I don't place that high a priority on sex in the relationship, so I can totally bypass that fear of getting caught in the act. If her folks want me to save it for marriage, I totally don't have a problem with that.

    Besides, bonding with her family makes bonding with her easier. To know that there's no competition for her affections nor animosity or suspicion towards me boosts my confidence a great deal. Plus, they're gonna be a part of the equation one way or another anyway. So I wanna know what I'm getting myself into. May as well go the one-stop shopping route.

  • 1. lol you're going to have all Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and those with similar culture rooting for you :)
    2. Yes but like any other situation there's always a flip side to the coin
    3. I also agree with all those who say that those who stay with their parents have a sense of dependency and taking things for granted attitude. There are ofcourse exceptions :)

  • I know this list is satirical (I assume as such) but it entirely depends on the reason.

    I'm a workaholic, who just graduated from college and I'm currently looking for a STABLE job. I'm also very close to my family, so I don't mind living with my parents, my sister, my brother in-law and my Nephew. Once I find a stable job, I can help out with my parents with the bills.

    Then again, some people are extremely lazy and refuse to help out. It entirely depends here.

  • Written by a guy who lives with his parents ofc :)

    Where i live , living with your parents is a tradition, not something to be shunned.
    It keeps us closer to them so we can take care of our parents in their old age.

    "moving out" until you are 30 is very rare and getting harder due to economical struggles.
    The western model is appealing but unattainable and is also affecting familial ties.

    I live with my parents because i choose too, the money i'd pay for rent i can go out and have fun :)

  • I live with my sisters but I had to learn how to cook and save money and pay for bills because everything you listed I find unattractive in what most guys have the reason I don't move out is because rent in Los Angeles is horrible the minimum is 600$ a month and in a crappy neighborhood I'm currently saving up money to move to a new state where the rent is low and I am able to live very comfortable while going to school and work, if women find me unattractive because I am doing the smart thing then I don't want nothing to do with those type of women aka *gold diggers*

  • cool that you picked out some pointers but in no way does this compare to dating someone with their own place hahaa.

  • 1. Do I want to live at home = no
    2. Do I have a partner = yes
    3. Do I drive yes = yes
    4. Do I have a car = yes
    5. Do I appreciate things = yes
    6. Do I work? = sadly no at the moment but I don't sit around doing nothing I am a highly trained professional volunteer advisor/assessor for a charity and freelance photographer
    7. Do I want to work = yes I do
    8. Do i pay rent at home = yes
    9. I am I educated? Yes 7 qualifications from school 3 UK nvq's
    College graduate x3 (been to UK college Derby college 3x) it repair specialist , volunteer server engineer entry level cad design certified.
    10. Does my parter care that I don't have loads of money no = money won't make you truly happy love should be unconditional regardless of his status

  • living with your parents is an advantage that people shouldn't pass up. Shared income, Family closeness... What's not to love about it.

    are you on my block list?

    • Apparently not spending money needlessly for bullshit you don't need in your single life = not independent enough... or something lol

    • @crayven I've noticed Americans, especially women confuse conspicuous spending, with "having money." They think if people spend money on anything expensive they must have more saved in the bank. The truth is people who spend the most rarely have anything in the bank.

      Also, phrases like "independent" "In the same place" or "ambitious" are typically used as euphemisms for "has a lot of money." Many who use them are gold diggers, but they just don't want to admit it.

      I wonder how many who refuse to date a guy because living with his parents means "he can't do anything for himself" would refuse to date a rich man who hires servants to cook and clean for him? You know cause if a guy has others do things for him he isn't "independent" and therefore "undateable." lol

  • Nice try, guy who lives at home still.

  • Maybe he is paying rent because they will not let them live there for free after going to college. He also might have to help pay bills since he is old enough to work and his parents may not want a free loader. Maybe the reason he is still living with his parents is because he can not afford to move out. He may have do the laundry and cook once in a while so he may not always be getting his parents home cooking. Some parents would not let him b like he is still a littl kid just because he is living with them.

    • With that said he may not have disposable income. Who would want the possibility of being caught by their parents when having sex? No one I know of.

  • What a load of bs lol. Moving out makes everything soooooo much better. I can't believe it took me that long to move out.

  • I still live with my parents. Medical reasons. Epilepsy. My parents are doing everything they can to make it better, but atm my brain is really screwed up. I have trouble remembering things, including both names and faces. Not being able to remember either makes it impossible to keep friends,(only able to try at church), which I need the most right now... It is also why I can't look for a job or my own place, let alone a woman...
    Aside from "disposable income", the rest would all be very true.
    I'd be really embarrassed to admit I lived with them any time real soon after meeting her, but know I would need to...

    If I could have a list of favorite posts, I'd add this to it.

    • I always try to get farther in life, though. I'm shy in general, but working on it. I'll also get a job and in college when they're finally possible.

  • Yea for #5. You are looking at $500-1500 per month in savings. This doesn't count the internet, the gas, hydro and electricity which could add up to about $300 a month.

    A $1300 savings per month for 10 years of living with your parents will get you about $230k, more than enough for a house of your own. Maybe multiples, if you are evil and buy multiple houses, rent them out to other guys and still live with your parents.

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