4 Reasons Why Girls Should Want a Guy Who Still Lives With Parents

4 Reasons Why Girls Should Want a Guy Who Still Lives With Parents

The negative stigma attached to men who still live at home is so ridiculously abundant, you would not want to if you were 18, much less between 25 and 35. But trust me, ladies, the pros of dating a guy who still lives at home, far outweigh the cons (provided he has a decent income, good looks, and personality.) And here are the top three reasons.

#1) He will know you want him for HIM, and not what he's earning or living in.

Guys who have good jobs and houses of their own might gets lots of attention from women, but 99% of the time,...they're the parasitic, loveless kind, who may as well work in brothels. He will know that if he became successful and then lost everything for any reason, you'll still love him. Period.

#2) He'll have far more disposable income and facilities.

He can pamper you a lot more. What else can I say?

4 Reasons Why Girls Should Want a Guy Who Still Lives With Parents

#3) You'll have very little competition--if ANY--from other women.

A guy who lives at home isn't exactly a chick magnet. But a "chick" is for rich guys, a real woman is for a real man.

#4) He'll be much more loyal.

You think a wealthy guy with a mansion is going to stick by you if he knows he can have any whore he wants whenever he wants? Guys who still live at home know their limitations. So he'll worship you for giving him the opportunity.

4 Reasons Why Girls Should Want a Guy Who Still Lives With Parents
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  • Blonde401
    1. So all women that date a successful man are parasitic loveless brothel workers. Right... you've already told your key demographic that they're disgusting people who only like men for their money so well done trying to find a woman now. Let me say this, you catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar.

    2. He's a sponge who's living off his parents and not paying and rent or food bills or anything to help the people who are taking care of his housing situation? Sure sounds like a catch to me. If he's so rich why not move out?

    3. Don't tell real women what real women want and don't want. A sponge isn't attractive - a confident professional man is. The man I'm dating is one of those, who has his own home but his elderly aunt happens to live with him so he can take care for her in her old age - that's infinitely more attractive than sleeping with a man in his teenage bedroom. Real women, like what they like for their own reasons. Women want a mans man, you're not selling yourself as one right now.

    4. Prove it? Living at home with mum and dad doesn't mean you're more or less likely to cheat. I've dated lads like that who were cheaters and I've dated 'rich' guys who were very attentive, kind, caring, non cheating men. So that debunks that theory.

    It's fine that you live at home, fair enough I'm not here to rag on anyone for living at home but don't claim all women are prostitutes for wanting to date men of a higher social standing with money, don't call women who like you 'real women', insinuating that the other women in the world aren't women. Come back with some legit reasons and I'd take this seriously.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Distant
    This is so sad, lol. You're trying to justify living at home in your mid twenties with "positives" that are arguable. This might come as a shocker to you but women like men who are self-sufficient and ambitious. Living at home is neither of those things. Just for fun, let me pick apart your "points".

    1) He will know you want him for HIM, and not what he's earning or living in.
    - This is more of a positive for the man, wouldn't you say? I mean, why does a woman have to justify to the man that she wants him for him?

    2) He'll have far more disposable income and facilities.
    - He MIGHT have more disposable income assuming he's working and, for some inexplicable reason, not helping his parents financially. Facilities? Like his parent's facilities? I don't follow.

    3) You'll have very little competition--if ANY--from other women.
    - Yeah, there's a reason for this - very few women want them at all. However, a confident women shouldn't be worried about this to begin with.

    4) He'll be much more loyal.
    - You have no evidence for this. Men with jobs and their own houses are just as likely to be loyal.

    Seriously, your whole argument boils down to "He'll appreciate it more because no other girls are giving him a chance!" which isn't really an incentive for the girl.
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    • atomique

      2.) Is quite strange.

    • Distant

      @atomique, I'm assuming he means facilities as in hottubs, etc. if his parents own them.

    • atomique

      My apartment complex has a pool, theater and gym. My parents definity don't have that

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  • RationalMale
    Eh. I still live at home.

    1. Being broke so I can afford my own apartment in a nice part of town isn't appealing.
    2. Every single person I talk to hates their room mates.
    3. Live in a three story gorgeous castle and pitch in a few hundred a month... or rent a 600 sq foot apartment for $800 a month... Hmm.
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    • the_rake

      Right, there's economic and personal circumstances that can effect a person's ability to get a good job and a place of their own, especially if that person's under 30. Refusing to date somebody for these reasons isn't that much better than guys refusing to date somebody because her boobs aren't big enough or something.

  • OpenClose
    Hey now! I'm a 25-year-old guy who still lives with his dad and...

    ... yeah, pretty much true.

    1. It's kinda nice, too. I am very picky about being with girls who aren't expecting me to play some sort of role. I have little to no tolerance for any girl who throws me some arbitrary idea of what a man "should" be. Yeah, change your gender then come back to me on that one. Most of my dates have gone Dutch, and we have great conversations about politics, human nature, history, science, etc. Not a single one who gives half a shit who some pop star is sleeping with.

    If I get the feeling she is one of those "basic" girls, I let slip the idea that I live at home to confirm what kind of girl she is.

    2. I'm an electrical engineer, so the majority of my income is going into savings, which I am using to make a large down-payment on a house. But yeah, there is quite a bit of it, and I'm not even officially "hired" yet, where I will see a nice pay boost. Let's not forget that I am generally quite handy.

    And yes, despite my desire to go Dutch on first dates, I DO enjoy getting you nice things now and again. I just don't buy anything for someone who expects it of me, and buy things for people who don't expect it.

    3. Now.. you can still be a chick magnet and live at home. It's just that a magnet is totally useless at a long distance. At an apartment or young community, people seem to know and meet each other more. Where I live... well... I just met my neighbor for the first time yesterday. She has lived there for 3 years.

    I don't have many problems with girls, just finding them.

    4. Lol. "Any whore he wants" I would think someone with more disposable income could, by definition, get any "whore" he wants. Unfortunately, I'm not much into whores, and I select against the kinds of girls who would be impressed by a thick wallet. (One girl was starting med school for, like, cardio-respiratory surgery or something. She liked to talk about the heart, lungs, and blood and stuff. Had it worked out for us, she would easily be making 4X my paycheck.)
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  • EllieLexis513
    This Take is highly inaccurate, mostly because it generalizes men and what they do. Living at home doesn't mean disposable income. It also doesn't mean they're even working or that they'll treat you any differently than someone who is established. Also, a guy who wants me for me wouldn't make me worry about competition, whether or not he lived at home. Plus, how would I know he doesn't want me for MY money? I have a career, car, own place, and take of myself. Him living at home doesn't tell me that. I'd have to go based on his personality alone and at my age, I need to trust he knows how to 'adult'.

    Sorry, not buying it at all.
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    • Mrwoo99

      I think your delusional and need a biology/gender dynamic lesson lol For a start men dont choose women on how much they make and the status that they want to get attached to. A women's value is determined by her beauty and fertility which starts decreasing after 30 am sorry to say, no matter what these feminists tell you. A woman can't buy a man like a man can buy a women because both sexes have their very own mating strategy. An money is not woman's :)

    • @Mrwoo99 I think you need a grammar and spelling lesson because I could barely read what you typed out.

      Biology has nothing to do with income. Nothing. And you didn't address the issue of how do I tell if he doesn't want me for my money?

      Nothing you stated, actually, has anything to do with what I said. Learn to read and comprehend before you speak to me. I don't have time to educate the ignorant.

    • Beaver19

      So you wouldn't date a guy who was living at home but making plans?

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  • Luminifera
    ... so basically the only pro here is... nobody wants this guy, so he's all yours?
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  • Valkyrie1
    I can't say I agree with your points but I do think that the stigma against guys living with their parents is pretty silly. It's based on the assumption that the guy is only doing so because he can't support himself but there are many reasons beside from that. Perhaps he's more family-oriented and wants to be closer to them or even who knows maybe he's the one supporting them. Then there are guys my age who are in college and studying while living at home is just more financially sound.
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  • BuchitaBuchys
    Is this what white people worry about? I don't think I've ever heard of stigma about men living at home. In Hispanic homes they either get pregnant at like 15 and leave, or remain with our parents until like our 30s lol

    The only negative I see is where are we fucking? I hate car sex.

    Also, you make it seem like the only thing keeping a man faithful is that he has no better options. Hmmmm :/
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    • the_rake

      yeah girls in UK and America hate guys that still live with their parents.

    • @the_rake haha I'm from the US.
      I guess it's because it's so common for even 30yr olds, unmarried mostly, to live with their parents, Hispanics and I believe Italians are like that too.

    • the_rake

      aren't you from a latin part of US though? you're definitely right that white girls do NOT have a very tolerant view when it comes to extended families. they just see guys that live at home as "scroungers" where I come from: i. e. they will "scrounge" off their parent's wallet and they will "scrounge" off the state rather than get a job. What they don't understand is that "just get a job" is not always advice that that's simple to apply. I've had my own predicament with this so feel strongly about it, especially if women are going to assume that you're a good for nothing and don't WANT to work because you haven't got a job / place of your own yet.

      If I'm being nice about those women they're just ignorant - and that's giving them the benefit of the doubt. Worse case scenario is: they are bad, judgmental people and probably gold diggers also.

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  • Shorty1991
    Most people can't afford a place of their own. I know I can't, so I still live with my parents. Im having trouble finding a permanent job, that's where my problem stems from. Otherwise I would have a place of my own. I don't believe that this would make anyone more faithful or loyal though.
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  • the_rake
    I don't think anyone's going to pay much attention to this sadly. It's because the arguments you use are something of a double edged sword and seem more like things a devil's advocate would be saying rather than a guy who knows very well that he is not any better or worse than someone with a house of their own.
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    • Mrwoo99

      What I can't understand about these guys on GAG is that they think they can negotiate with women on what's attractive. I've tried that already... just no point lol it always ends up with women getting angry when nice guys confront women on why they ride the cock carousel with bad boys and good looking players

  • Nothanks700
    So basically date whoever is the most desperate because they will never leave you. Lol, this is a bit comical.
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  • Fathoms77
    It's certainly true that living at home can be an excellent financial decision, provided, as you say, the guy actually works and is moving forward in life in other ways.

    I do have to take issue with the idea that "99%" of men with jobs and houses of their own are "parasitic" and "loveless" and "may as well work in brothels." ... that might be a bit of an exaggeration. :P
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  • randomhobo
    We can't have lots of sex if he lives with parents and i can't casually walk around naked which i love to do.
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    • It's simple: court him, marry him, no sex before (sex shouldn't be the point), then learn to negotiate. It's not some impossible task, it just requires patience, planning, and a little humility.

    • randomhobo

      @ObscuredBeyond Yeah, there's no way im not having sex before marriage. I'm not a prude, i enjoy sex.

    • So now it's "prudish" to believe in honest gain? No, dear. A prude is someone who won't allow any hugging, kissing, or even eye-batting in public. And who will hit you with a purse if you goose someone.

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  • Fearless_banana
    Lmfao. Strong coping skills. I just turned 23 and live with my parents but I'm leaving to university in the fall. I can sort of get away with it because I was military. Either way it's a turn off dude lmfao. Shows that you haven't experienced life on your own yet.
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  • Anotherdumbblonde
    I don't think 25 is too old for a guy to live with his parents anyway. As long as he does everything for himself and doesn't depend on them for his laundry or cleaning lol. Save up some money, buy a car etc. Take full advantage of that opportunity if you can and if they don't mind.

    I've been on my own since I was 17 and that is not a fun experience lol
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  • WhaChaChaKing
    So guys will only be loyal if they can't do any better? Nice.
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    • zagor

      Welcome to life...

    • I don't agree with that part. Guys will stay loyal if he is decent. There you go.

  • eunikcorn
    Not really, my last last ex. he's 25 now and still lives with his parents. he's still immature and selfish.
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  • oddwaffle
    In the end economic wins even though nobody wants to be materialistic.

    Only a fool pays $1000 a month to live alone. The smart one stick around like a leech and pays as little as he can get away with and save the extra cash for the future. Money talks, honor walks. A poor sob is miserable no matter how manly he looks.
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  • BubbleBoy69
    Too many (majority) women today don't see to get it.


    They chase rich guys in their youth for relationship/marriage and think these guys don't know what's up or have trust issues that you actually love them.

    Sucking his dick 100+ times and acting lovey dove isn't going to sway him girls. It's when you stop using him for his money or expecting him to treat you out very often and actually give to him more than he does for you that you can actually show u truly love him.

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    • I've seen this all the time. So many girls who still live with their parents even in 25-29 range, or are in college and have roommates refuse to date men in the same situation and chase after men who are already well establish, have a nice car and their own place.

    • Mrwoo99

      Women in their prime 20s whore around with alpha males then settle down with beta nice guys in their 30s when they're used goods when nobody wants or commits to them, they usually end up single mothers looking for a providing chump to take care of them. Anybody who has their shit together that settles for a post wall woman in her 30s is a fool.

  • Weirdo327
    Okay so im 22 and my mom kind of lives with me not the other way around. She's finically unstable and stays with me, I make very good money. Living with my mom has its limitations but I dont want her homeless or living with her parents. a lot of people have the misconception that I live with my mom but I pay the rent/bills.
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    • Blonde401

      No I understand this. The guy I'm dating has his elderly aunt live with him (his mum and dad are no longer with us) but he pays the bills etc. So I do get it, you're not alone.

    • Weirdo327

      @Blonde401 well that's good to know. Its an odd situation but not much I can do about it right now

    • Blonde401

      Of course but that's not going to go against you. Not with someone like me anyway, I find it nice that a guy wants to take care of his family.

  • chc0009
    Well, I still live with my parents, but not because I'm lazy. I have a job and I go to graduate school.

    The reason why I'm still living there is to save money and not have to take further student loans, as I already owe $20,000 from my undergraduate years. The cost of rent is ridiculous these days, I see people like my sister paying $1000 a month.
  • Mesonfielde
    #2) is correct. You pay less for rent. It's a matter of convenience and financial benefit. I wouldn't really understand why anyone would find status more important than income.
  • alice55
    I want a guys like that because I live with my parent too so I think that's cool.
    Plus like this it will be his mother who wash his clothes and not me XD
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  • Hopefuldreamer8
    Depends on the reason. If he is living at home to save for the future or a house, it makes sense. Perhaps he wants to pay off his student loans, and it is easier to live at home. I'm understanding about that. The guy I am interested in right now moved back home to save for a house. He hates it, and he tells people that it's not the best environment for him, and he can't wait until he has enough for a down payment. That's understandable. I'm working on buying the condo I'm renting from the owners, and if it weren't for the fact that it would drive me nuts to live at home again, I'd consider it. I'm basically throwing money away by renting.

    Now a guy that just lives at home just to sponge off his parents is different. One of my co-workers has kids all in their 20s. Not one of them plans to move out, and he works two jobs to support them. That is ridiculous. He complains about it all the time.
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  • Sabathwolf
    I'm 61 and live with my parents. I rent a room and buy my own groceries. I'm on disability and my income is not enough to rent an apartment. I see no other choice. I cook and do the yard work plus clean the house. Things my parents have trouble doing. My mom is Bipolar.
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  • WhereAmI
    OP still lives in his parents basement and is trying to justify why he's unwilling to move out and share an apartment. lmao
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  • Bandit74
    You didn't really do a good job making us seem more desirable 🙈
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  • howzit2015
    there's nothing wrong with living with your parents as long as you are trying to better yourself, or you're saving up for something big.
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  • zagor
    I lived with my parents when I had a job that was 70% travel. It would have been stupid to pay rent for a place I rarely stayed at - and yes I did pay them rent when I was home for long stretches.
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  • Polocrew
    Lol my mom is like hella rich and owns a beach house downtown and our house is pretty big and i love her so even if I decide to buy another house Ill move witj her lol and neber been problem till yet, It's actually plus for me so
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    • Mrwoo99

      That's what I mean it doesn't matter what women think as long as your still pulling some fine gash

  • slashy1
    I haven't dated a girl yet that has a problem with me living with my aunt and mom at the age of 28. Their was a series of unfortunate events that led to moving back in with them and one of them is the break up with my girlfriend, we lived together and brought in two incomes to live where we lived. It's hard now an days to live on your own without a significant other or roommates to support the bill. On top of that we have to pay our phone bills, student loans, car insurance, car payment, It all adds up. I keep up with all my bills but it still doesn't leave me enough to live on my own.

    I feel embarrassed but then I don't feel embarrassed , it's weird. I do have my Masters degree but it's in a field that doesn't make a lot of money at the moment. I guess what i'm trying to say is don't judge a person to quickly who still live with their parents, they might still be responsible reasonable people.
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  • Tomsta
    There is also a big reason people still live with parents at 25 ish.

    The property market is fucking expensive that you have to be earning at least £24k a year to be able to get anywhere nice...
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    • But Consultantisback just finished up buying a 250k house and he's only 28.

    • Tomsta

      @BubbleBoy69 He might have had a lot of money saved or a decent paying job

  • dudeman
    the only two i would agree with are number 1 and 4. these are the main things keeping me out of relationships
  • slimstiffy
    this could of been don better my friend.
    but point 1 was an eye opener.
    imma start living with my parents just to filter out the bitches...
    I still live at home. But I do not appreciate the stereotypes. I work hard and am in school. I have a 4.0GPA in college and graduated high school as student of the year and valedictorian, so you cannot say I do not have ambition.

    Why do I live at home? Try getting an apartment in the Bay Area of California where even people with graduate degrees are struggling to make a living. Furthermore I've already decided that I will not move out until I get married. It has nothing to do with laziness but the fact that family is all I have, and I am especially close to them after a tumultuous childhood.

    I cannot be alone. I either need my family or a wife. Otherwise my depression will act up, and I may even be suicidal.
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    • Exactly. Live with my folks at 25. Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors in Accounting then got a Masters Degree. Now studying for my CPA. Work out everyday. Actively looking for work everyday, applying, interviewing etc. but live in CA and am in an extremely competitive field with many candidates seeking employment and jobs are hard to come by. There are obviously exceptions.

  • goodmood
    Lmao all the immature teenage girls be goin' like "this is stupid" "this is absurd" while more mature adult women agree on this.
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  • clampfan101
    I still live with mine.
    I'm wondering how to find a girl who won't mind? (I have epilepsy, so no job or college until it's cured...)
  • chaturbateskype
    This guy is a legend.. just like me ;)... yeah yeah... so come on girls it's time to hit me ;) :P :P
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  • 99percentangel
    Lol this take 😂
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  • Dred1614
    That's why I moved out a few months ago. I only waited this long because of financial reasons.
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  • OrdinaryGentleman
    You mean a total loser? Yeah i totally understand what you are getting at there mang
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  • DisastrousQu33n
    Lol I bet you live w your parents
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  • zombiebabe
    good take!
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  • ShaeNielson
    Im not convinced.
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  • Emberremembers
    This is stupid😒
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  • FrenchToast2014
    We're all gonna die one day
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  • Anonymous
    Lol on point 4!!! Omg, but this seems to be the attitude required to secure a girl to be less innocent around you. Treating her like crap.

    Good guys who are sweet, and text her (don't ignore), listen to her feelings and are good boyfriend material guys get left to view her innocence as she fucks the guys who don't provide her with any emotional validation. Perverse twisted logic.

    Pls help me on mine? www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q2046147-is-a-woman-more-likely-to-be-openly-sexual-with-someone-who-isn-t
  • Anonymous
    Oh yeah good luck getting pampered by someone who wants mutual respect. Will you pamper me after? Doubt it, hoe.
  • Anonymous
    Great, cause I still live with my parents :P
  • Anonymous
    I was excited to this read this Take based on the title, but unfortunately I feel like the content fell flat. You present many generalizations of both genders here, which doesn't help you at all. You're saying that women are just gold diggers? And that all wealthy guys are players/assholes?
    I don't want a guy to "worship" me because I'm the only one giving him a chance. I don't want him to be with me because I'm his only choice - I want him to pick me. I don't care if there's more "competition," at least then I'll know that he truly wants to be with me, and he's not just settling for me because I'm his only choice.
    You say that a guy living at home will be able to pamper me, but then say he's different from the wealthy guys - so which is it? Does he have money or not?
    I do agree that there are many benefits to living at home in your 20's. And a guy living at home is not a deal breaker. But there are many factors involved that I think you should have examined more. Living at home is an awesome way to save up money. My parents both lived at home before getting married. Then they had enough money to buy a house when they were married. If he's living at home to save up money, I definitely see that as a smart move (and it's the same thing I'm doing!) But not every 20-something who lives at home is saving up money. Some are living at home because they have no other choice and they're unemployed. Now, I would never automatically judge someone who is unemployed in this economy. Its tough out there for recent grads, so of course many are unemployed and living at home. But I want a partner who has a drive. If he's been applying and interviewing and doing his best but just isn't employed yet, that's totally understandable. But if he's not even trying to find a job, then I don't think we will have comparable personalities.
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    • This should have been the take tbh. The actual take was a bit of a disapointment

    • Anonymous

      @Falling4UTC thanks!

    • Beaver19

      @Falling4UTC I think it's more to go against the stigma that any male who lives at home past 18 is some loser when really most just want to save money while going to school etc. whereas 'independent' guys actually are just partying frat boys who live on their own and even less mature a lot of the time.

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  • Anonymous
    All true but i still miss most of my past flatmates.
    If im single I'd rather share, not with parents though that still question everything you do but i'd much rather have good flatmates till i find someone.
    Is there any issue with guys who live with flatmates at the time.
  • Anonymous
    shit alright im moving back to my parents house fuck paying rent anyways
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