Recovering From Embarrassing Moments on a Date

You’ve met someone and have agreed to go out, but while on the date or when you were saying goodnight, something personally embarrassing happens. Any of these examples and more:

  • Farting
  • Choking fit
  • Tripping/Falling
  • Something stuck in your teeth
  • Getting pulled over
  • Being short of cash
  • Zit bursting/bleeding

Recovering From Embarrassing Moments on a Date

You might feel as though it would be best if the earth would split open at your feet and swallow you in. Instead, like a champion, you motor on through your night or try and end it with some grace. The problem is, after going home you wonder if the person thinks you’re a complete ass and will ever want to see you again.

First dates are horrific ordeals for people who want to make the best possible first impression. Realizing that we all make mistakes is hard to accept at the time you did something stupid. These are things couples can experience and have a laugh over once they’re established, but your greatest fear for this very moment is that you exposed a part of yourself that is truly human.

One thing to realize is that your date is probably guarding the impression they’re making on you too. They are doing everything possible to give a good front so you can assess their look and personality just as much as you are with them. Think they’ve never had a choking fit or let out a fart? They probably did just minutes before seeing you, and will again the second they return home.

You might be mortified, but the best way I can think of handling it is with some humour. You can say something like, “Well, that’s out of the way now, isn’t it?” Or, “Okay, well I guess we just inadvertently experienced Date #23, so how about tomorrow night we go on Date #1 again where you discover that I’m perfect?”

If your date found you irresistible before your little moment of being human, then they will probably adore you all the more afterward, maybe even feeling as though they too could feel comfortable should the moment come up and they end up feeling foolish about something later on.

Worst case scenario, your date went home and decided never to see you again. Listen: Your date was probably looking for an excuse not to go out with you again during the date anyway, and this silly reason was the excuse they were looking for. They did you a favour by not agreeing to go out again, and you certainly don’t need someone in your life who won’t forgive you for tripping and falling on the curb on the way to the car. Bigger things in life will be dealt with in relationships and you don't need someone to pick apart the small things only to know when the major things happen they won't be able to deal with it.

If you continue in to a relationship, things in life are going to happen, there’s no avoiding it. Someone is going to enjoy your company and remember how much they liked you more so than remember your “incident”. If anything, it will make for a cute story to tell others in years to come about how you met and what happened on your first date.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I never decided to not ask a girl for a second date because she farted on the first date. I have decided to not ask for a second date because
    1. she talked all night about herself,
    2. she talked way too much about an ex,
    3. it became obvious quickly that she was high maintenance,
    4. I discovered that she had lied about something like her age, or
    5. she was a whiney complainer.

    I do remember farting on a first date and having the girl say to me, "So, I guess that means you're getting more comfortable with me?" Me and that girl had a second date.

    • Oh those aren't even embarrassing.. those are just straight up character flaws that didn't mesh with what you wanted in someone, and I don't blame you. :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • If I choke on food, the date will be so over.
    When that happens my body gets hyper sensitive and I feel like I might die 😆

    Good take!

    • Eating food is so risky on first dates. LOL!

    • Yes lol thats why I'll never go to a restaurant until I'm pretty use to them.

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What Guys Said 8

  • The way I see it, you should never judge somebody on a first date. There is so much pressure to be perfect that it makes people behave weirdly or out of character. It takes time before you get comfortable enough to be yourself and stop thinking about everything you say. I wouldn't hold anything against her especially on a first date. If you keep that as a rule, it relaxes everyone and makes it easier to just be yourself.

  • If a girl handled embarrassing moments wisely, she might be the one for me. It would depict that how precisely she can take care of the things.
    Such people can make any catastrophe, a win win situation. :)

  • ''Being short of cash''

    Is this take aimed at guys then? xD

    • Come on, Riggers, what's with your comments lately about cash being only directed at men? The last one was on my When It's Love take and you made a comment about a guy with an empty wallet. I know you're being cute, but I think if you've paid any attention to a lot of what I say on GaG, you'll know my views on money are not gender specific. This obviously applies here also, to any gender who asks the other on a date when the etiquette is to be prepared.

    • I was only joking @Ozanne :)

      Nothing more then a bit of innocent gender banter haha.

  • This is the one good thing about being constantly rejected, you never have to worry about embarrassing moments that could possibly happen on a date.

  • Sneeze and wet your pants, has that ever happened to you, girl I was with one time did, I actually felt bad

  • Your forgot to put "car won't start" ;) ... happened to one of my friends a year ago loool.

    • That's a good one too. :)

    • Show All
    • A car not starting to me isn't really that personal and not his fault. It means it's his car that was the problem, not something he actually did. :D

    • true that.. i car mean more than that to me lol. It's a reflection myself... Jk lol. But yeah. :) Nice take too

  • Very good take

  • The phrase is so genius. Perfect, thanks!


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