Romance is Alive and Well

Maybe it is because I am pregnant with my second baby (7 weeks and counting--whoo hoo!) but I am starting to feel a bit more, shall we say, rested when it comes to the current state of man woman interaction.

Maybe it is just on GirlsAskGuys, but if what I am seeing on here is a microcosm of the evolution that is occurring in the world, then I have great hope for the future of interpersonal relationships and romance in general!

I have always believed that talking things out will foster better communication and understanding between the sexes and the current state of affairs proves this. Today, we can look at our individual differences somewhat objectively and while, perhaps not completely comprehending them, give them due reverence and respect.
"Talking things out will foster better communication & understanding between the sexes."

More and more I am seeing young men and women who are willing to wait till they have matured and evolved a bit before embarking on sex, sometimes even abstaining until marriage. I am also hearing men dishing very openly about their ideas on various subjects in an honest and open manner that is very surprising to me.

This kind of insight will help both men and women go a long way in eradicating animosities and foster positive relationships.

This is not to say that we will always be on equal footing or completely understand why our mates do certain things. We can however, get to a point where we will allow one another to just "be".

  • I mean, imagine a world where a girl won't trip when her man needs space because she finally "gets it" and knows that it isn't a reflection of how much he digs her.
  • Envision a world where men can be honest about their sexual needs and desires and a woman reacts calmly enough so that things end amicably if those needs differ.
  • How fab would it be for a girl who is romance minded to be left alone to find her ideal mate without being made to feel she is some kind of freak for wanting something deeper than casual sex.

I sincerely wish I had run across a site like GirlsAskGuys before I had my one and only night stand. Hopefully, I would have run across guys who would have let me know that it was okay for me to desire a more deep and meaningful sexual relationship. As it stood, I felt I was an old fashioned prude who was alone in my ideals and that something was wrong with me.

What many of these questions and comments are showing is that people have a very real desire to:

  1. Understand the other side a little more

  2. Learn what is necessary to be appealing to the opposite sex while educating themselves on how to satisfy the needs of a potential mate.


As I think about my impending bundle o' joy I am not worried about their gender as I feel they will be entering into a more enlightened time where people are trying to balance their relationships and define what works best for them as a whole with a bit more honesty and integrity than in the past.
"I sincerely wish I had run across a site like GirlsAskGuys before I had my one and only night stand."
Not to say that there won't be individuals who are emotionally unbalanced enough to cause disruption in the lives of others, but maybe, just maybe, these individuals will start to lose their voice a bit and be drowned out by the decent folks who wish to establish mutually respectful and loving bonds with others.

To that end I say kudos to the modern slant on romance and the next generation who will shine a more spiritual and enlightened light on human relations!


Most Helpful Guy

  • My only sibling (a brother) and I are only 14 months apart and we grew up together - an adventure to say the least, lol.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Thanks--we are excited--my daughter is three and we didn't want our next child or be too much younger than she is so they could grow up together...


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  • My kudos to the next generation of romantically open-minded peoples also, and congrats on the new baby! 8-)

  • Right - when it comes down to health matters, I would err on the side of caution also.


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  • Wow--14 months apart-- you guys must be very close! I almost wish I hadn't waited so long between children, docs told us to wait at least 2 because I had a c-section...


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