Why Tinder is bad for you!


This may seem like a boring post, but dont judge a book by it's cover.

As most of you are aware tinder is a social networking dating app that is becoming socially acceptable for people as young as 18 (or younger).

As I'm 100% positive you all know what it is, I won't bore you with the details.

Why tinder is bad for you? 5 REASONS:

Why tinder is bad for you!

1. It gives girls an undeserved ego:

Before you all jump down my throat, you have to realise what im saying. Girls that use tinder are aware that most of the time if you press that like button or swipe right you will most likely get a match. This is rapidly boosting girls ego's everywhere! Now people may argue and say - what is the harm in that? Well the problem with it, is it's not real. People dont neccessarily swipe you because they think your the most beautiful thing theyve ever seen or even really that hot at all. Speaking personally, I've matched girls that I wouldn't even want to be seen with in public (an awful truth I know). This then discourages girls from meeting genuinely nice boys that actually want a relationship, not just a one night stand. All because they think a super hot 10/10 guy has liked them on tinder.

2. Guys/Girls have to lower there respect in order to effectively match:

Ok, now weve all heard girls go on about saying they would never swipe right or like a guy with a shirtless gym selfie. I actually did a test and just put up a normal display picture and id get the average 3-5 matches a day. Then I put up a gym selfie and I was shocked with the lies I had been fed LOL. I had 54/60 matches from my first 60 attempts???? Talk about shallow! And for girls, I'm sure we've all seen some absolute ridiculously revealing photos from girls. An App where people feel obliged to do that just so that people will want to chat with them is pure EVIL.

3. Males just wanting to fuck:

Basically, nearly every male on tinder is searching for just a plain simple fuck unless he really really likes the girl. Because a lot of people joke about the app and say that they would never date a girl that actually uses it - fair enough. The problem with this is that nearly every girl is bombarded with guys talking to them in order to get in their pants, when the odd guy is actually talking to them because he would like to pursue this girl. Im not saying tinder dates dont happen etc. But a date doesn't neccessarily mean they want to be with you, it is usually just a means to an end (sex). This leaves the guys that genuinely want to get to know the girl a bee's dick of a chance to accomplish their goals.

4. Dates are pointless:

I literally dont know why people even bother to go on the dates. By the time youve chatted to your potential lover you know everything about them anyway! I remember one date I went on I tried to keep it fresh and interesting but this girl literally asked me every question already asked on tinder - it was painful. Not only is it a boring date, but I wonder do people even listen/care? But also I dont know about everyone else, online dates always have me feeling an unneccessary amount of anxiety, it really is a drag to actually go on one.

5. It ruins the charm of romance:

Who else wishes that we had the traditional days of approaching someone who you fancy and actually 'talking with words' rather then with letters. I pray for a day when I actually can go on a date where I have to knock on her door and not just text "Out the front". Or when a small present on arrival is considered a turn on. Love shouldn't be a commodity based on your online identity.

In the online world, it is possible for a 40 year old arabic man to pose as a 13 year old white girl. Tinder also has liars. Have you ever looked at someones photos and thought "you look quite nice?", only to then realise what a deceptive CUNT they are? (apologies for swearing lol). Girls/Guys there's no point trying to fake your photos with filter's angles and all this modern beautifying tools, when you meet this person you won't be able to turn on your mood filter LOL.


This is just my opinion on the app, I'm sure there have been countless success stories I'm just talking about the majority of what I see.

In short - FUCK Dating apps, go and talk to your crush you spineless little twat.

Why Tinder is bad for you!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Hannah591
    1. Men should stop swiping right on every girl out of desperation then.
    2. Guys who put up gym selfies have too much self respect, in the sense of arrogance which turns me away and most respectful women away.
    3. 98% of guys on there do just want to fuck.
    4. I'm going on a date with a guy this weekend who I met on Tinder. We've been talking for a couple weeks through texts and he's actually super genuine, he doesn't compliment me all the time and sex or any sexy talk has been non existent. We've literally been getting to know each other. I'm super excited. It's a proper date too, not "netflix and chill". Dating is possible on those apps and you can find guys who do want to date. I write on my profile that that's what I want. Any hint that they only want sex or are overly sexual, I will remove them.
    5. Tinder or not, men aren't romantic anyway so there's no harm using an app.

    This take is more like an attack on women and supporting the hard done by men. Adding spineless little twat at the end is almost enough to get this take taken down so insulting your audience is not a good idea. Plus, don't assume everyone on here are shy, spineless, insecure people who don't go on dates or talk to their crushes.
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    • the_champ

      Fuck, you sound like a real catch, not.

    • Hannah591

      @the_champ wow, I really care that a random loner online thinks I'm not a catch. There's plenty who do where I'm from.

    • the_champ

      Whoa, that really rattled you.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • ccp16
    While a lot of this is true, there are actually a surprising number of men and women on their who are looking for more than sex...

    I am still dating a girl I met on there almost a year later and it is the best relationship I have had yet.

    I just think this all sounded a bit rant-y and angry to be honest... you had a good message and some good points, but lost it with tone.
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    • Anonymous

      Im not saying there's not diamonds in the rubble, but on the majority man, people aren't looking for love.

    • to be fair this mans right , some people actually turn these matches into long term relationships.. I think the general stigma of tinder is bad but it has a ton of pros as well.. meeting new people in an area.. etc etc..

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  • LittleSally
    All of this is true and although we don't have this app where I live I've heard enough about it to understand it's actually just for sex.
    Anyone who thinks differently is deluding themselves.

    Just like dating sites - most people on there delude themselves into thinking they're going to get a relationship when what probably most often happens is nothing at all or meaningless sex.
    • Anonymous

      Its times like this where i think technology goes to far.

  • checkyesjulietx
    if tinder didn't exist: girls would find another way to boost their egos, people would still be shallow, those guys would still sleep around. so what? just let people make a fool out of themselves if they please.
    • I agree, but guys use it to boost their ego as well. I don't use Tinder as only losers, whores, drug addicts, and complete fuck-ups it.

    • i know i was responding to the take owner's point that specifically talks about girls @DoubleCheck

  • Yellowbone
    What you said in this take describes online dating, or just plain old dating, struggles in general. Dating, in general, really isn't easy & you kiss a lot of frogs before you find the prince/princess.

    "Speaking personally, I've matched girls that I wouldn't even want to be seen with in public (an awful truth I know)."

    Why would you swipe those girls right though? You're part of the problem that you're preaching so harshly against.
    • SilenRose

      Reminds me of the older brother little sister talk. The older brother is a womanizing man whore but wants to protect his little sister from guys like him. So he tells her all the tricks of men in order to get her prepared.

  • 14jan97
    Guys aren't the only one's using it for one night stands or fuck buddy's. I originally got it for that reason and guess what? Not only was I sleeping with 3 or 4 different guys every week, I've also ended up in a super caring relationship because of it. I'd met a guy who was on there for the same reasons as me but we just instantaneously clicked and there was no sex for almost 3 weeks. Yes there's a lot of stupid stuff that happens on there, but it's not all bad.
    • You were sleeping with 3/4 different guys a week?
      Lmao wow

    • Janice25

      MHO for your insanely awesome honesty lol. Good for you girl! I totally agree... been on for 2 months, not looking for one-night stands... but then it kind of becomes a buffet of guys that can be sweet and things develop into something more serious.

    • 14jan97

      @thesunstillshines - girls have needs too haha
      @Janice25 - it is legitimately like a magazine of men and because women tend to have more control over situations that pop up on tinder, it literally becomes a pick and choose thing (obviously not always the case, but it seems apparent that females get more matches and messages than men a lot of the time)

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  • missy223
    Tinder is so stupid I don't get why people get it. Get out there and actually interact with the opposite sex.
    • I don't know why your post has two downvotes. I upvoted your post, not because I think it's anything special or marvelous, but there's nothing wrong with what you're saying. I don't know why you were downvoted...

    • Hidden_P

      @r3d_anonymous she will have been down voted because she's saying she doesn't like online dating. And the people who adore it have taken it the wrong way.

      I'm actually with her on this. Never used a dating website. I just go out and talk to people. At least that way you can decide from more than a flattering picture that you like me.

    • Prof_Don

      Do both! Meeting people in person should always be the #1 priority though.

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  • heavensgift2girls
    Pretty much any place designed for couples to meet is going to have those problems. Internet dating, clubs, bars, etc all have those same issues. If we want to meet someone special then it takes work. That means meeting new people. Tinder is just another way of trying to meet people.
  • Onidandal
    If I remember correctly, there's an algorithm that Tinder uses where something like 1/3 of people swiped right is optimal for not being a prude or too desperate. I forget the actual number, but if you're one of the people who deviates from that, then you're less likely to be shown to others. Literally, just do left, left, right, left, left, right.

    The unfortunate truth is that it's difficult for you to recover from a dry spell on Tinder, because they want to show people who are proven to be attractive. If you're not, then you get fewer opportunities to be shown and prove that any changes are for the better. It's a lot more practical to restart your account every month or so to capitalize on the newbie boost that you get for a couple of weeks to lure you in with 'opportunity'.

    For the women reading this: Yes, tinder is this formulaic for guys when it comes to matches. It's kind of a mutual dehumanization, where some guys who can't play aren't given the time of day, and the guys who can play know that part of the game is treating the people on Tinder like numbers and sifting through matches later. I've gotten some matches with a few good photos and reusing them occasionally.
  • zombiebabe
    damn never used it and won't use it anyways! but good take!! i hope the ones using the app will pay attention to your advise!
    • Anonymous

      Good girl haha - wise move!

    • zombiebabe


  • islandbeauty
    I signed up for tinder, met a fit army man. Slept with him then he ignored me for 2 months and hit me back with sorry babes. Like wtf i would not recommend anyone to sign up for Tinder, yeah they are nice good guys on there but that is a small amount in my experience. The other large amount only want to bang you and then bag you.. I felt so hurt and couldnt stop crying as i felt used. Moral of my story do not sign up for tinder.
  • MrChadeo920
    Yup hit the nail right on the head with this one. Women do get an undeserved high ego. All they have to have is a pretty face literally that's it. Men we have to show that we are worth it and we have to basically prove ourselves, fuck that. Tinder two thumbs down.
  • Did it ever occur to you that some of these girls only want a one night stand?
    • Barely any of them do.

    • Anonymous

      As I said I'm majoritively speaking

    • And I'm saying I don't think you realise how many girls aren't on tinder for a relationship. At least half

  • MusicMayhem
    Its good for having fun chats with people. If you act like a human being its all good, act like a fuckwit and yeah you'll probably get unmatched.

    I rate it cause I've had social anxiety so good practice talking with people so that in the rare instance that I do get a date, I'll feel alright about the situation.
  • front2back
    If you're someone who thinks relationships are best kept as "meet and f**k", tinder is perfect. You just judge someone's appearance and if it's satisfactory you like them. If they feel the same they like you.

    Now, if you're someone who values something a little more than that, yeah it is stupid.
  • CasaNorba

    1. Tinder is only design to hook up not relationships. so your point is pretty invalid here.

    2. again Tinder is just to hook up so obviously your gonna get more attention if you uploads a pic with lots of sex appeal

    3. Once more. TINDER IS ONLY FOR HOOKING UP so of course women who have this app are gonna get what its serve in their plate

    4. i somewhat agree with you on dating being pointless but then again its inportant to date someone whether if is just to hook up just so you can get to know that person

    5. for the last time TINDER IS ONLY FOR HOOKING UP so if you want romance you can remove Tinder from your phone right now

    anyways coming to conclusion your premises in your article here are extremely flawed
    • Anonymous

      You just proved my point.

      Boys see tinder as hooking up.
      Girls see tinder as a relationship finder.

      Majoritivly speaking.

    • CasaNorba

      not really. a lot of girls that use Tinder know what is for.

      there are also a lot of girls here who actually are opposing you such as @14jan97 @Yellowbone @T-shirtsandkneehighs

    • Real talk. I've used it to bang and only to bang

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  • PT1911
    "In short - FUCK Dating apps, go and talk to your crush you spineless little twat"

    Just the motivation I needed to talk to that cute coworker today. Thanks bro
  • Balcazaurus
    "... a bee's dick of a chance..."

    That cracked me up a bit.

    But yeah, strongest point for me was number five. I'm rather romantic---not in a love way, but in a idealistic way. When everything is just numbers and looks, it takes out the fun.
  • cavmanier
    Interesting perspective. I can see a lot of girls' egos growing from this. I know a guy that uses it and he says he doesn't even look at the girl. He swipes "yes" every time.
    • Anonymous

      Yeah it gets to the stage where people just do that.

  • muspelhem_5
    I haven't tried it, but figure it would be a bit confusing to have so many horses in the race at once, so to speak.

    Apart from that it seems to be effective for hookups, from what I hear.
  • BertMacklinFBI
    the "swipe right" part is true, its a numbers game lol. my friends swipe right to almost every girl, get their matches, then take their pick.
  • Starfishlover
    I don't use Tinder. I believe that if the time is right for me to meet a guy, then I will meet someone. I believe in magic :P
  • Words_and_Wisdom
    6. It just doesn't work.
    Tinder is nothing but a time waster. Rarely will you (guys) get any matches in the first place.
  • abundantlyrich
    people abuse tinder like they are abusing their pet dog
  • miserybusiness
    "FUCK Dating apps, go and talk to your crush you spineless little twat."

  • artefact94
    I met my boyfriend thanks to Tinder. And he is a gentleman.
  • Zeeshansheikh
    Why your not try to meet in real life these apps dont help you o find the perfect partner for you :)
  • KidanisCortes
    Well I always figured people who can't get a person in real life use tinder I think I was wrong then
  • Aeon_Flux_21
    Tinder really is only designed for really attractive people. Useless tool for average people.
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Lol half the girls here are trying to rationalize it.
  • Bards
    Tinder is still revalent?
    • Prof_Don

      People use Tinder as a full on dating site these days!

    • Bards

      @Prof_Don thats shocking

    • Janice25

      Seriously! I tried Match, but I hated the matches I was getting... not attracted to anyone physically and no chemistry... Maybe most guys don't want to pay for online dating... so then you get guys going on Tinder. And in my view, ANY guy no matter HOW you meet him is going to want to fuck you first and foremost. Certain guys want to get to know you better before they do, but still. Tinder at least introduces you to people that you might otherwise not meet unless you bumped into them at a bar or wherever, and even then a girl usually has her guard up.

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  • MaskedSanity
    Point 3 makes this entire take redundant.
  • megg22
    sooo freakin true
  • The_LastGentleman
  • I've tried it, It doesn't work for me
  • Anonymous
    I stopped taking online dating seriously. I use it and while I've been able to meet a lot of women on there, nothing has led to anything serious.

    I think online dating has done more harm than help nowadays.
  • Anonymous
    I don't get why people use dating apps. I asked out my crush because everyone kept telling me that they hought he liked me and they were all wrong.
  • Anonymous
    #4 is the biggest reason why I don't use Tinder. So many messages just wanting that, even after I state I want to date, not have casual sex. Then you get a barrage of hate responses.

    I'm not against dating sites/apps... but if I state my intention and then get 99% the opposite of what I want, it's not worth it. I don't go to school (graduated) and work from home in a new city. I don't know anyone here, and can't make friends easy, so a dating site seemed the best way to meet a "nice guy". It would be nice if guys were a bit romantic nowadays.
  • Anonymous
    I don't even know what Tinder is. Let me Google...
  • Anonymous
    I already knew that about number one. I don't use Tinder seriously. I am not attractive, and I've never had a date. Someone told me to try Tinder. I didn't know what it was at first, so I decided to try it out.

    I figured out that it was more or less just a hook up app. However, I got curious with it. Not too many men find me attractive offline. I've never been asked out. If I tell a guy that I like him, he rejects me. So I decided to just swipe right for every single guy. Most have actually matched me. So that's how I figured out that most guys will say yes anyway. They are just looking for a quick lay.
    • SilenRose

      Your post is pretty depressing. :(

    • Don't put yourself down. If you have never been asked out, it's not because you are unattractive. From your post I can sense that you don't really put yourself out there because you think you don't look goof enough and when you give off an aura of indifference, people won't approach you and you won't get asked out.

    • Anonymous

      Most people think I am a happy-go-lucky person. My friends and family describe me as someone who is fun to be around, and I always have a smile on my face. I know my own life.

  • Anonymous
    You sound like a dude who's strongly against casual sex. Tinder was made for casual sex. It's not made for "romantic dating". The girls on tinder typically just want to fuck too. Not just the guys. The girls will say they want to date, but usually you can go on like one date with them and they are ready to fuck.

    That said the best thing to use is the real world. Interacting with girls in the real world is really the most effective way to get pussy.
  • Anonymous
    It's funny how all this guys are swipping RIGHT and boosting EVERY single girl EGO. FUCK THAT, Go out and forget about that girls.

    Have BALLS -> go out -> approach a girl and talk :)
  • Anonymous
    "Speaking personally, I've matched girls that I wouldn't even want to be seen with in public (an awful truth I know)."
    Then why did you swipe right? Do you think you can meet them in their bedrooms? lol
    • Anonymous

      Lol no, I usually dont go into all there photos, just the cover photo - and some of the others are dog awful lol.

    • Anonymous

      dog awful? loooool