The type of singles awaiting you in the dating scene


The intent of this myTake is to give you a guideline of the types of singles to expect when you are fishing in the dating scene.

1) The princess and the prince

The type of singles awaiting you in the dating scene

Unfortunately some guys also have that spoilt brat complex. It’s not something exclusive to girls as stereotypes have us believe.
This type of individual will be expecting their way in a relationship since they have been brought up that way, mum and dad never said no to them.
So expect to lock horns with them if you are not the type that compromise.
When dating them expect to mostly go see movies and doing activities that they pick.
Best advice is to avoid this type.

2) The unicorn waiter

The type of singles awaiting you in the dating scene

This type of single is waiting for their special someone” soul mate” and unless you are that person, move on they won’t budge no matter what your qualities are.

3) The serial dater

The type of singles awaiting you in the dating scene

These individuals are commitment phobes and are quiet flexible in matching up with other singles. They also enjoy the dating experience and if things don`t go smoothly they are ruthless in discarding you.

4) The "I only date my religion and/or ethnicity" types

For some of these type of singles its their preference that they only date within “their own”.
But for others in this category its social pressure or family that dictates this stance for them, so they might crush on you and end up leading you on but in the end for it to break up because of family interference.

5) The party animal and cougar

The type of singles awaiting you in the dating scene

These are usually older individuals seen clubbing with early 20`s when they are in their mid 30`s, similarly to the serial dater types this type is just in it for a short lived thrill.

6) The stuck in the past single

The type of singles awaiting you in the dating scene

This type had a difficult split and want someone similar to their ex and could break it up with you midway in a relationship if you don’t live up to expectations.

7) The Gem

The type of singles awaiting you in the dating scene

This type of single is the jackpot, why you think well they are humble, they don`t know they are hot stuff they got a personality that will want you stay with them forever.
Problem or not so much of one but its that they are shy and don’t engage in flirting so much that you would think they are stuck up and so probably miss the deal of your life. So that’s why its important not to judge individuals and give them the benefit of the doubt.

8) The powerhouse single

The type of singles awaiting you in the dating scene

This single has it all successful career and worldly experience.
Someone above and beyond what the average standard demands, problem is only they want someone like themselves with the world beneath their feet.
If you fit the bill you would make a matching couple.
Examples of this type of couples would be Brad Pitt and Angelina Julie or Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Just for fun write what type of single you are from the list.

The type of singles awaiting you in the dating scene
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  • ArabianPwincess197
    I'd want the humble, sweet guy
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  • Genie23
    Really nice idea. I stay away from Prince and The Party animals type. They're so damn annoying. Really spoilt.
    I'm not dating anyone atm. But when I'll start dating again.. I'll look for someone like The gem ;D Because I like humble people. Who have great personality, kind hearted.. Who doesn't talk about themselves all the time unlike others. I would prefer someone down to earth.
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    • apexalpha

      You would have to spot one first that's the tricky part

    • Genie23

      That's true :/

  • cinderelli
    hey.. that's really good... but i have no idea what type i am.. maybe the loser one.. lol..
    but very nice take.. :)
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  • bloodmountain1990
    Avoid number 6 like the plague. If a person talks about their ex, especially in a negative way then they definitely aren't over them and you'll be their rebound.

    Dating a person on the rebound can also make you a clone of the rebounder, at least from my experience.
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    • apexalpha

      Well it depends on the strength of your character and how much you willing to try it out with the person you dating

    • Nope. Been fucked up enough from it. Long story short, the girl had so much baggage that she asked me to make fun of him for his babydick in case we ran into him. She also ditched me for him.

  • bomba78
    hahaha very accurate :-)

    I was the serial dater/powerhouse single, but because I was the unicorn dater, so I dated A LOT and sometimes simultanously, looking for my unicorn. If someone didn't fit (the important qualities and compatibility I was looking for) I'd move on very fast, on to the next adventure. I didn't want to settle for "mehh"

    Luckily I found my fellow Gem <3 and we got engaged too
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  • annie_annie
    Lmao, I don't know, maybe the "too scared to date douches that ends up single"-type of single. I am good to talk to people and all but when it comes to relationships, I become more cautious or end up backing off because I am not convinced of my opposite.

    I need somebody very active and who can catch up with me, I guess. I am not perfect, just that we all have our few things we look for in our future "better half". And I don't wanna fall for douches, as I already stated Lmao
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    • This list left out the Player, the User, and the Complete Psycho. It is a lifetime of running into women like that which has made me scared to ever date anyone. Each of them is more ruthless than the Serial Dater, and more predatory too. They know how browbeaten someone like me can get, and that makes me easy prey. From there, they try to set a trap with whatever bait they think I'm likely to take.

    • @ObscuredBeyond People like that creep me out. The fact that they exist, though... are one of the reasons my faith in humanity is almost lost - almost, because thank God there are still "normal" people out there, thinking the same as I do. Worst is, it is really very hard to tell whether they are or not. Which makes me back off many guys who show any interests in me... I honestly rather end up alone, than with a creep.

    • I've run into so many, I could write a book about each one. The worst of the worst are the ones that try to cover their tracks by making up stories about you to convince everyone that *you* are the monster. Except, the logistics of their claims don't match up with forensic evidence, so they are blatantly lying.

      What's worse yet is the woman who can't say no with dignity, or who agrees to meet up again about something but won't keep her promise. Rather than decline with integrity by saying "I don't want to mislead, that's not gonna happen and no offense, I can't be a part of that with you," they send someone else to do the dirty work. Or if you arrive and they don't show up, they convince everyone you're "stalking" because you kept your word and showed up as was agreed to prior.

      Those kinds of women have tried to destroy me. Repeatedly. For no good reason. I must have overtime-working guardian angels though.

  • ThisDudeHere
    I don't think any one of these apply to me. I mean, I guess the closest would have to be "The unicorn waiter" but I wouldn't pass someone over for lacking maybe some minor quality while having all of the rest. I would want that soulmate of course but the requirements for being one aren't that strict really.
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  • PiuBelloAmante
    I really just want a girl who has dignity and honesty
    Humbleness would be fine too

    Great take bro, I can identify myself and others I know with this list lol
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  • zell0is0my0name
    I'm the type who's really confused.. Yeah the confused single LOL
    Nice take by the way, and I have no idea what's better or what's not?
    But I think I like risk takers ;)
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  • CottonMuffin
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    • bomba78

      lol! love that gif :-D (I'll have to steal that one ;-) )

  • CincinnatiRedsfan
    I've been single my entire life and I don't fall into any of these categories.

    I guess I'm my own unique category of single, that I'll just title "Unlucky."
  • GuyAdviceFromGuy
    The Single Single. The guy who or girl who has all the right qualities but bad luck, bad karma or whatever, they are still single, no matter what they do.
  • slatyb
    You forgot to mention: people who think other people can be fit into categories.

    It's best to avoid the categorizers because they will put you into a category and think they know all about you.
    • apexalpha

      It's not set in stone and others have recognised they fit into several categories so its pretty fluid how you see yourself fit in

  • Aud_Queen
    I'm the gem mixed with a little of the powerhouse. I haven't lived long enough to reach powerhouse status--yet.
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  • juststrollin
    So Steven Colbert does this episode when he disects the song " You dont know you're beautiful and that what makes you beautiful" and its just brilliant because the band is telling the girls that them not having confidence or pride inthere appearance is what makes them desirable... Thats not a gem, thats emotional manipulation...

    Gems or who we find special is subjective, thats my only criticism, but otherwise great take!

    And I just may be the powerhouse and shy though, I have no idea how to flirt (why I made a GaG actually, can't you see the reluctance in my username?;))

    I moved to school in NY and I pay for it myself and I have a few scholarships and a scholastic award or 2. But hey, we'll see where it goes its about how you finish<3.
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  • far2gud4u
    I would like to think I am a gem... I think we all have our scars though... For me I am a cheataphobe... I actually dont trust people easily.
  • TheDevilInside
    Personality wise, I might be the gem. But looks wise, no way.

    More like the loser single. The one no one wants to have.
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    • Nothing wrong with they way you look, I think you're pretty :)

  • youknowitt
    I'm Gem af.

    Or a princess but i never had both my parents, and I'm not the one to boss people around sooo...
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  • I feel like I'm kind of the serial dater a a little bit of the gem.
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  • JudgmentDay
    I think there need to be one more type of single such as the "They don't really give a Fuck or give a Fuck anymore that they are still Single" type of Singles.

    Singles that don't really care anymore whether they are single, not single, knowing that the end results are all the same, regardless.

    Maybe there are singles that had already given up a very long time ago, and then they just had learned to accept that it won't really make that much of a better difference for their lives even if they were in a relationship or dated anybody.
  • Jessicocoa
    I guess I'd be considered the unicorn waiter and hopefully one day the powerhouse single.
    I'd like to be considered the gem but my looks and personality really aren't that great.
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