Cougars vs Younger Girls


Cuz wouldn't it be just be making it too easy to date someone your own age...

Cougars VS. Younger Girls



It's harder I'd say actually. She might not know your age if you're a mature guy but you will and it will psyche you out. You'll sense the world is judging you. You'll be juding yourself. Just how much younger is this girl than your mother? Her face just looks a little less...lifey than your ex girlfriend and yet when you walk over to her you feel like she's a real woman and everyone before her were simply little girls...

Younger Girls

Yeah, if they are 18 and look 16 you'll get some awful looks. Everyone will know what you're upto. You know younger girls look up to you because having an older guy into them seems soooo cool. You don't have to work hard and yet she's sexier. And yet she's annoying? This really depends on the guy, but in terms of approaching a younger girl poses no threat to the old self esteem. You feel validated. Man, if only you acted this confident when you were her age then...oh wait, that's right you can only get away with it because of all the attention you get from her type...



I don't've got some years on me, you actually have a really nice body. Wow you know what you're doing. Wow I don't have to talk you into anything. Wow the fact that I'm younger turns you on in a weird way and I'm into it. You don't expect me to call. I might anyway.

Younger Girls

More foreplay? Really? You don't give head? Why? These are the main questions you'll run into when you date a few years down but don't worry at least everythings clean down there...psycholocially you get that bonus of knowing that there literally wasn't time for so many guys to get in that. You're a pioneer. You feel special. Now you have to cuddle and the lingerie she bought just for you is a little starchy and it's summer and you don't really want to fall asleep cuddling because its so effing hot but do and you're begging for that little stream of breeze to come from the window but she blocks it while she sleeps because she insists that you be on the side closest to the door and you're hoping exhaustion from the heat will cause you to faint so you can make it all stop...when you wake up, she's made you breakfast and you feel really bad for being such an souless ass on the inside and eat your eggos whilst plotting an escape route.



Wow, your mom does not like this woman. Not one bit. For the boys who enjoyed disobeying their moms growing up, this makes the sex hotter. But what is your mom doing on your mind during sex? Oh god make it stop. But there's this comfort you feel with this slightly older woman that you can't quite put your finger on and don't really want to. There's something that feels like home...and this translates into the relationship. When you talk she not only listens, but has something worthwile to say back to you. She makes you think. She opens your mind. She's experienced things. You come away from time with her feeling enriched. You feel smarter around her. She can say I love you with a look. There's this sense of warmth and trust.

Younger Girls

Cougars vs Younger Girls

Wow, your dad really likes this girl. How many more pats on the back will he give you before you have no shoulder left? You get a lot of looks when you go out. A lot of at' a boys. One thing this girl is cute and sexy. She has fun. She looks up to you. She wants you to show her the world. She wants to be your princess. She's still at that stage in life where her life is actually all about you. Literally no guy could take her from you. Channing Tatum could propose and she'd be like I'm Already Taken by an amazing guy. What did you to this girl? Why is she so devoted? Yet once you drop your guard and allow yourself to be happy with her you find the cuteness never ends and nor does the love. That is until you neglect her because you have nothing in common but sex and some other guy promises more of a connection but oh wait hopefully that won't happen...



Oddly clean. Oddly matter of fact if it's her who wants it. If you want it, she may do all manner of things to prevent it from happening. I mean this is a woman who's seriously dating a younger man when she has men her own age who can provide better presumably, so she's a little unstable from the outset. Yet, if you're persistent, the cougar goes off to find new cubs but you sense you'll always have a spot in heart that she won't forget.

Younger Girls

Oh, god. Just pray it's what she wants and not what you want. If you push a breakup when she's in aformentioned lovestoned state you need to cut off all forms of communcation and probably move. Her mind will constantly tell her : just fix this just get him back just fix this just get him to care and then you can be ok. The texts will be constant as well as the calls. The best way you know to finally make it all stop is to get your female friend to kiss your cheek at a party and have someone post it and tag you and she sees it and she's not sure what it means but it hurts enough to make her not want to ever see it again and she blocks you everywhere and she forbids her friends from talking about you and then you can finally get some piece and quiet...

So for me, I think Cougars oddly take it for me. There is no good nor bad only where a man in his personal lifequest. Sometimes a man wants his sexy bunny rabbit. Sometimes he wants a woman who's achieved her feminity maybe even more than he's achieved his masculinity. Hell, he may even on occasion might want to actually be normal and date girls his own age. To each great man his own great choice, but hopefully this has given us something to think about, which is not that age is NOT just a, not all.

Cougars vs Younger Girls
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  • tayoker
    Its fundament and essential, older women have more experience, controlling and stability. ... they know how to handle things, how to handle hard times... they can figure their own way out, they don't need you to hug them to make their day, they need you to be responsible to your own issues and they absolutely know how to help you... it's not only "cheering" , they love you in a confident way to make you know what love is meant to you... most of them don't care how you look, what's your color or whatever it is and they really mean it when they say it, they let you to teach them about the things they missed when they were at your age, and they teach about the things that you're going to face in the future...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • LittleSally
    See - the younger girls you described literally sound like they're teenagers. o. O

    So teenagers vs older women - of course older women would win hands down. xD
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    • Kalibie

      It'd be different 25 vs 45 year old girls honestly...

    • Metlahaed

      It's sad how many young adults act like teens. Boys and girls alike.

    • Rawrzz

      Yeeeah. Even early-mid 20s women act like teenagers, often. Really, many 20-22 year olds may as well be 18 or 16.

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  • PrincessTashaaaa
    I once overheard these two old men (Like, 60) talking about women. One says, 'I picked up this woman last night. She was 43.' and the other one goes, 'You're only as young as the woman you're with.'
    I gave them both dirty looks.
    • pavlove

      ha that made my afternoon

    • Bysshe

      I've heard "You're only as old as the woman you feel."

    • Belgie

      I can happily say your dirty look wouldn't even be acknowledged by them.

  • Starfishlover
    That first woman is gorgeous.

    I am 27 years old and I am starting to be approached by younger guys. Like 18-20. It really creeps me out. Maybe once they're 24 I will think about it.
    • pavlove

      lol don't judge before you give it a go! at least a one nighter?

    • SilenRose

      Same with me. I'm not into that.

    • Yeah I feel like a pedophile whenever a guy is even 2 years younger. I just can't get out of that mindset. I know it is ridiculous but I feel that I have already done the journey that he is doing and that I don't want to get back to that.

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  • Kalibie
    How about you rename this "Why I prefer cougars?"

    This isn't a fair representation, some of this is true, but you are just stereotyping and painting all younger women as immature annoying teens. Why do you have to put down one group just to prove another is better?

    As a girl dating someone 7 years older, I agree an older partner is attractive in their no nonsense and mature ways. But on the other hand older men and women are more likely to be jaded and less trusting. I may be clingier then I will be in 10 years, but I'm more excited and my love is "pure" in the sense that reality hasn't yet to weigh me down and become part of a dating criteria I've developed over the years. There is an innocence there that I know will be lost and be replaced with ease and confidence. Both are charming like comparing sweet and savory.

    If this was truly cougars vs younger girls you should bring up pros and cons for both.
    • pavlove

      i feel like i did? I said younger girls are more fun, more innocent both emotionally and sexually, and probably more loyal as well.

    • Kalibie

      Yes at first, but you do prefer older partners, and as the take got longer, it shows.
      I'm not saying you're wrong to prefer one or the other, because honestly I agree I love my older guys.

      But you can't write fairly when you have a preference. I'm not the only one who noticed a strong preference towards older ladies.

      I also do think there's a difference between 18 year old young girls, and mid 20s young girls. A lot of the problems you mentioned with young girls are a bit exaggerated.

    • skykidx1

      Naaa most are true i dated a 20 year old who acted like this?

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  • mskay
    No matter how old I am, I wouldn't date guys that are younger than me. It just feels weird, to me.
    • Kalibie

      Yes but you're 17, no one dates 14 year old boys lol. I do prefer older guys but you might change your mind once you're old enough to date younger guys that aren't prepubescent kids lol

    • fluidflow

      @Kalibie Na. The framing of teenagers as if they're babies who can't think for themselves is wrong. My friends and I were ready for relationships at 10, let alone 14 or 16 or 18 or whatever the age limit is.

    • pavlove

      @fluidflow yeah no. you were not ready for a relationship at ten.

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  • GirlsLie
    I like the cougar praise but i'm biased because i'm 6 years older than my boyfriend lol

    Honestly though, I think people worry too much about age differences and they don't realize that it can open people to new experiences, it makes the relationship more fun at times.
  • DarkHumorRUs
    That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.
  • PiuBelloAmante
    Cougars <3
    i love a mature woman, literally its the best thing ever! but usually the lady has more to offer than the boy, and probably will break your heart if you get too attached

    i really want to date a lady who is mature, and confident from experience, she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to ask for it, and best part, she wants me, so she asks for it lol! <3
  • RexCatholicissimus
    Cougars man. I always feel so dirty for indulging them, and not in a good way. Yet their enthusiasm is always too much of a turn on not to wanna mess around with them a little.
    • pavlove

      i find the dirty feeling is more in the initial talking with her... like do I really want to do this? afterwards i feel pretty refreshed and ready to move on with the day.

  • BaileyisDarcy
    Hey, I just had a really great idea to fix your problem. Why not date girls your own age!

    Holy mother of god I'm a fucking genius.
  • sp33d
    Have hooked up with cougars. I would say it's easier to do the all just-sex-business with her. Of course, there are women like that who look for relationships, but they are generally more mature in the head, so they understand longer and more complex sentences.

    I can't see myself settling down with someone that is like 15 years older than me. The good thing is she understands. She is woman, not a little girl.
    • pavlove

      exactly. it's nice to be able to speak in as complicated sentences as you want without having to rephrase it into simpler sentences immediately after.

      Is 15+ the cut off? I assumed anything 7+ and up was cougaresque

  • Marinepilot
    Cougars are not at appealing to me. But I see nothing wrong with older women
    and younger men. It's not my cup of tea, but who am I to judge? I rather prefer
    younger women for a variety of reasons. A woman over 35 will not get a second look from me. I don't apologize for it. Wonder how long it'll be before the femni Nazis break out the flaying knives? Bring it on !
    • pavlove

      lol what reasons?

    • The reason is that most Cougars that I know are self centered, tired ass old bitches
      who are feminists and want to denigrate anything men do or say. Frankly, I'm not
      into older women. I was when I was younger and it was cool. After 40, it wasn't cool to me.
      Usually men. if they're normal will seek younger women. That is the chemical imperative.
      I have no problem with age differences in relationships as long as both parties are consenting
      and of legal age. For me it's young and pretty or I'll be by myself. And I don't
      care what people think about it.

    • pavlove

      i respect it

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  • CapricornSwagL
    The 'younger one' does not describe me at all. No guy is my 'center of attention' or my world. Tf outta here. I do what I want. I'm mature af and handle breakups well... shoot I even expect them weirdly.
  • Goldie757
    Slightly stereotypical but I can see how dating cougars would be easier. They are more likely to know what they want, be mature, emotional intelligent and straight forward.
  • cinderelli
    I would not date guys younger than me.. just not into it
  • John_Doesnt
    I simply go for older women because of their looks. Some women age like a fine wine and I think many older women are hotter than the younger ones. Just look at a really young pic of Catherine Zeta-Jones and a photo now, she looks better now with some age on her.
  • Fizpop
    You're real good at generalising. Not everybody of the same age is the same. So this doesn't make any sense.
    • pavlove

      You're not a special snowflake.

  • Bonnie12I27I12
    maybe find a more mature girl instead of a giggly teen? a woman who is 45 or so won't take a younger guy seriously. there will always be a part of her brain thats like "hes still a kid". you can't really start a family either because of the age difference. she probably won't want kids at that age and it'll be difficult for her to get pregnant. you probably won't want kids because you're young then by the time you do want kids she'll be way too old.
  • ArchDruidMordred
    I'll admit, I was kind of avoiding this one at first buy it turns out this is very insightful. Nice.
  • vishna
    Your MyTake, your opinion.

    So, thanks for putting your opinion out there... I can see truth in a lot of what you're saying. But this reads as heavily stereotyped and biased.
  • fluidflow
    Nothing at all upsetting with it, I fully encourage it, but unfortunately I believe that if you prefer older women to younger, looks wise, you're biologically confused.
    • pavlove


    • Kalibie

      Heterosexual men are generally more attracted to youthful appearances.
      Look up neoteny.
      If you look at it from a purely physical view, guys often enjoy big eyes, smooth skin, petite statures, small jaw, dark limbal ring, lack of hair. All youthful traits, because biologically, younger girls make better babies.
      Even if you like older ladies, generally you like older ladies that still look young.
      Of course this is just the average, and human sexuality is more than just biology and looks, but hey it's a scientific average so this guy isn't wrong.

    • fluidflow

      Elaborate on what, the biologically confused bit? What kalibie said.

  • Hidden_P
    This is so biased. You talk about depends on the guy but what about depends on the girl? Also, have you tried dating someone your age instead of 16 year olds and 40 year olds?

    There is 4 years between me and my partner. You talked about a younger girl not doing sexual stuff or demanding? Never said that to him, I'm the opposite.
    You talked about him lying near the door? I don't insist on that he does.
    You talked about being cuddled to sleep, again I don't insist.

    I think you are not considering women are all different and also that a slightly older young woman (not a teen, but 20s) can be the best of both worlds. There is such a thing as a happy middle ground rather than the two extremes.

    For an editor, you aren't very open minded.
    • pavlove

      You are not a special snowflake.

    • Hidden_P

      I never said I was. But it's interesting you've replied with hostility rather than addressing any points. Thus meaning I think you know you "gone done fucked up" with this one.

    • likelyOK

      Haha I loved this comment

  • RachelBrigs
    Lol this was extremely stereotypical but I'm sure there's a grain of truth behind all of it.
  • Deft_maiden
    Reading your post, I wonder if this a wet dream lol
    • pavlove

      oh yeah, that's why i had one about you last night, old woman.

    • Mmkay dorky boy... Keep dreaming

  • Fugue
    A lot of hoopla over nothing. It's very simple. If a cougar just wants to get laid and you are a hot young guy, she will take you. Then again, the same thing applies to pretty much anyone of both genders.
  • PrettyRican
    I NEVER knew why younger guys liked older women. So thanks for explain it. I honestly find it weird but to each its own.
  • Aeon_Flux_21
    They all want tall, ripped and high status. All women have the same fucking instincts so this topic is pointless.

    Hell even every god damn gag girl admits to only liking tall ripped guys. Same fucking thing all over the world. No point in even looking at women because they'll only reject you.
    • xXiTacoXx

      Instead of bitching, why don't you just date men from now on?

  • ThreeMonkeys
    Sounds like you are an author of the American pie movies and the type.
    • pavlove

      i'm going to take that as the compliment it was not intended to be

    • In real life... its not a compliment.

    • pavlove

      I don't know those movies did pretty well.

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  • Voidone
    I'm 20 and dating a 17 year old (this is 100% legal in my state for the record) and I've gotta say not much of this applies to us. I mean sure there's the annoyance of shit that happens to people when they are a teen and parents to deal with, but she's relatively mature and there's a good power balance in our relationship. Maybe slightly shifted toward me but I'm not an ass. We have a good connection, and to address the sex part well I haven't run into any issues like that with her. We do pretty good for each other, heh.

    I don't see age as a huge issue, granted I'm not sure I'd date a girl a whole lot older than me. Even 5 years is kinda pushing it. But to each their own.
  • wingattebaby16
    So, I have always wondered what we call older men that date younger women?

    Vultures, sickos, studly man of my dreams? Is there a term for them?
    • In prison they are called Chomos , pronounced CHO-MOE

    • QooLipBite

      It's called

      'Cradle-Snatching' - present participle verb
      'Cradle-Snatcher' - noun

      Basically meaning that you take children out of their parent's hands 😂

    • Sugar Daddy if money applies to it. Not sure if a woman dates a broke older Guy.

  • elew4too
    I love it. Guys are attracted to mature personalities in the same way women are. It's a two-way street; women aren't the only ones exploiting it.
  • Minxxie
    quite stereotypical and unoriginal honestly these are all points we've heard before in cheap stand up comedy no less. I tried older men, they tried to father me and it was aggravating and weird plus they were far more demanding and less understanding about sexual stuff which I refused to do at all with both older men. My current boyfriend is my age and was more than happy to take his time and never shouts at me! Older men shout! I can't be in a relationship where I am looked down upon and berated like a child. With older men I found that their age did not mean they were mature at all! They were man-children my 19 year old boyfriend is more mature and respectful!
    • Seems like you dated the wrong older guys. This seems a personality thing.

  • OpenWine
    I only read a few parts of the cougar one, I guess I would approach one sometime, maybe this month (add scare of cougars: yaaaa! Maybe fuvvk!). Imma do this for the lols (when I am drunk enough).
  • singlebee
    Cougars are definitely hotter that any young girl...
    • Roostah

      Lol no.

    • singlebee

      @Roostah I only mean the hotter looking ones... hahaa

    • Roostah

      Even if hotter. Younger girls will always have perky boobs, tits and more elastic (less wrinkled out) worn face of cougars. You can't compare the two.

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  • GreatnessPersonified
    I like mature woman because when I drop my pants, they can take it from there. :D
  • Someguy17
    It's a tough call for me, I just love women in general. The cougars I've been with had 0 holdups in the bedroom and were a hell of a lot of fun to flirt with and seduce. They are great about throwing my sarcasm and bullshit back at me.

    The younger ones are great too though. What they don't have in experience, they make up for with excitement. There's also something fun about being the first to do something with a girl. You're definitely right about the way they bond. They haven't been through all of the burns that older women have and are way more open with their feelings. This is good/bad to me.

    Honestly, I don't think I can choose between the two.
  • Madhur
    Cougars are first choice,,,, at least for those who are after sex
  • bananaman57
    Match your age limit in my book. So for me I have to go with younger, however I wouldn't turn down a good sex session with a nice looking cougar
  • KBob93
    I'm kind of morphing from one of the younger girls (dating older men) to a cougar (dating younger men). Maybe that's how cougars start out. Lol.
  • Mustachekitteh
    Then what would be the difference between 20-29 and cougars?
  • godfatherfan
    WOW... that is a nice pic at the top... didn't read the post but nice rack.. yowza...
  • chrisbigman
    I would prefer the cougar. They are more cool than the young ones.
    • Not to mention, they are more closer to my own age.

  • RationalMale
    Ehh, no.

    I've dealt with cougars.

    They're more work for less sexy.
  • Cowboy6666
    I just need a girl whether cougar or younger for dating
  • LonelyAndSexless
    Older women can teach younger guys a lot regarding sex and relationships.
  • Deadinside78
    At my age of 37 they all have to be younger now. Anything older usually fly's on a broomstick at night.
    • Unless she's hot like jlo

    • I get tons and tons of replies from men on dating sites. I'm just showing unedited face and a smile, low makeup. My age is usually guessed at low 30s or 28ish

    • Oh in person too... Not to sound conceited

  • abundantlyrich
    At least someone is getting laid.
  • Mr_Xavier
    This is a great take. Thanks for sharing!
  • Nathand
    i like ALL types of girls.
  • TheBraveLion
    I want to go for a cougar! :P
  • bubbletrouble
    Bit biased but nice take.