Cougars vs Younger Girls


Cuz wouldn't it be just be making it too easy to date someone your own age...

Cougars VS. Younger Girls



It's harder I'd say actually. She might not know your age if you're a mature guy but you will and it will psyche you out. You'll sense the world is judging you. You'll be juding yourself. Just how much younger is this girl than your mother? Her face just looks a little less...lifey than your ex girlfriend and yet when you walk over to her you feel like she's a real woman and everyone before her were simply little girls...

Younger Girls

Yeah, if they are 18 and look 16 you'll get some awful looks. Everyone will know what you're upto. You know younger girls look up to you because having an older guy into them seems soooo cool. You don't have to work hard and yet she's sexier. And yet she's annoying? This really depends on the guy, but in terms of approaching a younger girl poses no threat to the old self esteem. You feel validated. Man, if only you acted this confident when you were her age then...oh wait, that's right you can only get away with it because of all the attention you get from her type...



I don't've got some years on me, you actually have a really nice body. Wow you know what you're doing. Wow I don't have to talk you into anything. Wow the fact that I'm younger turns you on in a weird way and I'm into it. You don't expect me to call. I might anyway.

Younger Girls

More foreplay? Really? You don't give head? Why? These are the main questions you'll run into when you date a few years down but don't worry at least everythings clean down there...psycholocially you get that bonus of knowing that there literally wasn't time for so many guys to get in that. You're a pioneer. You feel special. Now you have to cuddle and the lingerie she bought just for you is a little starchy and it's summer and you don't really want to fall asleep cuddling because its so effing hot but do and you're begging for that little stream of breeze to come from the window but she blocks it while she sleeps because she insists that you be on the side closest to the door and you're hoping exhaustion from the heat will cause you to faint so you can make it all stop...when you wake up, she's made you breakfast and you feel really bad for being such an souless ass on the inside and eat your eggos whilst plotting an escape route.



Wow, your mom does not like this woman. Not one bit. For the boys who enjoyed disobeying their moms growing up, this makes the sex hotter. But what is your mom doing on your mind during sex? Oh god make it stop. But there's this comfort you feel with this slightly older woman that you can't quite put your finger on and don't really want to. There's something that feels like home...and this translates into the relationship. When you talk she not only listens, but has something worthwile to say back to you. She makes you think. She opens your mind. She's experienced things. You come away from time with her feeling enriched. You feel smarter around her. She can say I love you with a look. There's this sense of warmth and trust.

Younger Girls

Cougars vs Younger Girls

Wow, your dad really likes this girl. How many more pats on the back will he give you before you have no shoulder left? You get a lot of looks when you go out. A lot of at' a boys. One thing this girl is cute and sexy. She has fun. She looks up to you. She wants you to show her the world. She wants to be your princess. She's still at that stage in life where her life is actually all about you. Literally no guy could take her from you. Channing Tatum could propose and she'd be like I'm Already Taken by an amazing guy. What did you to this girl? Why is she so devoted? Yet once you drop your guard and allow yourself to be happy with her you find the cuteness never ends and nor does the love. That is until you neglect her because you have nothing in common but sex and some other guy promises more of a connection but oh wait hopefully that won't happen...



Oddly clean. Oddly matter of fact if it's her who wants it. If you want it, she may do all manner of things to prevent it from happening. I mean this is a woman who's seriously dating a younger man when she has men her own age who can provide better presumably, so she's a little unstable from the outset. Yet, if you're persistent, the cougar goes off to find new cubs but you sense you'll always have a spot in heart that she won't forget.

Younger Girls

Oh, god. Just pray it's what she wants and not what you want. If you push a breakup when she's in aformentioned lovestoned state you need to cut off all forms of communcation and probably move. Her mind will constantly tell her : just fix this just get him back just fix this just get him to care and then you can be ok. The texts will be constant as well as the calls. The best way you know to finally make it all stop is to get your female friend to kiss your cheek at a party and have someone post it and tag you and she sees it and she's not sure what it means but it hurts enough to make her not want to ever see it again and she blocks you everywhere and she forbids her friends from talking about you and then you can finally get some piece and quiet...

So for me, I think Cougars oddly take it for me. There is no good nor bad only where a man in his personal lifequest. Sometimes a man wants his sexy bunny rabbit. Sometimes he wants a woman who's achieved her feminity maybe even more than he's achieved his masculinity. Hell, he may even on occasion might want to actually be normal and date girls his own age. To each great man his own great choice, but hopefully this has given us something to think about, which is not that age is NOT just a, not all.

Cougars vs Younger Girls
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Most Helpful Guy

  • tayoker
    Its fundament and essential, older women have more experience, controlling and stability. ... they know how to handle things, how to handle hard times... they can figure their own way out, they don't need you to hug them to make their day, they need you to be responsible to your own issues and they absolutely know how to help you... it's not only "cheering" , they love you in a confident way to make you know what love is meant to you... most of them don't care how you look, what's your color or whatever it is and they really mean it when they say it, they let you to teach them about the things they missed when they were at your age, and they teach about the things that you're going to face in the future...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • LittleSally
    See - the younger girls you described literally sound like they're teenagers. o. O

    So teenagers vs older women - of course older women would win hands down. xD
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    • Kalibie

      It'd be different 25 vs 45 year old girls honestly...

    • Metlahaed

      It's sad how many young adults act like teens. Boys and girls alike.

    • Rawrzz

      Yeeeah. Even early-mid 20s women act like teenagers, often. Really, many 20-22 year olds may as well be 18 or 16.

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  • Anonymous
    Wow, I think you just confused yourself with milfs and Cougars.
  • Anonymous
    You are delusional lol by younger girls are you speaking 14-16? You said "If you push a breakup when she's in aformentioned lovestoned state you need to cut off all forms of communcation and probably move. Her mind will constantly tell her : just fix this just get him back just fix this just get him to care and then you can be ok. The texts will be constant as well as the calls."
    AS IF hahaha after breaking up with me it was my boyfriend who came crying and calling and asking for forgiveness. Don't make all young women sound clingy just because you once dated a stalker
  • Anonymous
    A cougar would probably expect you to be well-endowed.
    • pavlove

      i think probably they would expect a lot of stamina and energy I don't know about well endowed maybe if theyre a housewife and you're a pool boy...

  • Anonymous
    I always had fantasies of older women, even when I was younger. I know those type of older women are out there, but they are hard to find and I don't think they are very open about the idea since it can be taboo.
  • Anonymous
    I've dated older and younger women. What I always find is that the age difference doesn't matter that much; it's about the compatibility and the connection.
  • Anonymous
    Every girl is beautiful- Nahid
  • Anonymous
    Whoa! Who's the chick in that first pic?
    • Anonymous

      Seriously dude--who is she? Just saw your question on the top of my live feed again, and damn! She's distracting!

  • Anonymous
    Nah, you just can't handle us. So you go after old farts cause they're the only ones who actually acknowledge your existance.
    • The truth. I don't know why you got down voted. I only attract older girls because I have a demeanour that attracts older women: mature, open, honest, no bullshit... in short "nice guy" so I personally can't get women younger than me. It's not my choice, rather how it is.

  • Anonymous
    a man is a man, "if she is fine, she'll do!" no matter the age
    don't mix a hookup with a relation, and the type of relation,
    • Valid point, hookup a guy will do anything sexy "enough"

  • Anonymous
    Benefits of dating younger girls:

    1. Tighter pussies
    2. Skin is not leathery and less elastic
    3. Boobs and ass aren't sagging.
    4. No crows feet
    5. Exciting and adventurous
    6. Not jaded by relationships
    7. Haven't whored around as much
    8. Not bitter about men
    9. Not passive aggressive towards men due to bad experience with other men.
    10. Don't push pressure for LTR/Marriage on men

    1. Like drama
    2. Stupid mind games
    3. Annoying to talk to some times/have conversation with.
    4. Ego is off the chart
    5. Many have princess syndrome and think their the hottest thing on this planet.
    6. On their phone alot/social media.
    7. Immature

    • Anonymous

      6. On their phone social media constantly.

    • pavlove

      on their phone a lot i forgot the cockblock that is instagram.

    • Ok I thumbs up this despite the wording being a bit crass.

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  • Anonymous
    I like the way you crafted this take.

    "She's made you breakfast and you feel really bad for being such an souless ass on the inside"

    • pavlove

      haha thank you! i pretty much wrote it all without stopping in order to capture that stream of consciousness effect

    • Anonymous

      Could you post one on bbw? I would like to hear your thoughts on them

  • Anonymous
    Gotta find a cougar bar
  • Anonymous
    I'm 12 years younger than my crush and I don't feel like there's that much of a difference and when we talk, he says he feels like there's no difference either. We're currently just friends :-/
  • Anonymous
    Nice, but I always prefer younger girls ;)
    • babu_001

      actually you prefer "tighter pussies"

    • Anonymous

      LoL, babu_001, that's also true :P

  • Anonymous
    That first sentence confused the fuck outta me. I've read it multiple times and still can't understand it.

    Dudes actually think about their moms when fucking a older woman?
    • cinderelli

      They do and somehow that's still hot? Lol.. 😂😂

    • Apparently if they're Pavlove they do...

  • Anonymous
    Since I'm 20, I obviously don't want a younger guy. But if I'm in my 40s+ and still single, I'd date anyone of legal age. Preferably around my age, but never say never.
  • Anonymous
    You obviously don't know anything about women.
    • pavlove

      enlighten me

    • Anonymous

      This is really biased in my opinion. You mostly praise cougars while young girls are just clingy, annoying and immature, that we can't be independent or handle breakups. I get you prefer cougars, but this is annoying to read. There are so many things wrong here I'm too annoyed to point them out. But kinda naive you think you'll have a special place in cougars heart.

    • sp33d

      Judging by your age anon, you probably don't know much about yourself :D

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