Things I am dying to say but just never do!

Things I am dying to say but just never do.

So, I recently met a new chap and we got on great. I was honest with him and I thought he was honest with me and we clicked.

So we message back and fourth and decide it would be good to see one another again.

He gets back to his hometown after this weekend away (to the place I live in) and it seems he distances himself emotionally.

I notice it (because I am a woman and we sense these things sonar style) because he's being off, just a slight change in tone and I tried to redeem it.

Things got sexual in a way that I never do with anyone else (via text) and then that's it, his attention space for me has gone.

So what would I say to him in response to his text message saying I was full on?

Lets see, probably 'you kept texting me when I said I would text you later after I was out for my lunch but I ignored it because I am a woman and we find these things sweet that you obviously like us so much'

I would likely also add 'I hate it when you put me in some sort of category that is a generalisation and not about me. Just because we messaged and you changed your tune doesn't make me too keen, it means you are weird and should have dealt with your own issues. I don't have a crystal ball!'

Then there is 'What on earth is your problem? now you say you want fun when we discussed upon meeting that it wasn't going to be about that?'

Followed by 'Fine, you want to be like this then cool, I am one of a kind, you wanna miss out it's your problem. Just a shame you haven't got your head in order before now'

Finally 'See you round, see I don't linger, once we are done, we are done. Ask every other man who has tried to pull this crap before and still texts me years later with no results'

Is this just me or do other girls have to deal with this crap? I am getting this out of my system because I dont feel like saying them to him.

Its his loss at the end of the day.


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