Just Something that I Really Needed to Say

Just Something that I Really Needed to Say

I've had the GaG account I now have for about two months now, but prior to this one I had another that I closed down because I was spending far too much time here. However, I think I've been around long enough to understand, at a basic level, your typical GaG user, and I have to say that it makes me worried.

Yes, worried. My own reason for joining this site was to just spend some time alone in front of my computer when I didn't have much else to do, and ask questions, answer them, and just basically have fun. I don't take it too seriously, and neither should anyone who happens to be reading this right now (assuming anyone does). The DM (direct message) feature the site has has been very helpful when people have come to me for advice, advice I believe I wasn't really all that qualified to give, but they were usually grateful anyway (and in one instance I actually helped a very lonely, single male user find his very first girlfriend <3).

Okay, I'll just say it. There are many here, whom I will neither name nor reveal any clues about, who, in my opinion anyway, really, really need counselling. Professional help. I'm not being sarcastic (which I can be, I'll admit), and I'll admit to perhaps not being the best person to judge or assess, but on the occasions when people send me a message with a problem they're unable to resolve, I try to help but I always make sure to tell them to consult the proper professionals, like a doctor if the issue is medical/health related, or a proper counselor if they're having emotional issues. I do what I can to help, but there is only so much I can.

Another thing I need to discuss: limits. Limits to how much I'm willing to reveal about myself, because I have trust issues. Don't ask for my phone number, photographs, email address, or anything else of that nature. There are security concerns I have, and I understand how easy it can be for someone with malevolent intent to use such information against you. Privacy and personal space I take VERY seriously, so I really do not like being pestered for something that I just do not feel comfortable about. Limits should be respected, and "No" really does mean NO. This is a general rule I believe that everyone should follow, because the internet is not a safe, cosy place to be, and once something is out there it generally stays there. Images, for example, are no longer under your control; they're there for everyone to do with as they please.

Anyway, that's all I really wanted to say. I wrote this because it was something that I just felt I really needed to do, for my own sake if nothing else. I guess this 'MyTake' would go under 'GaG Community', so that's where I'll post it.

Just Something that I Really Needed to Say
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  • exitseven
    Good MyTake. I think social media enables people to post things under an assumed name that they never would post otherwise. Yes people can get a little wound up sometimes about certain things.. I joined because I was unemployed after covid and pretty isolated. I guess I was depressed. My doctor told me that he is hearing it a lot from people since the pandemic started. He told me if I was working and teaching my classes my life would be going along just as before. So I figured this might be a way to interact with people. I never used social media before but I was surprised that I made a couple of really nice friendships here that really helped me.
    I don't think we have interacted much but I think this was a well put together essay.
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  • KostasKouvalis
    Wow okay, that was some pretty deep shit, but you're 100% right.
    I really don't have anything else to say, except it's good that you got that out there. Deep down, everyone knows it's true, but few people will actually admit it.
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  • lightbulb27
    for sure.
    a picture says more than 1000 words. consider what your photo is communicating to people who are high on testosterone and possibly as you say, need therapy for their emotional issues. hormones triggered + emotions triggered = X. Maybe you can code that in Java? consider changing it. girls...

    this is what guys would call "game playing".

    trust issues form at an early age. hope you get that resolved, I did as well. humans...
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    • Snsl153

      Yes, I should probably change that. I probably will anyway, because I can't seem to decide which pictures to display.

  • zeitgeist057
    Good on you, I see what you said as "trust issues" as just being good head on your shoulders when it comes to data and internet safety. There are a LOT of phishing, social engineering, and other scams out there now. I get robocalls constantly, and I think most people do. Don't answer them, don't respond, it attracts more.

    Giving out your personal information, bad idea. I have been approached on here by users, just recently @Rita669 contacted me, chatted with me like a real person (because they are a real person, attempting to social engineer people), talked about interests, casually asked "getting to know you" questions about where I live, work, how much money I make, what I invest in, etc, etc. Asked me to connect with them on WhatsApp (where it's easier to hack and steal people's info). I refused, and they kept up the conversation, then would ask me to go to WhatsApp "so I can show you some pictures" of this or that. I said no very clearly four times before I finally called them out. People need to wise up about internet safety. There are so many victims of identity theft, phishing, romance scams, and other social engineering projects every day. So again, good onya.
  • D4nielv
    You seemed like a really nice girl in all my interactions with you, which unfortunately immediately made realise that all the guys on here will push that as far as it goes. It's a good MyTake, but I doubt that it will really change anything.
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    • Juxtapose

      Those guys fucking ruin interactions with a lot of women for the rest of us.

  • Andres77
    Put some of this in your profile.
    It would do more good there.
    And don't be afraid to block anyone.
    Sorry you've had bad experiences but blocking people is your safest bet.
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  • Koneko911
    You have trust issues and dont want people to ask for pics yet have a booty pic as your profile image... knowing what message that sends here...
    • Snsl153

      You can never see my face, or any other identifying features, in any of my profile pictures though.

  • demonics
    Must be a generational thing... I have no interest in DM'ing or meeting up with anyone, for anything at all ever...
  • humanearth
    I wonder if you ever talked to me under your old account
    • Snsl153

      Not impossible, but you don't seem familiar to me, so probably not.

  • nawtee_me
    This is very good to know. Thanks for sharing it.
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  • Jerre
    An excellent article, well written!
  • Leibstanrdarte
    sound like you live in a vacuum
  • Anonymous
    why is this atheist globe head talking lolJust Something that I Really Needed to Say
    • Snsl153

      (sigh) Are you following me around or something? Hey, I don't see the snake!

    • Anonymous
    • Snsl153

      Why do you always post anonymously? Are you ashamed of what you believe in?

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