Just Something that I Really Needed to Say

Just Something that I Really Needed to Say

I've had the GaG account I now have for about two months now, but prior to this one I had another that I closed down because I was spending far too much time here. However, I think I've been around long enough to understand, at a basic level, your typical GaG user, and I have to say that it makes me worried.

Yes, worried. My own reason for joining this site was to just spend some time alone in front of my computer when I didn't have much else to do, and ask questions, answer them, and just basically have fun. I don't take it too seriously, and neither should anyone who happens to be reading this right now (assuming anyone does). The DM (direct message) feature the site has has been very helpful when people have come to me for advice, advice I believe I wasn't really all that qualified to give, but they were usually grateful anyway (and in one instance I actually helped a very lonely, single male user find his very first girlfriend <3).

Okay, I'll just say it. There are many here, whom I will neither name nor reveal any clues about, who, in my opinion anyway, really, really need counselling. Professional help. I'm not being sarcastic (which I can be, I'll admit), and I'll admit to perhaps not being the best person to judge or assess, but on the occasions when people send me a message with a problem they're unable to resolve, I try to help but I always make sure to tell them to consult the proper professionals, like a doctor if the issue is medical/health related, or a proper counselor if they're having emotional issues. I do what I can to help, but there is only so much I can.

Another thing I need to discuss: limits. Limits to how much I'm willing to reveal about myself, because I have trust issues. Don't ask for my phone number, photographs, email address, or anything else of that nature. There are security concerns I have, and I understand how easy it can be for someone with malevolent intent to use such information against you. Privacy and personal space I take VERY seriously, so I really do not like being pestered for something that I just do not feel comfortable about. Limits should be respected, and "No" really does mean NO. This is a general rule I believe that everyone should follow, because the internet is not a safe, cosy place to be, and once something is out there it generally stays there. Images, for example, are no longer under your control; they're there for everyone to do with as they please.

Anyway, that's all I really wanted to say. I wrote this because it was something that I just felt I really needed to do, for my own sake if nothing else. I guess this 'MyTake' would go under 'GaG Community', so that's where I'll post it.

Just Something that I Really Needed to Say
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