Bad Boys Are Overrated


From a girl who used to love bad boys, I am so over it. I have converted to the other side and I am delighted.

For our purposes, a bad boy is a guy who doesn't want to commit but likes to flirt and play games and will never give you a serious relationship. Even if he is your boyfriend he won't be in it for real. He is probably somewhat cocky and very focused on sex and makes a lot of sexual jokes and innuendos to everyone.

Bad boys are not refined and are probably not the ones you would want to show your parents. Deep down you know they are low class and sleazy. But they are thrilling.

They have a rebellious and exciting streak and part of that is fueled by the games they play. It is all a mind game. I loved these men. I found them funny and exciting. Until one day I woke up and realized that I really wasn't loving myself and that was time to change. I had had enough games and half assed boys. It was time to find a man.

My boyfriend is great. He's not a bad boy. He's a man. Being with him is like having a gourmet feast after eating McDonald's my entire life.

Bad boys are NOT better because:

1- You can't love yourself

If you were loving yourself you would not accept these games. You would be with someone who treats you with respect and is not wishy washy about how he feels towards you.

2- They tend to be selfish

If they cared about you they would treat you better. In bed too.

Bad Boys Are Overrated

3- They just lack that funny nerdy humor

And trust me, that funny nerdy humor is awesome.

4- They don't care about you

You are one of many and it will never be different.

Bad Boys Are Overrated
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  • iamshelly
    Couldn't agree with you more.

    I never understood that "women only like assholes" thing because I was never attracted to guys who slept with all the girls, wouldn't hold my hand in public or cuddle after sex. I never found the appeal of being a side chick. I never liked inappropriate sexual innuendos or jokes. I was always attracted to older men because they were more mature than the boys I was used to being around. They wouldn't look at a girl on her period and say "well... at least you got a mouth."

    My boyfriend isn't like that. He's nerdy, funny and sweet, and genuinely interested in my likes and dislikes and how I function. As someone who has many psychological issues, I know I'm not always easy to handle or understand. He gets that. He makes my problems seem small.
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    • Same here. boyfriend is like that too :)

      Couldnt b happier or more in love <3

Most Helpful Guy

  • Bandit74
    "Deep down you know they are low class and sleazy"
    If the "bad boys" are low class and sleazy then so are the girls who hook up with them.
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    • M_A_X

      Well if that gets a downvote, I guess those same women would agree that there's nothing wrong with a man who sleeps with a nasty low class girl. Weird

    • Bandit74

      Im not surprised. I kinda knew I was going to get downvoted before I even hit submit. I just think its funny these girls try to act all superior by trashing these guys who they were more than happy to open their legs for. I think the type of people you date/sleep with also say a lot about the type of person you are. If a girl sleeps with guys who are by her own definition "trashy" then she's likely also a trashy girl.

    • M_A_X

      I agree, but there are also more trashy women than you might realize.

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  • theville
    WOMAN love bad boys and usually they are GREAT in bed where the NERDS are NOT - bad boys are HOT usually even if they aren't the best looking the bad boy thing is still appealing... but could be trouble - in the long run... I have a half bad boy but he's grown up now still VERY hot not bad boy anymore...
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    • Bysshe

      Would real bad boys actually care about the woman getting off? Or are they so exciting it's just unavoidable?

    • theville

      @Bysshe I think they care about their performance not selfish like they ONLY want to get the pleasure the ones I knew wanted to make sure I enjoyed it also - but usually bad boys are men that JUST had a hard sad life ie child hood -the one I knew was like that his mom abandoned him that whole bad boy tough guy think was REALLY just a defense to cover up his sadness and lack-- we are still friends but I think he is still damaged his mom failed him.. He's hurt but living so that he NEVER gets hurt by a woman ever again which has damaged his relationships with woman -- sooo its CUTE but I would NEVER marry a bad boy wtf THAT is insanity most cases they need psych tx -- its sad but its not a NORMAL lifestyle its a defense mechanism...

  • LorcaNovena
    It's funny how it takes women years to work this very simple fact out isn't it? I could have told you this years ago.

    The reason bad boys are popular is because like it or not, they're fun and exciting where as guys like me who aren't bad boys are deemed boring in comparison, so these men will stand out more, they have charismatic personalities and that aura about them that attracts people to them.
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  • BackInGame
    I would run for the hills if I found out this is the experience that potential girlfriend went trough.
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    • BackInGame

      Pumped n dumped trash.

    • Anonymous

      I didn't have sex with them.

    • BackInGame


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  • Mpgchgo
    Women have told me that the bad boys are the ones you date, and the nice guy is the one you marry. But who wants to be the guy you marry? I would rather have women hot for me than to treat me like a nice piece of furniture or a career move.
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  • RandomUsername3464
    But... but, I thought that all nice guys were awful people? I'm a mix between being nice and being rude, it works for me. I'm not going to be nice to a girl who doesn't appreciate it, I have better things to do. Like listen to music and comment on the Internet.
  • AleDeEurope
    "From a girl who used to love bad boys, I am so over it." So basically like 90% of other women. I mean, it's no secret that in their teen years they all want the bad boy, even the shyest of girls wants the bad boy... then realize he just hurts her, and she then ends up going for the hard working type of guys, the guys that in HS were nothing more than a normal dude, or even the nerd that got bullied.
    This is nothing new, and this is coming from someone who could have been labeled as a player/bad boy when I was in MS/HS.
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    • Not all
      I never went for the bad boy :P

    • @HookingSwan I know it's not all women, that's why I said 90% xD I know I may have exaggerated, but it was to get my point across, but I'm not too far away though, at least in my experience, you could count the girls who didn't want the bad boys just with one hand.

    • Haha fair enough... 😜

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  • dudeman
    this is great just a word of wisdom to all the men out there. don't settle down with these women who give the bad boys the good pussy and want you to settle down with the wizards sleeve.
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  • FakeName123
    Logically and emotionally you are right - but lets face it: Women also act upon their libido more often than not and thus there are quite a few out there being attracted to such bad boys
  • Bards
    5. They're boring

    They can't even have a decent conversation
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  • clampfan101
    I am not exadurating in the least as I say I always have been and will be the EXACT opposite of a bad boy.
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    • Zeroize

      You keep being you. It's a very attractive quality.

    • @Zeroize Thank you. I just need to work on my shyness as I look for my SO...

  • thatphucker
    Now to think if women were only progressive enough as a species to be able to stop trying to separate "bad" and "good" boys and actually become adequate judges of character and worth.
  • chrisbigman
    Finally, a girl who actually understands guys better (at least the bad ones).
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  • sp33d
    You can bring flowers when you visit your bad boy in jail.
  • James19
    But i get more attention when i act like a bad one.
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  • thedevilwithin
    Yes yes yes, especially point 3!
  • Marinepilot
    I'd say you got it right.
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  • Johnson123
    Nice guys FTW? :D
    • mikemx55

      Yeah, but only after she rides the sick carousel for the best years of her life. When she realizes her looks will go away, she holds on to the nice guy who's gonna stick around and put up with her

    • mikemx55


    • dudeman

      her settling down with you in her late twenties/early thirties is not winning. that's a loss by a mile staying single forever would be a bigger win then committing to one of these women.

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  • Anonymous
    rational women? nuh it must be a bluff... .
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  • Anonymous
    You should spread your wisdom! More women need to hear it and learn from it!
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  • Anonymous
    Apparently not because I have had a whopping 0 girlfriends. I am literally the definition of good guy. I go to church, study hard, work hard, and spend more time with my family then friends, apparently I'm not good enough for some girls.
    • mikemx55

      When they finish riding the dick carousel they wil come to you. Probably with a buch of kids already. Ever seen Forest Gump?

    • Roostah

      Yes. Your going to be a magnet for ex-party whores who are going to remodel their appearance to appear as good, church loving girls that have strong morals. Hell, if a pornstar (last name summers) who used to get dicked in party orgies, sucked off on camera and do heavy drugs so much that she almost OD can remodel herself as a "religious" woman for Christianity. You damn well sure the average slut can. STAY SAFE AND ALWAYS BE CAUTIOUS BEFORE THINKING YOUR IN LOVE.

  • Anonymous
    Whoa whoa whoa. Hey now. Not all guys who don't want to commit are bad guys. Time out on that. I'm a nice dude and I don't want to commit. Now if you're talking about players and cheaters then okay. Those dudes lie about the relationship they want. That's some fucked up shit. Those are bad boys.

    Funny, nerdy, humor? I will never even begin to understand why that's attractive.
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    • Zeroize

      So you're saying my nerdy cryptography jokes on semantic security wouldn't interest you? :'(

  • Anonymous
    They don't truly let loose around you. How many bad boys just play around like a kid with their girlfriend and wrestle and tickle them and have a good laugh together?

    0, It's too damaging of their reputation of being cool and aloof.
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