Why most first dates deserve a second chance


Why most first dates deserve a second chance.

First dates can be nerve recking.

Especially, when you're just getting out in the field or haven't been in a while.

You tend to overthink little things that usually come very natural to you.

"How's my appearance?"

"What should I talk about?"

If I say too much, maybe I'll scare this person away.

Wait no!

It's completely opposite...

If I say too little then I'll scare this person away!


You just can't seem to stop overthinking!

Your feelings of anxiety continue to overwhelm you.

So, it's no surprise that you've ruined the first date.

Well, you didn't ruin it completely...

(Ahhh, that provides comfort to your temporarily dampened soul!).

Your first date agreed not to see you anymore because there was no spark.

All you needed to do was take a deep breath, relax, and go with the flow.

That's it?

Doesn't that sound so simple?

Yes, it does. But so difficult to attain in a time of apprehensiveness and uncertainty.

I often think that some people are too quick to dismiss another. Every one is different. Some people can get a date flowing within just a few minutes. Other people tend to warm up to another after a first meet.

After the first date the most uneasy part is over. The person no longer will have those feelings of self doubt or questioning. They will come to the realization that, "Hey, I did it! Maybe things weren't so bad." The first date gives a anxious person the opportunity to get the nerves out of their system. Now that the "worst" part is seemingly over, things can potentially look up from here?


A second date only confirms your initial thoughts.

If you're still not hitting it off with this person at least now you have no doubts!

End it now!

Just because you are on a first date meeting someone in the flesh, doesn't mean you are actually MEETING them. In the other words, this person is physically there but may not be showing you who they are. Perhaps, this person overtalked too much, or maybe they were a bit too reserved.

You sensed it...

something seems off.

This person was probably just too nervous to be themselves.

Unless the date was a complete disaster then I can agree with you not wanting to see more of this person. However, if you ended things all because you didn't feel a "spark" or "chemistry", You should understand that sometimes things take a little time to gravitate towards that direction.

Feelings aren't always there in the beginning but have potential to grow.

Sometimes a second date is needed for things to start to blossoming.

Don't be so quick to say, "No!"

Why most first dates deserve a second chance

Why most first dates deserve a second chance
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeahhbro
    Not only first dates, but even before that too lol. We guys are human and sometimes make the stupidest mistakes when we really like somebody. Trust me, it really gets you down when you had to courage to talk to that girl and you make a wrong move and mess everything up. You don't even know how much i regret not doing certain things.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • udolipixie
    Nah. I am not of the mindset that a date has to be absolutely awful for me not to go on another one. If the date didn't interest me , engage me, or appeal to me I am not going on another one. This has been working awesomely for me so far.
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  • JSmuve
    Completely true. A lot of the time a person's personality doesn't come out until you spend more time with them. Chemistry is a fickle thing. For some people it's a quick flash in the pan, for others it starts off as embers barely flickering but give it enough time and it can turn into a roaring inferno.

    I think people are too impatient and judgmental. If a person jumps ship after one date then they were never really into you in the first place.
  • Punkbuster107
    Quite a lovely take. Very thoughtful of you to share it.
  • RedThread
    I think first dates are 99% bullshit. Both people are fronting hard. You're meeting their representatives pretty much. I'd probably almost always give a 2nd date unless they were totally clingy or creepy af lol
  • chrisbigman
    Hopefully the woman I went on a date with last night reads this.
  • kdizzleforizzle91
    If you still aren't sure by the 4th date, is it time to throw in the towel?
    • Stacyzee

      Your mind should already be made up at this point. Do you still not feel any chemistry?

  • girlsvsguys1
    i think this apply for every person because we are humans and common to do attempt some mistakes in our life.
  • dudegrt09
    Why doesn't anyone tell this to my dates lol