Worst tinder date experience

Worst tinder date experience

A couple of days ago I went out with this guy I met on Tinder. We message a lot before planning on meeting and he seemed like a really cool guy. He was on a vacation in my country. He did told me about this friend of his that he's close to.

So fast forward to the day we met. I picked him up at the hotel he was staying in (he's a tourist). Few minutes after he entered my car he told me that this friend of his is really mad that he went out without him so I was like "okay well I could pick her up and we could chill some place together". He was like "no, she doesn't know that I'm going out with you, she would be really angry". This is where it went super awkward. We talked about her and him and he said they weren't dating or anything like that. I was like "okay but she's treating you like you guys are".

So we went to this cafe/bar near my house (I live in the business district and since he has never been there I think it's a good idea to take him to see the other side of my city, not only the place where poor-middle class are since those are the places where his friend has been taking him). We only stayed there for like 15-30 minutes then we went back to his hotel.

This is the first and last Tinder date I will ever do. Girls and guys please this be a reminder for you that a lot of people there are weird.


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What Guys Said 1

  • To be fair, I expected worse. Whatever that "friend" of his is, he isn't satisfied with it ; but then again, a guy seeking out dates in a country where he is only spending a vacation clearly is not looking for anything long-term.

    • It's very clear... I'm not sure what she was expecting to get out of that encounter.

    • We were just planning on having few drinks and talk about stuffs. I dont want anything out of it but hin telling me his "friend" was mad was just really weird. He should've known that she would be mad before he asked me if I wanted to hangout

What Girls Said 2

  • I've been with my fiancé for almost two years. We met on tinder... I think you just played into his misadventure.

  • i have never had a tinder date, but i have been on dates with guys that i met on a dating app.

    The guy started messaging me, i couldnt really see his face, but hee seemed like a cool guy and my orginally plan was to just chat with him (no plans in meeting him). But i enjoyed talking to him and long story short we planned a date. The day came and i didn't hear from him (we hadn't planned where, but he was supose to text me when he was nearby). 45 min after we were supose to meet he messaged me giving me this story why he was late. We didn't meet that night. Some days later he messaged me saying me was really sorry, gave me an explaination and told me he really wanted to meet me. Two weeks later I agreed to go on a date with him again (I thoyght "People make mistakes". We met, and frist of all, he was really awekward, he didn't look like his picture (dont think it was him on the pics). I was dispaointed, but i thought it could be fun anyway, before even meeting we had plans to play pool, but when i met him he asked me what i wanted to do, i told him that i thought we were supose to play pool, and the he was like "oh, i just asked, we can go and watch a movie at my place if you want". This happened 3 times or somethinge before we actually left to go and play pool.

    Playing pool was fun, he payed or everything.. he then started asking me if i wanted to play dart (we were at place where they have pool, shuffleboards, other games etc.) so i was like "yeah sure", then he said "i got darts at my place". When we left he asked if i was hungry and i told him a little bit and he suggested us getting something to eat. He suggested this place where he lives (we would need to drive to get there) and again he suggested us going to his place. I even told him at the beginning of the night that i dont go home with people i just met.

    That was the worse dating app experience i have ever had.. He even messages me days later telling me he really enjoyed meeting me.. what an idiot lol

    • Like this guy is really weird. I dont want anything to happen between us i was expecting for a nice drink and we could just talk but then he started saying that his friend is mad. I was like "the fck bruhh?" If you know she'd be mad like why did you asked me if we could hangout :|

    • Some guys...

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