Ten of the Worst Things You Can Do On a Date


1. Showing Up Late/Not calling

If you made the date, why are you showing up late? You picked the time, the place, you should be on time for your own date. Now obviously stuff happens, traffic, you needed gas, whatever, but that's why we have cell phones. Have respect for your date whether you made the date or you are going on one, because it's a major turn off when you start late and on the wrong foot.

2. Burying your head in your phone

Ten of the Worst Things You Can Do On a Date

A cell phone is a wonderful thing, but not when it's time to have real life human interaction. If you can't pry your eyes away from your phone for an hour to sit and chat and get to know someone, you have a real problem. Checking your phone obsessively, answering calls while on a date, excusing yourself to go talk to someone else, doesn't tend to bode well.

3. Demanding someone pay for you

"You're definitely going to pay right?" "You know, you should pay for our dinner." "Guys always pay for me." "Waiter, don't even think of handing me the bill" This one is more directed towards women...most guys tend to pay for a first date because either they are the gentlemanly type or they assume it's expected, or they invited you out, or they simply want to. Don't take advantage of this generosity by being rude and disrespectful about it. It's a MAJOR turn off to guys when you think you're some princess on a pedestal who demands they take care of you or else. Say thank you, be kind, offer to pay for the next one. Don't be spoiled and rude about it.

4. Checking out/flirting with other people

Ten of the Worst Things You Can Do On a Date

Like really? You can't go on one date before checking out the other merchandise. Imagine if your date did that to you. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't feel good about it. And actively flirting with someone else in front of your date is not cool at all. It's the fastest way to make sure they end the date early.

5. Endlessly Talking About Yourself

I'm pretty sure you're an interesting person, but 3 hours straight of interesting...not so much. Let your date get a word in edgewise. Actually ask him/her about him/her. Take a break and let them talk about themselves and practice listening. When it's all about you, it shows where your real priorities are, and they aren't with your date at all.

6. Obsessively talking about your ex...or anyone else

Ten of the Worst Things You Can Do On a Date

Hate your boss, your ex, your ex's kids, the president, the Uber driver...shut up about it. When you hyper focus on one person and go on long endless rants about him or her, it becomes less endearing and even scary by the minute. Like, why can't you let it go or why haven't you, or save it up for some other time other than on the first few dates when it should be about getting to know the other person.

7. Being totally inappropriate

Treating waitstaff rudely, assuming someone "should" go to bed with you just because you showed up, making disgusting jokes or comments about your date or someone else or his/her friends, insulting your date. Avoid this. If this inappropriate person is "the real you," then find someone who gets you and your brand; it will save you so much more time.

8. Give off the sad/bad vibes

Ten of the Worst Things You Can Do On a Date

No one needs to know how absolutely pathetic and miserable you've felt for not going on a date or sleeping with anyone in the last nine months. No one needs to know how much you hate your body and how incredibly low your self-confidence is. No one needs to know how desperately you want to get married and have children. It's a lot on the first few dates, it really is. Hammering in to your date how sad and pathetic or desperate or hung up you feel doesn't really say, I want to be attracted to you and your good vibes. Whatever has happened before this person, they didn't do it, so don't project onto them or overshare your misery with them. Just live in the moment and try to enjoy the date.

9. Lie

Remember when you said you had been to London and you really loved it. Now your date is talking about it and asking you about your trip and you have no clue because you're a liar. If you have to make up lies you can't even keep track of about yourself, ask yourself why that is. These can come back to bite you and make your date believe that you are a total liar or completely untrustworthy. Not a good look. If you're honest, you don't have to lie or remember what you lied about or try to keep up with it all.

10. Showing up as someone else

Ten of the Worst Things You Can Do On a Date

I don't care what you say about vanity and people needing to get to know someone on the inside, if you catfish someone or you post some picture of you from 15 years ago and you look nothing like that now, DO NOT act like you are surprised if they then aren't into you. In this world where we live where things are done more so online, if someone has been looking at that sexy picture you posted for a few weeks, they want to see that on their date or at least something that aligns with the picture they saw of you. It's part of why they are there or all of why they are there. Don't misunderstand this...you are lying to yourself and them by portraying yourself as something you are not. This goes back to the lying bit and why you shouldn't do it.

Ten of the Worst Things You Can Do On a Date
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  • FatherJack
    The " phone zombie " should deffo be lead point , I won't be dating due to my situation as a FT working single dad , but I would be gone , if I was with a phone zombie , just a step down from telling your date to F-off , it's that rude & ignorant !!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    good list
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  • It's odd to me, you say in 9 not to lie and in 10 don't show up as someone else but in 8 you basically are telling a person to lie and not be themselves, I find that confusing.

    I know you never told anyone to lie but in the same token you told them to with hold things about themselves and come in with a false "everything is sunshine and puppy dogs" attitude. Which if that's not how they always felt would be a lie. The whole point of dating someone is getting to know them and all the things that make them who they are, good, bad or otherwise. How can you truly get to know someone for who they really are if your not allow to talk about the stuff that isn't always comfortable to talk about. If you can't be honest, why bother dating?
    • Anonymous

      To be clear, we're discussing the first few dates, not, you're well into a relationship. How many great first dates do you know where someone told you how miserable they've been the entire first date or how desperate they were to date someone for the entire date, and you were like, man, this wreaks of potential, here's my number. You DO NOT have to go on a first date and tell your entire life history. That is not lying or withholding with the intent to deceive anyone. You may still tell this person a few dates in what you've been through or any truths you want, but on a first or second date, like I said, it's a bit much for someone walking in if you are hyper-focused on everything bad in your life and dumping that all on them, especially if you then turn it into taking it out on them when they are not the root of your problems.

    • MrOracle

      in my opinion, if you are that sad, miserable, or depressed, you aren't in any state to be dating. Dating is something that, in my opinion, you EARN by getting yourself in a healthy, positive place so that you can be a decent companion for another person. A date should NOT be therapy or a dumping ground for your emotions.

      It's okay if you need to work on yourself for a while, but it's NOT okay to rush out into the dating world before you've done that (much-needed) work. The OP's point is right on in my opinion.

    • @MrOracle what of you got invited to date?

      Just because you are sad doesn't mean you can try and enjoy yourself

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  • Barrabus_the_Free
    The cell phone should be #1. Being late CAN be overlooked, depending on the circumstance, but if I see that fucking phone, I'm done.
  • Ladyslipper
    These should all be totally common sense but unfortunately common sense isn't so common
    • Anonymous

      You have a lot of people who say and I think, I would never, and perhaps they wouldn't, but they know people who do these things all the time. This list is the same reason irons have a label that reads "do not iron on self." That is extremely logical to most right minded persons, and yet, people do it, and then those people want to sue because there was no label that said irons are hot and can burn people when on. I give you, this list...

  • "3. Demanding someone pay for you"

    FUCK YES!!! I am almost too glad, that YOU mentioned this! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

    The rest is also really on point! Very nice work!
    Excellent job!
  • CubsterShura
    Good points but they were too common. I thought you might share some stuff that most people overlook. :(
    • Anonymous

      I would love to read your list of the things that most people overlook.

    • I'll keep that in my list of future takes. :)

    • Also, I'm very young so my points may not be the best.

  • zagor
    I don't know I think what Ted Bundy did was worse than any of these...
  • thekian
    I feel like most of these are just normal things to not do in any social situation
    • Anonymous

      ... and yet people still do them

  • 10dsw
    Excellent list!
  • vekin
    all very good points I think
  • Lumberman53
    Great points
  • Anonymous
    Don't fart the restaurant or especially when alone in the car. But if you absolutely have to, don't wave the fart gasses up towards your nose and comment about how it smells. It might be cute when girls do this, but guys can never get away with it.

    • rozequarts

      can't believe she forgot to mention that lol

  • Anonymous
    Good points. But 'pedal stool'... Seriously? Fucking LOL.
    • Anonymous

      At least you read some of this. Will correct.