My Worst Dating Experience


I just want to share my story about the worst dating experience I've had. I feel like venting since I've learned about certain details today and want to write everything out so I can put a lid on it and move on. If you're keen for an interesting story (it's like something out of a movie) read on:

My Worst Dating Experience

A bit of a backstory: My girlfriend of a year cheated on me and we broke up. I started dating other girls asap to get over my girlfriend ( I know dumb). Went home for the holidays (about 2.5 months post-breakup) to give myself some time to heal. It did wonders and I finally felt like me again. As I went to check into my return flight there was a glitch and it chose the wrong seat for me, tried to fix it but couldn't. It was a middle sit and I hated middle seats, I spent a lot of time trying to change it but to no avail. I've never tried to change my airplane seat before, foreshadowing?

So on this transpacific flight a girl sat next to me, lets call her M. Lucky me that I couldn't change my seat I thought, she was very pretty. Long story short we really hit it off and she even spent a few hours sleeping on my shoulder and I had my hand on her lap. I knew I liked her right away and could tell she was very attracted to me as well. I had to see her again so I asked her if she wanted to share a cab since we lived like 10min away from each other. She agreed and I decided that's where I was going to make my move. Just as I was about to ask her out she got a call and it turns out that it was her boyfriend. She never mentioned a boyfriend to me on the entire flight, she mentioned a friend and flatmate, but no boyfriend.

She told me that she was actually just about to break up with him. They had been together for 3 years and she hadn't felt happy for the past year and knows he's not the one. She also revealed that she had cheated on him several times. I told her that I was just about to ask her out before she got that call and she lit up like a lightbulb. She gave me her contact info right before her boyfriend came to the taxi to help her with her luggage.

I couldn't stop thinking about this chick. She had IT. After 2 weeks, I caved and asked her how she was doing. She asked me out for drinks right away. A week later we met for a quick one hour afternoon lunch since I had very important exams in two days that I had to study for and didn't have much time. She convinced me to have a drink, one drink turned to two then three. She convinced me to stay with her and not leave early.

I was mesmerised. I never experienced that much pure chemistry before. M told me she couldn't believe she had only known me for such a short time, she said it felt like we knew each other for years. The date didn't end until 3am. We stayed up drinking wine, making love, watching a movie (well little snippets of it ;), and talking about our life and basically everything. WE could tell each other anything. It was by far the best date of my life. I walked away that morning thinking that I just had my last first date.

The next two weeks were magic. We were great together and vibed off each other so well. We had some very memorable dates and would even spend entire days together. She told me I was the type of guy she'll always instantly fall for. How I was such an amazing guy and she was so happy to have met me. She told me that her cousin was coming to visit her and that she was going to be distant for the next 3 weeks. I thought that was odd, but whatever this girl was crazy into me. I've never had a girl be that into me before and I'm in my late 20's, I've been around the block if you will. On our last date she made me walk her to her work and told me that she wanted me to stay with her forever and to never ever leave her. I comforted her. She also told me she wanted to give us a shot.

Three weeks went by and she pretty much ghosted me. I did run into her and her cousin a couple days after he landed. She was oddly cold. After I knew her cousin was gone I texted and asked if she wanted to come over for a dinner party I was hosting. She agreed. She came over and things were just different. She was still affectionate towards me, but something felt off. At the end of the night she left when the expectation was she was going to spend the night. I called her out on it and her odd behaviour over the last 3 weeks and she told me we'd talk about it later as she got into the cab.

A few days later she texted me and told me we needed to talk. I told her if she wanted to break things off to just do it over the phone since I didn't feel like having her drag it out any longer or seeing her to just get dumped. She convinced me to see her in person since she told me it wasn't what I thought and she wanted to explain some things. We met at this random dive bar. She told me that she was crazy about me, but all of this was happening so fast and she had just gotten out of a 3 year relationship and needed some time to heal. I called her out and told her that was bs and to just be honest. She stuck to her guns and told me she never felt that way about someone before and she wanted to try again in the future when she has her shit together.

I went to leave and she wouldn't let me. She was crying and hugging me and telling me she didn't want me to go. We agreed to have one last hurah date for the hell of it. Things were back to how they were in those two weeks, magic. She ended up telling me that I checked off everything on her list for the guy she wants to marry. She told me that she'd come visit me when I move and that we should definitely give it a try when we're able to and she feels better. She then told me she wanted to have my babies and spend over 30min talking about all the details. She couldn't keep her hands off of me the entire night or paying me compliments or telling me how much she liked me. At the end of the night I walked her back to her place because she wanted us to take polaroid pics together so we could have something physical to remember each other by.

A few days later I asked her out again and she declined saying she needed space. Three months later I tagged her on a random fb article I knew she'd like and she blocked me. I was confused and hurt to say the least. I wrote her a letter telling her how I felt and apologised for anything I could have done wrong (I knew it was a million to one, but she was worth that chance to me). I never heard back from her.

That brings us to today. This morning I was feeling sad and lonely and googled her name (it's been almost 2 months since the letter). I know stupid and unhealthy, but fuck it, I was weak. One of the links sounded interested. I clicked on it and I shit you not it was a site to rsvp her wedding. The guy she was marrying was the cousin who had come to visit her. Obviously he wasn't her cousin. Having just been cheated on in my last relationship I suspected this from the very start before he even came to visit her. Long story short they share a similar last name because of reasons so her story that he was her cousin technically checked off even though he wasn't and hence why I trusted her, I did do my research and didn't blindly trust her.

From the info that I could gather from the site it turns out that she would cheat on her boyfriend of 3 years every time she'd visit her hometown. So she had already told the guy to come visit her when she met me. So she basically cheated on her future husband with me. When he came over she felt guilty. Broke things off, but lied about the reasons and used a reason that she could conveniently use if things failed with that guy and she wanted to get back together with me. Even after he came to visit her she told me she wanted to have my babies and that she never felt this way before. She wrote the same bs on the site about her fiance, ha. Finally, last and certainly not least. I know her wedding coordinater, what a small fucking world. She's getting married at the place where my ex of a year used to work (the one that cheated on me from the beginning of the story). I know all the workers there.

I wanted to share this story as a warning to others. Don't be as blind as I was and be careful to whom you give your heart to, some people are lying selfish assholes.

My Worst Dating Experience
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  • RJGraveyTrain
    WOOOOOOWWWWW what a bitch!

    I'm so sorry dude. I had a shit experience too that I'll share but it wasn't as bad:

    A guy I knew briefly in high school pursued me for about 3-4 years, but we lived a great distance apart and I wasn't really into him since we barely knew each other. But he was apparently really into me. Once we were both in our twenties I agreed during my Christmas holiday (where I was visiting family in his home town) to see him for a late night coffee date. I was hesitant since I had limited time with my family, but I wanted to give this guy a real chance.

    So the date went horrible. It's a small town where everyone knows everybody so a friend of ours came to our table and the two guys just gabbed the entire time and all but ignored me. Eventually I asked him to take me home, where on the ride home, he told me he WAS SEEING A GIRL, WHO HE REALLY LIKED. We confirmed this was a DATE by the way and that he was interested in me, so I was floored when he told me he was seeing another girl. I went with it and didn't act upset, as I somehow felt this was some kind of revenge plot for me not responding to his earlier pursuits. Anyway, I told him where my dad lived and instead of pulling up to the front door, he made me get off on the street corner about 10 feet away from his place. In the dark. In the snow.

    Next day he's in a relationship with this girl as confirmed by facebook and I move on. Fast forward, I'm at another relatives place and this fool tells me he dumped that girl after 3 days and wanted to come to my city to take me on a "proper date." And I let him have it. He was so distraught and claimed he didn't realize how much of an asshole he was and he regrets blowing his only chance with me. Lol.

    Some people aren't meant to date.
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    • Sparasda1

      Nice that you got revenge tho lol

    • Anonymous

      Sorry about your shit experience as well, I do want to add something though. The dude was a dick, he should never have gone on a date with you when he was seeing someone else. Having said that, he was obviously completely crazy about you. I can bet my ass that you're "that" girl for him, the girl he would have done anything to have a shot with... which he did lol.

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  • OlderAndWiser
    Holy shit, what a bitch! It sounds like she has an enormous problem being faithful to anyone and I suspect that within the next few years, she will be getting divorced. While she is married, s he will cheat with someone else and promise that guy that, when her divorce is final, she wants to have his babies. . . but before the divorce is final, she will be scouting for her next partner in cheating.

    I'm sure it hurt like a mofo, but not as much as if you were the one marrying her and then discovering her infidelity.

    This illustrates a point that many naive users don;t want to accept: once a cheater, always a cheater. As soon as you discover that your current partner has cheated on someone else in the past, you should suspect them of cheating on you. Of course, it is not a 100% universally true rule and some young people want to argue that people are capable of changing. That is true. People have the CAPACITY to change but very few ever do. So, maybe it s a 99% true and universal rule.

    This is a mighty tough way to learn a lesson so make sure that you learn all you can from the experience.
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    • Anonymous

      So true! She has a MAJOR issue. Knkwing all this now has actually made things she's told me sooooo clear. Like for instance during our breakup she told me she was shit on the inside and needed time to figure out what the fuck was wrong with her. She also told me that she'd end up hurting me (she was right abot that). She does feel guilty as fuck about this whole thing so she's going to have toice with that guilt and shame for a looong time.

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  • ElissaDido
    Honestly, you should have known better. She told you since the beginning that she cheated on her boyfriend multiple times, did you think you were going to be the exception? Once a cheater, always a cheater.

    Anyway, to look at the cup half full, tell yourself that at least you aren't the man marrying and getting trapped with a cheating hoe.
    • Sparasda1

      I agree to an extent but it can be hard not want to trust somebody who seems nice.. you know? Although i do agree you shouldn't

    • Anonymous

      It's true, I should definitely not have trusted a cheater and believe me, I've learned my lesson. The only reason I have for seeing her is that I legitimately thought she was it, I've never felt that type of chemistry or connection with anyone. i know it's a stupid reason.
      I also want to add, that after the plane ride I just simply really really liked her and mostly just wanted to hook up. I fell for her after our first date which ruined all my
      plans. I'm moving to literally the opposite side of the world in a few months now so I didn't want anything serious at all. In fact I had a friends with benefits at the time and I was also dating multiple other girls (they all knew) so I was killing it and had no desire to be in a relationship. After my first date with this girl I broke things off with the others. The ridiculous thing is that her and I would joke about ruining each other's plans (she told me she was looking forward to dating many people after her relationship, but I ruined her plans because

    • Anonymous

      I was exactly who she's been looking for). Obviously, her real plans were to marry the guy she had met aver her trip and I was a contender. Once she realized that I couldn't promise I wouldn't move away, but he could move for her she chose him. To be clear, a lot of the moving businesses is pretty much out of my control so it wasn't guaranteed but I most likely wouldn't have moved if we stayed together amd I did tell her this and I did tell that if were to be together I'd do everything I could to stay for her, but I couldn't give her a guarantee because it is somewhat out of my control.
      I actually did some more digging and found out she got engaged a little bit over a week after I sent her that letter. Then on her site she even wrote something along the lines of there was no question about how we'd make it work due to the distance and how she knew she made the right choice... it's really fucked up.

  • Nyx_85
    "She also revealed that she had cheated on him several times. "

    Should have been the end right there.
    • Anonymous

      true it should have, but she knew how to work her magic. This woman has been doing stuff like this her entire life, she was really good at it. Yeah she told me she cheated, but at the same time told me how trapped and blah blah she felt, she made herself sound as if she was a victim and I wanted to protect her/show her how great guys could be. This girl has broken many hearts before (from her own stories I know of at least 3), I'm just another one of her victims. I know it makes me sound like an idiot for ignoring the red flags and I am for doing so, but please do understand that I was hooked, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this girl, that's how happy she made me.

    • Nyx_85

      She sounds like my ex best friend. Although, as far as I know, she hasn't cheated as much as the girl you knew. She has cheated at least a couple times. I've also heard stories of her making out with guy friends at the bar. And the thing is she could literally meet and guy and be living at his place by the end of the week. And she always had some guy 'friend' on the side ready to take her in if things didn't work out with her current boyfriend. She could dump a guy and be with someone else that same day. No guys ever questioned her on this. Like "Oh you just dumped your boyfriend that you were dating while you met me? And you need a place to stay? Well sorry hun but you're SOL". Nope. I mean she's really pretty. I get that.

    • Nyx_85

      *meet a guy

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  • BlueEyesWD
    Ouch! damn, I don't want to be rude but you brought this on yourself. She tells you the truth about being a cheater and you ask her to go out? and you imagined having a marriage and kids with her? What was wrong with you?
    Thanks for sharing! I am sure it was hard for you and I hope you have better luck next time.
    • Anonymous

      Yea I did and I hope you remember my story if you're ever in a similar situation. The chemistry man, completely made my brain into mush.

  • Warmapplecrumble
    Sorry but you should have stayed away when she said she was a cheater... you liked the chase, and she was a player. She got you hooked.

    Being distant creates missing people, which men confuse for love... too often.
    • You should tell her husband because he deserves to know...

    • Anonymous

      Truth be told she did just as much chasing in the start (before he came to visit). She's actually the one that asked me out for our first date... I contacted her first to ask her out, she just beat me to it.

    • You should tell him and do a std check also

  • feminista
    I'm happy that you've found your way in the end. There's always good and bad in the world, you just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Always do background checks! I hate to bring the stalker out in me, but this is what I typically do before I commit, because you are both still strangers to each other, and someones, one has the upperhand.
  • danadanadana
    Her boyfriend helped her with the luggage and the taxi... and her cousin was really her boyfriend.

    Were they the same person? or different guys she was seeing?
    • At the end he says that her boyfriend in the beginning is who she dumped and her cousin was a guy that she cheated on her boyfriend with who then became her husband.
      To put it mores simply:
      Guy one "the boyfriend" got cheated on and dumped.
      Guy two (the author) was used and dumped.
      Guy three "the cousin" got cheated on and then married the girl.

    • Anonymous

      yeah pretty much what she said, on the bright side I was the top dog... I think. He can marry her, I think I came out the winner even though it doesn't feel like it. He's marrying a girl that cheated on him and will probably do it again and she's marrying a guy who doesn't respect other people's relationships and is willing to steal a girl from her boyfriend. They deserve each other and good ridance.

  • CubsterShura
    I'm so sorry you had to go through this :'( hope you get a sweet girl in your future <3 no one deserves bring cheated on >:(

    I have a strong urge to get you married with a sweet girl now >:)
    • Anonymous

      thank you for your kind words :). Yeah only going after good loyal sweet and caring girls from now on. I shouldn't have ignored the red flags, now I know better. Even if the person seems PERFECT for you, never ever ever ignore red flags... ever. I really hope you take my advice and I wish I could somehow show you just how well things were going between us so you can understand that there really is no exception to ignoring red flags even when you think you've met the love of your life, don't overlook them.

    • Yeah sure :) thanks

  • DeeperMeaning
    I'm sorry you had to go through this, but you knowingly had sex with a stranger who openly told you they were a cheater. This could have been avoided.
    • Anonymous

      Yes, it definitely could have and should have. I thought she was the one for me, I was a fool for trusting her.

    • Don't be too hard on yourself, just take it as a lesson learned and it'll be better for you in the long run.

  • xButterflyKisses87x
    Great mytake, totally agree with you.. Don't feel to bad as to not doing research we all fall for that bS
    • Anonymous

      I should have been more careful, but I was on cloud 9. I legit thought I had found the girl I was going to spend the rest of my life with so I ignored some red flags that I shouldn't have. Also, I did research the "cousin" before he even came, but I didn't realize they're step cousins until now, all I had was fb to go off. I even shook the guy's hand when we bumbed into each other. So fucked up.

    • Wow I'm so sorry you had to go through that, I think we all do ignore signs and don't question them but a great read for anyone as a warning.. thank you

    • Anonymous

      Yea it's by far the most mentally and emotionally exhausting experience I've ever experienced. I just want as many people to hear my story as possible as a warning about jumping the gun if you will. It's also an interesting story, this shit could be made into a hollywood romance/breakup movie haha, it's that ridiculous and rare of a situation.

  • Logical_Idolist
    Wow. This is some bullshit right here. You should fuck up her wedding. Fucking burn the place and her. ^_^
    Don't forget to say "congratu-fucking-lations" before you leave.
  • pooper89
    I would have a serious problem with a "cousin" coming to visit for an entire week and her being distant throughout that 'visit.'
    • Anonymous

      Yeah I did too at the time, hence why I looked up this guy. The only reason I didn't catch it was because he was her step cousin so last names were similar (not the same, but she had family members listed with his last name). Also, she has a really good career and takes a lot of her time (I'm also extremely busy since I'm in med school) so I fet for her having too little time to do anything since she said she couldn't get any more days off since she had used up all her vacation days going attending her mom's wedding). Her story checked out and I was obviously still annoyed that she was so distant and I did confront her after he left about it. I had just started dating the girl and truth be told I didn't want to have a massive argument about it since I was afraid of losing her, I had already fallen in love with her and I thought she felt the same from how things were going between us while we were dating. I know that sounds ridiculous for it to happen that fast, but that was the most

    • Anonymous

      intense "relationship" I've had and well she was completely crazy about me at the time. It was dumb of me and I should have been more careful, but I seriously thought I met the girl I was going to spend the rest of my life with.

    • pooper89

      Yeah that sucks. So sorry that happened to you.

  • LN8946
    Same thing happened to me at work for a whole year...
    • Anonymous

      So you two were dating for a year?

  • skykid1992
    Iven done some dumb stuff in my time but never had a fuck someome who told me they where a cheated nm expected more from them.
    • Anonymous

      Yea I do a lot of stupid shit for a supposedly smart guy hahaha

    • skykid1992

      lol its ok was the sex worth it>

    • Anonymous

      No amount of sex would have been worth going through that mental torture haha.

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  • lovedcursed
    Hello my dear, I feel so sorry for that.. but listen, dont be so harsh on yourself, we all have been there once in our lives,, I was cruelly hurt before because i was just thrilled and naive like you in this story,, but his eyes and voice and vibe made me foolishly trust him,,, so dont be so harsh on yourself,, and your heart,, it is already hurt !!,, you need to take a long break, with JUST FRIENDS, until you heal,,, and next time when you meeta girl,, make sure you are friends first, make sure no exes involved, and no mysterious people like the cousin evolved,, you will be okay, and will get over it,,, and thank you for the advice,, i do find your story helpful,,, as sometimes my mind can not register that there are people like that girl COMPLETELY selfish, cruel and heartless,,, but hey!! she will probably cheat again and her marriage will fall apart ,,, KARMA IS A BICTH
    • Anonymous

      Tha k you for the kind words and I'm sorry that you were really hurt before as well. I have definitely learned my lesson and wanted to share this story so other people know that even when you think you've found the absolute perfect person for you and everything is going better than you could even imagine, don't let your guard down until you are 100% sure you know everything there is to know about that person.
      Yea she probably will cheat on this guy again and her marriage will fail. However, even if that doesn't happen she has to live with the guilt that cheated on the guy she's going to be married to... image that guilt for years. She does feel
      guilty about it, I've seen that side of her and know how much it's going to eat her up. She's also going to have to live with regret. She loved me, I bet my ass that 10 years from now when they have a fight she's going to look back and question if she made the right choice and that's a shit feeling to have.

  • yoshi_wanna_ask
    Stuff like this is one of the reasons I've set the rule for myself that I'll date someone for *at least* a year before considering marriage. I really don't get sociopaths like the girl who lied to you. They think anything is permissible as long as they're not caught and even then it's someone elses fault or they're 'so sorry'. Thanks for sharing though. It's really good to hear a guy talk about this kind of thing too as it highlights that it happens to everyone & that it's not okay just because someone had it done to them.
  • JayParris
    Feel sorry for the poor bastard. You had the time of your life, and will remember it as just that.

    He's stuck with her bitch ass. Poor sucker. It won't end well for him.
  • kikisand
    Sometimes we want to believe that the person in front of us is right for us, even when we know they're so wrong for us.
  • Likes2drive
    This proves once a cheater always a cheater, some women have no problem getting with another man while with another, some just can't be loyal. My ex wife is on her 3rd husband, she cheated on the first two, I was the second
    • Anonymous

      Yea 100% agree now. I was a complete and utter fool for trusting her. She's the first cheater I've given a chance to and to be fair we had AMAZING chemistry so I thought it would be an exception... nope. I'm sure she'll cheat on the guy again and the next one adter him, etc.,.
      Sorry you ended up marrying a bitch like that, sucks man.

    • Yeah that's what's interesting about this, we had really good chemistry too and lasted years but I guess once they get bored they have no loyalty and have no problem finding another guy while with you

  • Sublime45
    I was catfished by a G. I. R. L once, I suppose that was my worst dating experience.
  • Bleh-___-
    So when is the GaG crew crashing their wedding?
    • Anonymous

      Haha, not going to lie, I have imagined going to that wedding venue on the day of her wedding to visit friends that work there and just play dumb and be like "whaaa? You're gettingn married? Wait a second, isn't that your cousin?"... bam everyone finds out the truth on her wedding. Obviously, I would never ever do that.

    • Bleh-___-

      Lmao go there and act totally disgusted that she's marrying her "cousin"

  • tallhotblondie9999
    aww this story makes my heart break ({})
    • Anonymous

      You and me both

  • John_Doesnt
    At least you didn't get maced, robbed and stabbed like I did on my second worst date.
    • daemon76

      wait I had to read that a few times before I got this but second worst? what was the absolute worst?

    • @daemon76 the worst date, it turned out to be a black chick.

    • daemon76

      I'm sorry but I can't tell if you are joking or not my brain isn't wired that way.

  • Itismeagain
    Holyyyyyy fuckkkkk
    • Anonymous

      well said

  • Bandit74
    Really sucks for the guy who is marrying her :/
    • Anonymous

      yea it does, but fuck that guy as well. He pursued a girl who was already in a 3 year relationship, I'm sure his moral
      compass isn't that great either. The way I see it is that they deserve each other and karma has already came back and bit this guy in the ass.

  • Mahaim123
    wow... for real!
    • Anonymous

      yea I kind of want to write a short story about this because even though I hate that it happened to me, it is a pretty interesting story and I left out sooo many details obviously. This could legit be made into a movie I think haha.

  • Liisjak
    Nowadays dating isn't about feelings anyway.
    • Anonymous

      that's not true when it comes to relationships though. I do agree with you that many people date just to fuck now but still.

  • disgustingweebtrash
    Thank you for sharing
    • Anonymous

      no worries, you're young, don't be super naive like I was. Make sure the person is really into you and a good person before you allow yourself to fall in love.

  • Sparasda1
    Sorry to hear man.. fuck her
    • Anonymous

      thanks man, it's been a journey and a half trying to get over this girl. I at least got closure now which i didn't have for almost half a year. I just couldn't wrap my head around how a girl that was that obviously crazy about me could ditch me like that. I thought I was going insane and that I had misread so many things and that I had projected my feelings onto her. Now though, I at least know what she said about her feelings about me were true, if they weren't there's no way she would have basically cheated on the guy she's going to marry. I get why she wanted to take a polaroid pic so badly on our last "date" and why she didn't just want to break things off over the phone. It's because she was so into me. I pitty her, she fucking wanted a physical picture of us so she could keep and remember us by even after she had made her choice, that's sad.

  • GirlThatDraws
    At least she wasn't fat
    • Anonymous

      How do you know? Maybe I'm into bigger girls? Nah, she was absolutely gorgeous, to me she was the most beautiful woman in the world with green eyes that would melt your soul.

  • Lumberman53
    She's a piece of shit that sucks man
    • Anonymous

      that she is my man, that she is

  • Ephemera1
  • CT_CD
  • Anonymous
    Those kind of things remind me that relationship are only temporary no Mather who you are.
    • Anonymous

      man I've already lost a lot of faith and trust in relationships, don't make it worse for me haha

    • Anonymous

      Look at dating application like ok cupid and plentyoffish lol. People treat the other gender like object. We are item in a catalog.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone treat everyone like we are easy to replace.

  • Anonymous
    Fuck.. what the hell?
    Bro, I'm pretty sure she has a mental illness. I've known a girl like that, dated her for 1 month. She thought herself smart playing on many guys at the same time. She exactly told me everything like this girl you were talking about. Always excited to be with me, She'd kiss me for hours suck my dick and everything. One day she came to my house and forgot her FB open.. when she left a few messages popped out and I read what made me break up with her. Glad that it didn't last long. But a lesson for future that I won't forget.
    • Anonymous

      Yeah I didn't mention that in the mytake, but she did have some serious problems. I should have stayed the fuck away from her, but I was a fool.

  • Anonymous
    Heard this before... sorry if you are still processing your feelings.

    In life we all go through ups and downs. Hope you are taking time to move on as fast as you can.

    This one seems obvious that she was not in it with you as authentic as she is.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you whoever you are :)!

      Nope she definitely wasn't. If she wasn't a lying cheater we would have actually been amazing together, that's the sad part. We really did have amazing chemistry together and a special connection. If we didn't, she wouldn't have cheated on the guy she's now engaged to!

  • Anonymous
    agree with you
  • Anonymous
    Ouch, that stinks
    • Anonymous

      like a mother fucked

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
    Like other people already mentioned, the ending is not surprising at all.
    I mean, this girl you never met before sleeps on your shoulder then tells you first hand she has been cheating for at least a year with her current boyfried and you reply 'I wanna ask you out'? Seriously? When you yourself had suffered for being cheated on...
    And you were actually already envisioning marriage and children with this 'quality woman'?

    I'm sorry, I don't wanna be rude, but I think you brought this on yourself and I'm not even sure you realize that.
    • Anonymous

      No I see it, and yea it seems so obvious in hindsight and it's not like I didn't see all the red flags and wasn't scared of them and didn't consider not seeing her (that's why it took me 2 weeks to contact her, I kept going back and forth). However, I still went for it, despite everything screaming no. I think that says enough about how much of a connection I felt with her. I do get where people are coming from and I would have said the same exact thing as you. However, it's a bit different when you're the one that falls in love. At the time, she was worth the risk for me.

    • 10dsw

      God I agree 100%. I don't know how some people don't realize they are falling right into a shit path...

  • Anonymous
    I'm sorry to hear that, glad you found out her truth :)
    • Anonymous

      Thank you 😊. I was looking for closure for so many months, it was driving me insane since I couldn't wrap my head around the whole thing since she was definitely crazy about me. It's bittersweet really. I at least now know that her feelings for me were real and that I didn't misread things.

  • Anonymous
    Wow! I feel your pain...
    • Anonymous

      thanks man, it's the most emotionally draining experience since it's been dragged out for ao long and the feelings were so real. I mean I hate her guts for what she did and don't want anything to do with her, but I'm still in love with her and she's now getting married. I don't want to have anything to do with dating or girls for the forseable future, need some time to lick my wounds.

  • Anonymous
    My worst dates were the ones where I did't get laid.
    • Anonymous

      consider yourself lucky then

    • daemon76

      my worst date was the one where I got stabbed not by my date but by some crazy bint who was off her meds.

    • Anonymous

      @daemon76 fuck me, I'd love to her the full story, glad you didn't die.

  • Anonymous
    The worst? Those girls I liked and who didn't want more than holding hands or hug buf nof even kiss.
    • Anonymous

      * but not even kiss.

  • Anonymous
    Is there a way you can tell all this to her cousin? We need to save the fellow till it's too late. The girl is a slut and a crazy one too
    • Anonymous

      Yeah I easily can tell him, I found him on fb. I have all the proof I need as well. However, I've decided not to get involved. I don't want to have anything to do with this girl anymore, it's gotten to the point that it's mentally unhealthy and truth be told if I were to tell this guy I'd only be doing it for revenge and that's not the right mindset to have when making life changing decisions like that. Truth be told the guy must have known that she was in a 3 year relationship when she met him. I'm sure she also shared with him some of the same stories that she shared with me that don't paint her in a nice color, she's cheated, lied to, and used guys many times in the past so I'm sure he's given himself a warning as well.

    • You should tell him... just do it

    • Loveherbut

      Dont tell him dont sink into her level

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  • Anonymous
    thank you for sharing
    • Anonymous

      thank you for reading :)