Let's share terrible dating experiences!

Lets share terrible dating experiences!

Hello everyone.

I had a terrible dating experience recently. I didn't tell anyone I was seeing this guy and now that everything has gone wrong I can't tell anyone about it. My suggestion is to share the stories we have. I don't want to live through this alone. I'm going crazy. I HOPE you will join me.

Anyway, let me start.

I'm on Tinder. And I met a guy through it. I didn't want anything serious since my previous experience in dating wasn't successful. I told myself if there's no love at least let there be sex.

We met and we talked about it. We both agreed that we shouldn't limit ourselves. That if we like each other enough then, why not date?

He was magnificent. And he told me that he liked me too. After the first date, he said he wanted to see me as soon as possible, but then that "asap" turned out to be almost a week later (which was a bit strange to me, but I decided not to be pushy or needy). I waited but he caught a cold, so we ended up seeing each other a couple of days later than we've decided initially.

Another great date. We've spent hours together. Had dinner, then went to a couple of bars where we just sat and talked.

Right after we said goodbye I texted him telling him I had a great time, to which he replied saying now he's even more sure he likes me.

Next time we've decided to meet at my place.

Throughout the week we kept on talking until one day he just stopped texting me.

Again, not wanting to be needy I just let it be.

Texted him two days later, he replied once and the conversation stuck. At the end of the next day I texted again. No reply. My patience had limits but not my imagination. I'd think all sorts of things, so instead of making those crazy conclusions I just asked him what was wrong .....and drum roll.......he said he fell in love with another girl.

Like how? When? I thought he was falling in love with me....The saddest part of the story is that, before things wouldn't go well with the guys and I think that's ok for us two not to work out. But how am I supposed to believe anyone else now when things went so well but right in the beginning he changed me for someone else?

Your turn guys, tell me I'm not the only one suffering here.

Let's share terrible dating experiences!
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  • Redstang88

    Oh boy I’ve got one for you, just to hit the fan last week

    Met this girl on tinder a while back, hit it off right away. Tons in common, super smart, got her shit together, absolutely gorgeous and seemed to be into me. Had to cancel on each other a few times, both super busy but had some great dates anyway.

    So I had plans to take her out on her birthday last week, canceled that day because of a rough day at work. Fine, we’d had to change plans before so no biggie

    Anyway, that night my best friend calls that night freaking out because he’d been at some girls place on her birthday and knocked her boyfriend out cold when he came home unexpected. He sprinted down to our local pub and called me to get down there.

    I realized immediately what happened, buddy didn’t know we met up and I confirmed it. Turns out she’s been dating both of us (and likely several other guys) for some time AND STILL HAD A BOYFRIEND. Neither of us had any prior connection to her at all, and she knew full well from talking to both of us that we were best friends

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  • exitseven

    I met a girl on night and we seemed to really hit it off. She was a year or two older than me but I thought she was really nice. I drove her home and I was thinking of asking her out. All of a sudden she invites me to a party she and her roomates were having the next Friday night.
    I thought she liked me.
    When I showed up at her place the next Friday she spent the whole night on the phone with some guy who was in the Army and basically ignored me the whole time.

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  • TommyMountainFigure

    I have never been on Tinder but the way people talk about it, it's like buying a car from a shady second hand car dealer.
    You take pot luck with what you end up with. I initially thought when you said he had a cold it turned out to be he gave you covid or something.
    Things can ALWAYS be worse!

  • Andres77

    Went out as a group and realized I'd forgotten my wallet and could only afford water and the cheapest appetizer on the menu... and suddenly my nose started to run and it dripped right on the table. It happened so quick it dripped before I could get my hand up.
    Another guy realized I was having a bad day and drove me home.

  • eyekneepain

    I don’t know I never dated but I am watching this Hulu show called “Dating no filters” and it is so cringe it hurts. The upside is that it inspired me to delete all my porno photos on my phone so that I can be a more respectable less sleazy guy to potential girlfriends.


    The guy looks pretty stiff to me 😗

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  • zagor

    How was the sex?

  • msc545

    Guys have their own version of hypergamy...

  • Anonymous

    Just a note on your experience, take it or leave it.. I think this would have been avoided if you had payed attention to the fact that he said he wanted to see you ASAP and did not follow up on it.. ASAP cannot be a whole week unless he gets sick. That was total bullshit and that behaviour you can spot another time. One says something and does something different means they probably cannot be trusted.

    But I have also been there and learned the hard way. I was dating someone who pulled bullshit on me now and then for over half a year. I did not trust him, so I stayed in it kinda knowing that he would not always follow through and half hoping that he would change. He for example lost his phone and could not contact me, and then ended up rescheduling for days later, got high so he had to postponed seeing me; said he would call while I was away, but ended up not doing it, saying he had only mentioned it because he thought it would make me happy. Forgot to check his calendar so he did not get time to get together before I went on vacation.. and on it went xD

  • Anonymous

    I was talking to this guy who claimed he owned a Pharmacy so I went out thinking he had his stuff together and we would have a good time.

    I went to his city that was my first mistake. When I arrived he was late picking me up from the bus station. I had to call us an Uber because this idiot didn't have a car! In the Uber he wouldn't stop touching me and was even making the driver uncomfortable. He calls his friend for a ride to a Hookah Lounge. His friend showed up and was surprised to see me because he didn't tell his friend someone was with him. I had to sit in the dirty backseat next to a carseat.

    I order Hookah and I have to pay, I wasn't in the mood to smoke much and he gets an attitude over that. I order myself food and he asks for half of it. I'm annoyed and want to go back to my room. He makes us wait at a bus stop for 1 hour and the bus never came. I have to call another Uber and go to sleep mad.

    I'll never talk to an Egyptian guy again lol

  • Anonymous

    It happens especially when u are on dating apps, they offer people to much access to too Many people.

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