The 13 Casual Dating Problems Everyone Has Experienced

Casual dating seems to be the perfect idea at first. You are going out with someone you are interested in, and he seems to be interested in you too. You hold hands, kiss, go out on dates, and text everyday, yet the word "relationship" or "I like you" has never really popped up. You still hang out with your own friends as he does with his, and sometimes you go clubbing on your own.

Casual dating is all about keeping your options open and playing the field so that you can figure out what type of person you are most compatible with.It is about having a good time and enjoying someone’s company, all the while keeping things light and easygoing.

There are no serious talks, no pressure to commit and (best of all) no messy breakups.

BUT as you slowly begin to fall for your casual partner. Casual dating turns into a frustrating nightmare. Here are 13 problems we find ourselves stumbling upon nowadays during "casual dating."

1- When people publicly ask you "Are you guys together?"

Ah. Nothing more embarrassing and complicated than enjoying your time with your casual partner, until someone you know bumps into you. Raising their eyebrows at the two of you holding hands they then proceed to ask you the question of doom. "Are you guys together?" Well technically you are but technically you aren't. And thus the both of you either stay silent - awkwardly sipping on your vodkas or one of you answers No while the other might answer Yes. Ouch much?

2- Trying to decide how much to give him

Should you stop at second base? Should you sleep with him? He isn't your boyfriend should you go all the way?

3- You should not be jealous (YEAH RIGHT)

He isn't your boyfriend, and technically you guys are still living separate lives despite being more than friends. So you can not prevent him from seeing anyone else cause you are in no position to do so. At the same time it kills you to imagine him with someone else, or even see him with someone else. Will talking to him about it freak him out? Will he jump to the conclusion that you want to be in a relationship? Hey! Get your hands away from him. *growls*

4- The Math. Are we FwB? Are we Dating? Maybe we are already in a relationship?

Sometimes things are so unclear that you find yourself unable to decide what you guys are. You are constantly stuck between he lusts me or he likes me.

5- Can you see someone else?

This hot guy just chatted you up at the bar and asked for your number. You know you're single and thus you give it to him right away. But why does something feel off? Why does it feel like you cheated on your casual partner even though you didn't?

6- When it's over, there is no breakup

The worst part about casual dating is that when things are over, you don't breakup since you were never together in the first place. Instead things might slowly fade, or your partner might start to distance himself, or even start seeing other people at the same time. It can be a really painful experience especially if you already fell for him.

7- Drinking dates

Casual dates mostly consist of hitting up the bar or going over to his place or some club. It's fun at first I don't blame ya, but you soon find yourself craving for a quiet romantic dinner

8- Constantly holding back from rushing into the relationship (excitement? Must control it!)

"This summer we can have cookout ! - I mean I can have cookout whether you're here or not , it's not like I'm desperate for commitment psh" *spontaneously combusts*

9- Wondering how long you should wait

It's been three months. Is it too early to clear things up? Should I wait a bit more? Am I rushing things? You probably both feel unsure about when it is appropriate to ask the "What are we" question. So basically both of you don't have a plan

10- Going through the whole getting to know him fiasco and then finding out the one dealbreaker indicating it was a complete waste of time *cries in corner*

11- Trying not to get your hopes up

"Good Morning beautiful"

Eyes pop out of head, creepy smile appears, internal girly screams....

*Slaps face. Get yourself together!*

12- Not knowing whether it's okay to buy him gifts

It's Christmas should you buy him these new pair of boots he's always wanted? But what if he didn't buy you anything? Then you would be forcing him to buy you something too. Buys the shoes and hides them under bed.

13- Deciding whether social media is okay

You two just took the most adorable photo together. You desperately and so badly want to post it on Instagram for everyone to see, BUT one problem. It's too coupley.

I guess that's it! What about you?...what is your intake on casual dating?


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  • More like "13 problems every girl who hopelessly tries to make guy fall for her with casual sex has experienced".


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  • Casual dating. More a female privelage and a male achievement. Don't know any of this.

  • Very informative take - That sums up my feelings about casual dating and why I approach relationships with the notion "You are either in or out"

  • Considering you are referring to dating dudes, you automatically excluded half the earth's population right there...

    • Well i'm a girl so i'm writing it from my point of view. But true, the concept does apply to boys as well never mentioned it didn't

    • The title was "13 casual dating problems EVERYONE has experienced"... most guys haven't experienced that shit cause most guys are straight. That's what I was getting at!

    • but it goes on to explain that these problems happen when one side falls for the other. The title is just supposed to be short and sum up the topic.

  • Haha nice points. I haven't experienced much of these but that's only because I havnt dated yet. Good to know though!

  • I don't know why, but #11 made me LOL. I've never casually dated.

  • The biggest problem with casual dating is that if one catches feelings and wants something serious while the other wants to strictly keep it casual, the person who catches feelings gets attached and if it ends poorly whether the one wanting something casual finds someone else then they're in for a world of hurt.

  • I don't have any of these problems xD

    *Cries in corner.

  • These problems are among the reasons why I'm celibate


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  • good one*

  • Agreeee

  • This is reasonably accurate haha

  • "Everyone" has experiences? Are you on something? You realize there are people who have never been on dates before, let alone experienced these things? Get out of here you clown

    • Everyone experiences in casual dating 👀 Not everyone experiences in general. People like you should really stop criticisizing every single thing they read, let alone insult. Talk it out maturely like an adult. Clown? Really?