How TrueBlood Understand All Of Our Questions on GaG


How TrueBlood Understand All Of Our Questions on GaG

Many wrote this series off quickly after inception as having too many different magical creatures and digressing to far away from the original concept established in the first season of Vampires getting along with humans in the xenophobic town of Bon Temps.

Yet, what many viewers and haters failed to realize about the show was that it was not just Twilight for the HBO crowd--at least not in terms of being an excuse to put sexy vampires on tv. It actually came from a place of pain and confusion from the show's creator.

Trueblood is about the horrors of intimacy

How TrueBlood Understand All Of Our Questions on GaG

What does that mean? Well, it's both the fear that drives issues with intimacy and the fearful situation that issues surround itself--that the person you fall in love with isn't who they say they are. In other words, getting hurt. Waking up next to the person you want to marry reaching to hug them and them pulling away from you and thinking about somebody else. A mother loving her daughter until another more beautiful daughter is born and then prefering the second born. A best friend who's been manipulating you because they see you as weak and gullible.

How TrueBlood Understand All Of Our Questions on GaG

I believe this is at the core of all questions asked on this site, which dedicates itself to clearing up miscommunications between the sexes. The thing that terrifies men about women is that they will never understand them and therefore always be vulnerable to getting hurt and let down by them and women as well are terrified that the men they choose to give their love too were only pretending all along, will change the mind, or show a new side of them that destorys the image of a person they held of them before. We all fear, on some level, of being hurt through misunderstanding--we fear that members of the opposite gender might be Vampires.

How TrueBlood Understand All Of Our Questions on GaG

Not literally, obviously, God, but that vampires in the sense that like a vampire seduces someone so that they can drink their blood, a person seduces another person so they can drink from their emotions. Even the fear of approaching someone new is built around this crazy but for some reason very common belief that they will react extremely harshly towards you for putting yourself out there and you will subsequently feel pain, humiliation, and shame. In this way, they are the Vampire as well--something beatuiful which turns out to be something rotten on the inside. Vampires are the scariest fantasy figures to a GaGer because they represent our deepest insecurity--we will never fully understand the opposite gender enough to not get hurt.

How TrueBlood Understand All Of Our Questions on GaG

The thing we can learn from TrueBlood is that it is, in fact, possible for humans and manipulative humans to coexist. Manipulative people often times find real love only in someone who can understand their manipulative ways because they themselves are manipulative people. An odd form of love is discovered in realizing you can never be hurt by this person because they are just like you and that person is incapable of ever being non manipulative/true and so you can't be let down. Non manipulative and non cruel people ususally have to go through a lot of experiences but finally find someone who isn't cruel or manipulative though over time non manipulative people can become manipulative and vice versa.

The point is that content, happiness, and succesfful relationships only occur when you stop fearing that other people are out to get you or that they aren't who they say they are. You need to assume that most people have your best interest at heart and are who they say they are even if that's not completley true. Doing so will make you a much happier person and much more attractive to others. You also won't be stressed out about what this or that person from the opposite gender did or said and perhaps thats a big enough gift in itself. In other words, don't fear that the person you're falling for is a vampire, because, even if they are, you can handle it and finding love is worth the risk.

How TrueBlood Understand All Of Our Questions on GaG

How TrueBlood Understand All Of Our Questions on GaG
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  • tyrantfuryre
    I've seen every episode. Used to watch it when it was on. I thought it was a pretty good show. Killin' off people left and right.
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  • MissNowhere
    Awesome take 👌 I loved True Blood so much 😍 Miss it like crazy.
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  • MysteriousFlower
    I did watch True Blood. It does has an underlining meaning of how complicated love/sex and understanding the opposite genders. Seriously, the ending though...
    • pavlove

      didn't watch the final season. is it worth it?

    • Well if you watched the other seasons, might as well watch all of it! :)
      The ending for some of the main characters are not what most fans would want to see, bearing in mind it could go either way. I would recommend watching it, True Blood is a series that you can appreciate for its dynamics.

  • maria96
    Thank you for making me think of the best TV show in all times 😊 Great take!
    • pavlove

      haha you're welcome! you liked all the seasons?

    • maria96

      Not really. The last ones weren't as good. My favorite is the second! What about you?

    • UnknownXYZ

      Typical dramas... Screwed by the network.

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  • ThisDudeHere
    Have never seen it and don't intend to since I never watch shows based around romance. Romance is best when it's added to the story, not when it's the core.
  • GirlsLie
    Couldn't stand True Blood but nice take :)
    • pavlove

      why not?

    • GirlsLie

      Well I loved the first season actually, it seemed realistic and it wasn't full of so much drama. I barely made it through the second season and the third was my limit. It got so dramatic and it seemed like they were only doing things for shock value after that, lost interest really quickly.

    • GirlsLie

      I'm from Louisiana also lol

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  • thedevilwithin
    Really love this take, miss True Blood terribly.
    • pavlove

      ah you guys are making me want to find out how it ended (quit before the last season :/)

    • To be totally honest i felt the ending was a little weak. The last season was okay, certainly not as great as the first or second, but it had some fun episodes. It was really more about tying up loose threads, if that's the correct phrase. But now i'm considering a weekend marathon of TrueBlood seasons 1&2, and possibly season 4 cause i'm Team Eric!

  • Autumn26
    Great take, I love true blood! Aha :)
  • Cookies_AndMilk
    I love this show so much!!!
  • Femdomina
    Great take, I love True Blood :)
  • Roostah
    This show was about violence, incest and religion.
  • BertMacklinFBI
    never watched it yet.
    • pavlove

      missin out, bro. at least the first season.

  • Aeon_Flux_21
    Sex is overrated.
  • Anonymous
    It's just high class porn, not an actual tv show.
    • pavlove

      lol cuz it has a lot of sex? i feel like there's story bits..

  • Anonymous
    Nice Take!
    I enjoyed the show for what it was (the books as well), and agree with you for the most part, that one can never truly fully understand the opposite gender. Trying your best (being the best you can be) and not worrying so much about what others might think is important to me. Other people shouldn't know our intimate lives and how we love one another.
  • Anonymous
    Man I hated watching Sookie and Bill fuck. I mean sometimes it's okay, but they did it over and over and over. I'm like damn we get it. We know they're smashing. No need to see them go at it every episode. Reminded me of Spartacus. I would have loved to see Pam and Eric go at it a couple times. Only time you really see anything is when they first met in a flashback.

    It is very good at displaying issues with monogamous relationships. Can't think of a better show that I've watched and liked that did that so perfectly. That scene where Jason finally smashed that Euro vamp was so hot. Jason got hella pussy.

    Eric slayed that vamp he called his sis. Hot scene lol.

    "Manipulative people often times find real love only in someone who can understand their manipulative ways because they themselves are manipulative people."

    -Gone Girl 101 right there.
  • Anonymous
    Room temperature lovin' is not for me.