When women complain of a man drought in Sydney, what they really mean is.. there's a WHITE man drought!

When women complain of a man drought in Sydney, what they really mean is.. there's a WHITE man drought!

I'm sick of seeing articles like this on the internet:



In Sydney, Australia, women are extremely picky about the set of physical traits they're after. Women of local white Aussie, European, East Asian, Israeli and Latin American background are all competing for the white man. There are smaller populations of other races who I'm not sure could be clumped into the above (e.g. polynesian, muslim arabs, Africans, aborginals). Also, there are some more conservative women in the former group who would prefer their own kind for cultural reasons. As for those who grew up in Australia and live the local way of life, they are indeed fiercly competing against each other specifically for a white man.

My friends and I have conducted experiments both in real life and online which confirm this. We are all of similar levels of attractiveness - we are handsome and athletic but not model handsome.

In real life:

- Meeting women at various places such as shopping centres, restaurants, cafes, bars, parks. When casually approached by an Asian or subcontinental man, women would either outrightly blow them off, or be polite but lie about things (e.g. "i have a boyfriend", "I'm seeing someone", "I'm not looking"). When the same women were approached by the white Aussie man, they were more patient, warm, expressed interest (e.g. asking questions), were open about being single and looking, and they also gave out their number AND responded when texted.

Online (e.g. OKcupid, POF, Tinder):

- Tinder: After swiping right on every girl, the white guy got 20 times as many matches (20 out of a 100), whereas the Asian and subcontinental men barely got 1 out of a 100!

- Datins sites (e.g. okcupid, POF): The three men have similar profile descriptions. In terms of status/background: we made the white one out as high school qualified and working in customer service, the subcontinental one diploma qualified and working in management, and the Asian one as degree qualified working as a lawyer. Women would "favourite" the white profile but not so the ethnic ones. Women would initiate with the white profile and almost always respond to his messages. They would not even view the profile of the ethnics, and would seldom respond, let alone politely.

The sad thing is that single men in Sydney desperately hit on any single woman they can find but fail to realise that this place has the most xenophobic, narrow minded and entitled women one could cross paths with. You will find women in their 30s still complaining about man droughts even after having slept with well over 200 men in their lifetimes and not finding "the right one". Women here aren't in it for a long time, but for a good time. They feel that if they invest in their looks, they can get what they want - both in terms of chocie of men, and also respect, promotions, assets and sponsorship from others. They are extremely condescending towards non-caucasian men and consider them to be lesser men or not even men.

Note to men in Sydney: If you're not white, don't bother. There are women in other parts of the world who would respect you for who you are and are far more feminine and accommodating.

On the other hand, if you're a single white man, head to the biggest city in the nation that had the "White Australia Policy.

When women complain of a man drought in Sydney, what they really mean is..there's a WHITE man drought!

When women complain of a man drought in Sydney, what they really mean is.. there's a WHITE man drought!


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  • So you want to take women's preferences away?


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  • Don't agree with this at all, there may be some truth to it.. But "If you're not white, don't bother"? Seriously? I don't know much about Sydney, but I don't need to know a lot to know that no city in this world will a guy of any race be rejected by every girl due to their race alone. I don't know what race you are, but if you're not white, you should really reevaluate yourself and stop blaming race for everything. There are many hot guys of any race who get women, yes white guys may have an advantage in a lot of situations, but definitely not all and until you stop blaming race and actually focus on what you can change about yourself you'll keep being in this self perceived low point.


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