4 Ways To Avoid The Friendzone

4 Ways To Avoid The Friendzone

Come out with a flirty vibe right away

Never try to sneak in under the radar. I don't know where guys got this fantasy from but i think it was created out of a need to stay safe while also meeting girls. there is no summer camp romance that turns into a lifelong romance...the guys at summer camp who made out with a bunch of girls (i'm hoping that's all that happened...i stopped going when i was 12) were pretty much the charismatic jerks but they certainly weren't the guys who played it safe and acted like pals then wanted to shift into dating.

Ignore the signposts your mind gives you

When you like a girl you're always looking for a sign she likes you back and that you should make a move. While this is fun to think about it's not always practical to real life and thus the scenario "oh...I thought we were just hanging out as friends..." Here's what you can trust--body language and does she flirt back at you. Also, while you're trying to figure out the signs of how you should get to know here another guy is taking the direct approach. Now, a lot of times the direct approach doesn't lead to a romance, but you can lose out simply because you didn't move on it. Find a quick way to be cute about it...if cute about it you must be but don't listen to some weird sign you think she gave you that she liked you because it doesn't mean anything. Her telling you that her boyfriend broke up with her is not a sign that she wants you to save her, sorry.

Be in Demand

Girls tend to be very concerned about the group think. You never want to appear like girls don't really get you or get into you. Sometimes this approach will work but often even lying about all the girls you get for some reason boosts interest in you. basically, anything you wouldn't want to hear from a girl she for some reason wants to hear from you in this regard. don't hide the fact that other girls find you attractive and she'll want to be a part of that club but at the same time don't seem like a player.

Bro her

This is a damned effective but cheap tactic that can be used to sort of see where she's at with you. if you call her bro and she doesn't even flinch somewhat safe to say she's not into you but she could also just not mind being called a bro because she has a masculine streak. yet if you call a girl that likes you even a little bit a bro it's pretty damn insulting and either she'll call you gal or just get bothered by it which is a clear sign that she does not like getting friendzoned in this fashion. You also can do this more subtly by just not paying that much attention to her and having a fun, non interested vibe. this may seem to contradict coming out flirty but the ways don't have to be used all at once. they're alternate approaches to not being friendzoned. you can be direct or indirect about it and i would say overall being direct is faster and more ineffective and being indirect can potentially waste time but also is a lot more alluring then just being blunt about everything.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • No one can "put" someone else in the "Friendzone", we each have a choice about who we pursue a friendship with, if we can't pursue a romantic/sexual relationship with them. No one is a victim. If you don't want to be the friend of someone you would prefer to be more to, then you don't have to be their friend, it's that simple.
    Read getresurgatized.com/.../

    • did you just link me to your own blog? lol

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    • @Bluemax It's all on my blog www.getresurgatized.com try reading the "opinions" category :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • in the picture, that quote of the girl asking "who's coming" when you ask her out does not mean you are friendzoned. it means SHE IS NOT INTERESTED and she is kindly rejecting you hoping that you get the message.

    women are very smart and communicate differently than men. when men say something its very literal. when women say something, you may need to look at it from many different perspectives in order to understand..

    • It could also be that she just didn't realise you were interested in the first place and automatically assumed you meant to invite her as a friend.

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    • It might be a slap in the face to the guy. But that doesn't make the woman any less unaware.

      I'm not saying all women mightn't notice a guys feelings. But some don't. You can't blame us all.

    • @BaileyisDarcy nobodys blaming you, relax. you are 18 years old you literally know nothing about life, trust me, thats first of all. second, what i meant is i expect every girl in/around my age to realize when i am asking them out personally. and she will.

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What Girls Said 2

  • And sometimes there is absolutely no way someone will like you no matter how nice, flirty, amazing or attractive you are. You're never going to be everyone's type so why waste time trying to impress someone you're never going to get.

  • This is just dellusional. Either she likes you 'that way' or she doesn't. There is no 'avoiding the friendzone'.

    • That's so interesting. I love how you explain your position with any any reasoning whatsoever and don't just spit how you want things to be.

      How are you 25?

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    • No problem, I was confused for a little bit and then figured it out! And you're welcome!

    • I like the way you think😉👍🏻

What Guys Said 5

  • the friend-zone is a good thing for most people. lots of shy guys who don't have many female contacts if at all, let alone girlfriends, would like to be friend-zoned just to build up a base. I think is something of a myth that shy guys don't like the friend-zone. the people who generally dislike it are the guys who already have a strong social network and are looking to move past it so they can have seduce more women than they were previously able to. tbh, I don't really want to help those guys because they don't really need it anyway. the guys that need the advice actually need to become more ADEPT at getting 'friend-zoned'.

    • haha there should be more dating advice articles titled

      'how to get friend-zoned'

      instead of

      'how to avoid getting friendzoned'

      if there is one thing I learned from conventional dating advice it is, always do the opposite of conventional dating advice.

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    • I don't look at it that way. I look at it more basically as... guys are naturally trying a certain approach and it's not working. let's figure out why they're trying that approach and then help them establish another approach so that they get laid with the frequency they want. in other words, i get things done.

      shy guys don't need the friend zone because the friend zone only helps to confirm their belief that they don't deserve to be the Romantic Ideal. If anything the guys who are knee deep in pussy could stand to be in the friend zone so they better learn how to listen and have actual platonic relationship with the opposite sex.

    • 'the friend zone only helps to confirm their belief that they don't deserve to be the Romantic Ideal.'

      that's a good point I hadn't considered.

      for me personally I usually take a direct approach because I prefer not to ask girls in my own social circles. I guess that because I normally skip all the other crap - establishing long-term rapport, taking girls to the mall as friends, etc. - I don't really see the other side of the coin (the perspective of people who get friend zoned) because it's not really something that happens to me, or an approach that I would be especially good at.

  • Or I can just avoid women, lol

  • Your first point is totally spot on.

  • Lol a girl getting upset cause she gets friendzoned

    • lol it happens trust me its also cuz if you call her bro its like you're stripping her of her femininity

    • I gotta try this man

  • This is actually true. Though again I think the "friend zone" is a good thing in some ways. It's just there's like that friend zone where she wants to date guys but doesn't feel like you're the dating type and then there's the friend zone where you hang out with her flirt with her and you get in her panties occasionally. I like that kind lol. I usually always get sexual from the get go. It's just how I am. If she's hot and we're talking then some sexual stuff is going to slip in. I can't help it. If she doesn't like it then good that ends it right there and there's no stalemate. If she does like it then shit we good.


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