The World Owes You NOTHING


I'm so sick and tired of people--men and women with these huge senses of entitlement. It's almost always young people (people born after 1986 to be specific.) Your parents raised you to think you would just be given things. The world raised you to think you are special and the center of the world. You aren't and guess what--everyone thinks they're the center of the world.

The World Owes You NOTHING

I see girls have guys take them out to really nice dinners when they barely make any money and then complain and act like a brat and you look at them and they honestly don't realize how unappreciative they are being. It's like it doesn't register. So many guys do it that it's lost all value despite the fact that it indeed is a sacrifice and a very nice thing to do for someone and should be treated as such.

The World Owes You NOTHING

Or guys who are often one of very few guys believe it or not that the girl has chosen to sleep with outside of a relationship and then you disappear as if that wasn't a sacrifice for her OR just a girl supporting you in your pursuits and you being a jackass to her. Do you think you just are entitled that kind of treatment? You are lucky and fortunate that you are the one she chooses to spend her time and energy on. With all the girls who are selfishly trying to get ahead this one puts you at the forefront and you don't even know how to care.

The World Owes You NOTHING

And that's the worst thing. Even if you're aware that you're ungrateful you can't do anything about it because you've never had to experience not getting your way. A part of you still thinks just becuase you're a "special snowflake" you're entitled to love and support and the job that you want and the fun that you want and the happiness that you want. You don't just get any of those things you have to earn them. sometimes you're lucky enough to be given them for free but no one owes you that.

The World Owes You NOTHING

And if you give someone something for free like your time, your money, your love, your commitment and they do nothing with it and don't appreciate it then move on becaue they don't owe you anything either. it's nice to be appreciated but i've had to accept that the majority of young people don't appreciate anything at all. It's all about them it's all their's it's all about their feelings. Narcissism is simply a term of absolute redunancy when applied to young people. It's like no one would expect a baby to consider your feelings and how hungry you are when it's asking for the last bit of milk from the fridge but he/she is a BABY. What's your excuse? Just because a guy or a girl has something you don't have doesn't mean you deserve it more than he or she does or that you deserve it at all. Don't cry about it just go out there and get it for yourself and for the things you can't (these are actually VERY FEW compared to how little people think they can get) you have to accept that you don't get that.

The World Owes You NOTHING

They key here is never feel like a victim. Never get mad because of a girl's bad attitude. She doesn't owe you a good attitude and if you don't like it move on!

The World Owes You NOTHING

Girls... no one has to freaking love you. No one OWES you love no matter what you give them in exchange stop getting mad when guys don't want to. If love was easy everyone would have it.

The World Owes You NOTHING

And i don't mean to assume anything about what anyone wants i just go by what i see most often on here and among people irl. Sorry this take was less classy than most. I'm just disgusted.

The World Owes You NOTHING
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  • Darkfairie17
    I'm not saying everyone is like this, but I've definitely met some in my life who were. When I was going to college, this was a huge thing. Some people were "too good for the bus". Like seriously, they're in college, why do they NEED a car? Especially when there are buses. Are buses less convenient? Yes, but it's also cheap!

    Like seriously, there were kids who could not walk across the street to the college, they would DRIVE! With a car obviously paid for by mom and dad. But then complain they had no money. Hmmm... wonder why?

    My one room-mate had a car, and she worked. But she had no money for groceries. She was always complaining about how I had groceries and she didn't. Well that's because I spend my money on groceries and not fake hair extensions, expensive make up and nights out. She would go out 3-5 times a week, and drive around. Then get upset she had no money.
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    • pavlove

      exactly things like that are nice to have but you aren't owed them just cuz you're you or cuz someone else has then she should have gotten a second job if she needed em so bad instead of going without groceries lol

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  • heavensgift2girls
    I agree. My biggest complaint are the people that think they have a right to not be offended, while they offend anyone they want. We have actually reached the point people are so entitled they think they have a legal right to not be offended. Sorry sunshine, but equality means you are just as unimportant as every other nobody on the earth.
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    • Considering your username, i will ignore your comment

    • @bobby12345678910 So you don't like humorous user names? lol Not everyone takes their user names seriously.

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  • Checkers82
    To people who respond with "yeah I agree" to this post should really take a look at themselves because my generation is the product that you made us. What do you expect was going to happen when you put young kids in a society that encourages to tear other people down to get to the top? We want a job and we have to claw our way past just about everyone else just to make minimum wage. You expect us to academically excel perform brilliantly just so that we can receive and an education we can't afford so that we can get a job and buy a house well never be able to pay off. Then you complain that we a too narcissistic? Because we've been taught by you that to do well in life we need to compete against everyone else. Then we get all this bullshit about how the technology you made and gave us is ruining us and that we have everything and its all so easy. Well why don't you go back to the fricken dark ages and live without it. Just remeber that tools and fire is also technology so you'll need to cut them out too because clearly they've given you a sense of entitlement and you don't understand how easy you have it because of them. But I know you're generation isn't like that at all, you're so much better and caring and thoughtful. You're generation wouldn't have massively increased pollution while also ignoring the damage completely so that you could pass that problem on to my generation to fix. You're generation is the definition of perfection. So on behalf of my own generation, I would like to formally apologise to yours.
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    • pavlove

      i like this. you're very thoughtful for a 16 year old.

      I consider myself part of your generation and i think the answer is to realize that they LIED to us that we're NOT SPECIAL at least not anymore so than anyone else trying to make it in this world and things are going to be tougher than our parents told us they would be... and maybe that's alright.

    • Checkers82

      Thank you. And I don't think I've ever really thought of myself as special. I know if I want to become special I'm going to have to battle my damn hardest to get where I want. As someone who's dropped out of school early I've seen fit hand how hard it is to get a job. I also want to do a course at a private collage that I will have to pay for all myself so that's going to be about $40,000 of debt at 16 years of age. I think a lot of people feel entitled but that isnth due to their age, it's due to our society. I'm getting really sick of people telling me that my thought and opinions are less valid because of how long I've lived when rather it's the experiences that you've had and not the number. There are many wise 15 year olds and a lot of dumb 40 year olds, age doesn't have much effect on that.

    • pavlove

      people who aren't happy you're doing it at your age are simply jealous and you make them feel insecure and disappointed in themselves and their own lives so they act out. it's as simple as that. hopefully the career you want is worth that fancy education. can you do 2 years at community and 2 years at private?

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  • vishna
    I think I deserve healthcare/treatment and education in a country like the US.

    For example, if I got brain cancer, I think it's an injustice if I die because I can't raise 200,000 for surgery and similar situations for cancer patients or those with other diseases and conditions.
    And I think children in poor counties are entitled to education that is just as good as the education and attention given to those whose parents drive a Bentley.
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    • pavlove

      well it was aimed more at first world kids, but I'll concede the point

    • vishna

      I know delusional entitled people. I think growing up below the poverty line gave me a really good dose of humility and everything I get as an adult will be a result of education and hard work, and that's how it should be in my book-my work, my rewards

  • VampireEmpress
    I disagree, because I feel like people choose what they're willing to put up with. if someone has a mean gf/bf, then why are they still with them? why would a guy pay for the whole date, or a girl encourage a guy who talks down to her all the time?

    I think the previous gens were the most entitled because finding jobs was effortless. and you could go to college for such a little amount of money. they took that stability for granted.
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    • pavlove

      yeah, but we're the ones crying about it so we're the ones that need to get over it

    • I'll get over it when people don't commit suicide or have their lives wrecked over student debt anymore.

    • zagor

      "finding jobs was effortless"... yeah tell my grandparents that; the 1930's were such an easy time.

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  • ThisDudeHere
    I like how every one calls the younger generations entitled yet forget there was such a fuck up as the baby boomers.
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    • pavlove

      but what does bitching about it get us as a generation?

    • I don't know I don't much bitch about anything.

    • pavlove

      watch one episode of girls on HBO... most Young Americans I know act like that and think like that granted I'm considered very well off compared to most

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  • Entity
    The only thing is that as we continue to march forward we will find that this mindset of rebuttal is wrong. You are entitled to many things you were not, things you do not think of, and things you cannot fathom. You are actually entitled to go to an emergency room and receive care; this was not always the case even in the modern era regardless of the hippocratic oath's existence. You are entitled to an education, the ability to read, to write, and the base skills required to at least have a ghost of a chance to become autodidact. You are entitled often to things of basic nature, food, clothing, water, social services and support, and even the notion that you will have the opportunity to move forward in life.

    Nay, this is wrong, you are so entitled that you have given your opinion on entitlement. You have social power. You have political power. You have economic power. You are indeed, as you are, entitled to your services, and you chose your job rather than your society telling you what they needed and what you would be. You are entitled to choices that were not in your bloodline even three generations ago. You are so entitled that you cannot even think of how entitled you are, so full of the fruit of human labor and wading so deep in the blood of others before you that you cannot even begin to understand what the difference is between the two eras.

    You work with the old folk, the ones who grew up on farms by the multitudes who didn't finish school because truancy wasn't a problem, it was a norm, who are still bitter and racist because that was their world, the one where you go to school with others who are not of your ethnic background without blinking an eye and shaming anyone who would obstruct that right. You date as you please. You fuck as you please. You make up your own morals and ethics. You declare who you are in a world that won't just outright kill you for it.

    And yet you cannot "stand" those ungrateful brats. Those of your generation whom you've the gall to look down upon as though you were not of them! Beautiful!

    This. This here is TRUE entitlement!
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  • ArtDent
    The boomer generation took this culture and nation over in their early twenties while the nation was at it's peak and are still in power and getting ready to leave a nation in total decline.

    People born after 1986 have a right to be pissed.
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    • pavlove

      and blindly demand stuff they didn't work for?

    • ArtDent

      I'll say it again... The boomer generation was handed a nation at its' peak and is passing to your generation a nation in rapid decline. They have voted to decimate the nation's manufacturing base in order to maximize shareholder profits and pad their retirement accounts, leaving your generation with very limited opportunities to ever have a retirement account of their own.

      If you believe they did anything in life but show up, then you've been duped.

    • TheSkaFish


      It's not about demanding things we didn't work for, it's about demanding the same chance the baby boomers got. The same opportunities to have a life instead of living like slaves.

  • dartmaul15
    I fucking hate this.

    The only thing your parents "owe" you is not smacking the shit out of you. Because that's what would've happened 50 years ago.

    Then on the flip side, the problem is NOT this generaton. the problem is the generation BEFORE. Because the youth of today is the prooduct of their parents. The problem is that their parents need a reality check. 99% of the problems could be solved if the parents of said generation didn't sew pillows under the arms of their kids, and sugar coated everything.

    Not everyone will be a winner, and not everyone will "make a career". Now sucesffull means having the 1% best jobs. 50 years ago it was having a stable job capable of supporting yourself and the family.

    What the fuck happened there? When did the entire damn world get so entitled and self centered?

    Fucking hell, i'm glad i was born on the countryside where you still has to work for your life.
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    • dartmaul15

      So let's just maybe teach people that sorry, you aren't a special snowflake. You're one out of many. You can't change the world for everyone. So maybe, just maybe try to live a happy life, and change the world for a few?

      And also learn to take a beating or take criticism. Not saying it should be ok to step on people, but we're so damn soft today people start crying over constructive criticism! And saying the hard truth gets you labeled sexist, or racist, or whatever the hell. Let's learn to take the truth for what it is

    • pavlove

      i agree. people have to learn to toughen up and that the opinions of others dont matter. everyone feels entitled to be treated with love by people but honestly i'd rather be treated with a variety of opinions... that feels more real anyway

    • dartmaul15

      yeah. I'd ather hear the truth, so i can learn from it and treat the persons that MATTER properly. Develops your character, and lets you become a better self.

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  • GreatnessPersonified
    If you work hard at something, something owes you.
    You have to go collect it.
    If it doesn't give it to you, keep punching its face until it does.
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    • pavlove

      honestly i'd rather it be this way so at the end i can go back and be like "hey, i built something."

  • RationalMale
    The "world" doesn't owe us anything, true.

    For our society to be successful though, we can and should expect a lot of things. It's a social contract.

    Example--my country expects that I will be a law abiding citizen, that I will work and pay taxes, that if the nation calls upon me in draft, I will put my life on the line and help protect the country...

    This isn't a one way street. If they expect me to do things for them, they do in fact "owe" me things too.
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    • TheSkaFish

      It makes me mad how we're supposed to just shrug and accept that the world doesn't owe us anything, meanwhile, the world expects EVERYTHING from us, chews us up, spits us out, and leaves us as a used-up husk of a person.

      You are right. If they expect, no, demand so much from us, then we should expect something from them too. It's only fair. The world isn't fair? Well, it should be.

    • @TheSkaFish

      Fairness or not... who is going to give to those who tell us we can expect nothing?

      You made me think of the Bourne Identity, when the Professor is dying in the field. He wheezes out to Bourne in gasped breaths, "Look at us... look at what they make you give."

  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    Very true. I dont really get mad with people because i dont expect anything from them. Ill try my best to do what i need to do or want to do but I've lost hope in other people. I dont have a big entitlement issue, i dont really feel entitled to anything. But when someones job is to like take me to the hospital to make an appointment and they dont, it really pisses me off because thats their job and the failed at it.
  • QuestionMan
  • apple24
    Yeah I guess so ): I should make a few phone calls! haha
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  • Mysterio421
    I blame the sexual revolution, the single mothers, and lack of discipline of the parents. This is the result. I am tired of people having excuses for things and pointing the finger in EVERY situation. Look in the mirror and take responsibility. That's the first step. Then you go from there. We are equal right? I don't think ANYONE is entitled to dates being paid for them, getting money, getting laid, etc. If you want something, work your ass for it. There are no shortcuts to things in life. It's a journey.
  • LuckyLittleLucy
    I'm kind of disgusted too. Don't get me wrong, there are many young people who think they're entitled to anything and everything they want, however there are many adults and older people who I've met who think they're better than everyone else and think the world (especially young people in fact) should be at their beck and call because they have 'experienced life' and are supposedly more important because of their age.
    Also, you make a point of mentioning both genders but seem to emphasise that girls are often more 'entitled' than boys but I completely disagree. The numbers are fairly equal, but they make a big deal about different things.
    I see your point, but to me this is kind of biased...
    • pavlove

      my bad if i made it seem biased that was not my intention.


  • Vasiliy
    You seem to be way overstating entitlement.
    A job seekers economy is great, it's terrible when it's a hiring economy.
    Crying about not getting free shit is dumb though.
  • steveguitar
    I don't disagree with everything you said.

    you can't tease me with education, let me get that education, and leave me out to dry.

    this society does owe people a life that can be positive. there should at least be a mandatory wage that allows people to live on their own, have a family, go on a trip once a year, have a benefits package and more.

    create some way for someone who ends up homeless, to be included back in society. given the ability to go to school and learn more, upgrade their education.

    besides, society only progresses when people are working in jobs that inspire them or are close to their heart.

    I'm not saying that everyone should get everything they want, but they should be able to live without worry of current societal negatives.
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    • TheSkaFish

      That's true. There should always be at least some light at the end of the tunnel, because that's what gives people hope and hope inspires you to work harder. If there is no hope, there is no incentive. And if that hope is a lie, it breeds hatred of society. Why would you want to work for something that lied to you? How could you not hate it for lying to you and cheating you?

      If all people know is negativity, and see no reason for it to change, they'll start to feel like it doesn't matter how hard they work. This isn't the way forward.

    Hey don't generalize me based on my age. I'm a Millennial and yet I vote Republican simply because I hate the sense of entitlement and for that matter political correctness which has completely ruined my generation. Though I don't necessarily blame our parents as much as I blame our grandparents--the new generation of senior citizens who were teenagers during the 1960s. They were the original "progressives" who started all of this bullpoop what with all the -isms, counter cultural attitudes, and John Lennon. It is a sad time in America when I cannot even count on grandparents to be traditional pillars of conservatism anymore.
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  • Kira88
    Good take, very well said.
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  • RedRobin
    This is so true
  • idkwtftoputhere
    Very true, it's always nice to be reminded
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