Breaking Hard Myths


Breaking Hard Myths

"Women care less about looks"

This is just a popular idea that many guys are getting hip to as being mostly a lie. girls have a more diverse sense of what is a good looking guy but they certainly fangirl and crush over a guy. this was a myth actually invented by good looking girls to look less superficial. it's by no means automatic that a good looking guy is attractive but girls certainly care about it...

"It's hard to get girls to talk to you"

This is a myth invented by really lazy guys. its not hard at all to get a normal conversation going. either you're too lazy too shy or some combination of both. they are literally everywhere and yet most guys only try talking to girls in their friend group. yes girls may feel more comfortable with this but you really only have yourself to blame guys who are 25 and have only "tried to get" one girl in their entire lives.

"If you're yourself everyone will like you for it"

Some people will like it but mostly it makes you feel good. some people really hate super confident people. it's not all roses. it's a lot of hate attached with being authentic, but it's still better than massive insecurity and giving up even a single day of your life not being able to be true to how you want to conduct yourself.

"Being liked by others can give you lasting happiness"

The opinions of others can never make you fully secure because the opinions of others can always be doubted later. basically a girl can say you're sexy but since you're you you can always say to yourself later--she was lying. in this way it's pointless to chase fame status and popularity unless you jsut want to conenct with others because they can never make you feel whole because you can always doubt that they're being sincere. the reverse, if people hate on you and you don't feel that they have a legit reason to do so it bounces off like nothing.

"Anything matters besides your personality"

Lets keep it real simple. You know those nights where you're jsut on fire you're feeling great you're thinking of all the most funny things you didn't even know you were capable of you're so insightful so creative so charismatic so amazing tonight and everyone's looking at you with smiles...that's the power of a personality on high. personality kills it every single time but of course there's so much massive insecurity around it people find it easier to find fake reasons to attract people because they feel safer that way.

Breaking Hard Myths
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  • Anonymous
    Your fourth point is true. I've seen people on here who think that if most people tell them they aren't ugly they will think those people are lying. I know it's cheesy, but the phrase "To love anyone else you have to love yourself first" is true. No matter what other people say about you if you choose not to believe it then it doesn't matter.

    I think women care about looks, but it's not a major priority as it is with men. With men we prioritize looks much higher. To women it's mostly

    1. Personality (This includes "humor" and "nice". All the gooey shit females say they like)
    2. Looks
    3. Status (Career wise and just among people outside workplace)

    Men prioritize this way

    1. Looks
    2. Personality
    3. Status

    It's switched, but still top 2. So it's not that it's not important, but just not as important. It's not to say they don't care. Of course they do. However, a hot girl who's personality is just alright can still be okay with plenty of guys. A average appearance guy with a great personality can still be okay with plenty of girls.
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  • Anonymous
    I didn't read past that first one about women caring less about looks. Of course women care less about looks than men do. On the list of things that factor into attraction (looks, sense of humor, occupation, social standing, income, reputation), looks are simply not prioritized as highly by women as they are by men. That's not a myth. It's a time proven fact that can be seen all around us every day. Gotta call BS here.

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