32 Thoughts Before Her First Date

This was made all in good fun!31 Thoughts Before Her First Date

1. How's my hair?

-Touches it a little- It looks fine!

2. How's my outfit?

-Looks into full length mirror to get a frontal view, then turns to get a back view-

3. Wow! I look good from every angle!

4. Don't you remember? You have an even sexier outfit in your closet!

5. I should keep this on. If I change I'll look like I want the D.

6. Stop overthinking!

::On my way to the destination::

7. Oh my, I'm soooo nervous!

-Sweaty palms-

8. Just take a deep breath!

9. Oh my God, I forgot how to exhale!


10. What if he's a creep? or even worse, a killer????

11. -Turns car around in the opposite direction to head home-

Okay....so, this is how you inhale and then exhale.

12. Everything will be fine doll!

-Turns car back around to proceed heading to the date destination-

13. You worry too much!

14. What if he notices that about me?

15. I am soooo annoying!

16. Gosh chilly hot dog darn! Why do you have to find out all of these negative qualities about yourself now?

17. What if he thinks I look better in my photos?

18. If he does, then tell him he needs to get his eyes checked!

-Laughs non-stop in an hysterical manner-

19. -The word crazy is now added to your list of negative qualities-32 Thoughts Before Her First Date

How does it feel to be fucked without the D?

20. What should I talk about on my first date with him?

Kids? Marriage? My past relationships? Sex?

21. Don't talk about any of those things, unless you want to see him turn into a major

athlete and run the hell out of there!

::Arrives at destination::

22. I am here first. He's not here yet.

23. I hope he's not going to be late.

24. Oh my gosh! Is that him?

25. Wow, he looks so different!

26. -Looks at watch-

Impressive! He is right on time!

27. He does not "look" like a killer at all.....

::Drools massively:

28. If he were, I'd tell him the only thing he could murder is this PUSS....shhh!!

29. He's getting closer calm your va-jay-jay!

30. Don't forget to smile , so you don't look like a total bitch!

Remember first impressions matter the most!

31. Ahhh! I am so excited!

32. I hope this goes well!32 Thoughts Before Her First Date

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Here's the guys version

    1. *Picks shirt off the ground*
    2. *Sniffs shirt*
    3. "Yeah this will do."


Most Helpful Girl

  • Lmao this is so spot on


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What Guys Said 12

  • Ok... i only like this take because its true... should I make a Take on what Guys have to go thru? because im pretty sure its more than 32... and not as independent.

    • Sure, I'd love to read it :)

      I've always wondered what happens on the other side of the fence.

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    • Wow , heated discussion indeed !

    • eh... she's an idiot. im gonna go have to compile my list for this Take's reverse.

  • What guys think about :
    Hair? what is there looks great
    Do I smell? no
    ready... hope she isn't a pyscho that went through like 32 different thoughts before the date.. lol
    women go through all that and the guy really doesn't care about any of it...

  • That's an awesome list!! I hope someone does one for males, cause I don't think it's just picking up the shirt and sniffing it ( @Octavius )

  • My thoughts.

    1) Am I going to miss a meal?

    2) How can I get my macros in tonight and still smash this sloot?


  • Why didn't he come pick you up at your place? A girl's supposed to sweat all those things in the comfort of her own home. lol

    • Since some first dates don't work out , I'd rather he not know where I live. Some major psychos out there :P

    • @mytake owner exactly! that's how I feel. only I'm even more paranoid, wed we'd have to of been dating awhile, and met each others friends, etc before I'd trust him enough to get in his car.

  • Lol I really like this take!!! Dating is just too fun 👍

  • Dang I thought I overthought everything before a date

  • Do women really think of all of this?

    • I tried to make it comical but for the most part , "overthinking" and questioning things that you wouldn't usually, yes .
      It all has to do with nerves.

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    • I just worry about car trouble, if she finds me attractive, if we've never met, if the food or movie is good

    • So simple.

      I'm one to over analyze when I should just take it easy

  • LOL at number 27!

  • That's a nice thought process you got there! :)

  • I love when some girls would ask if I'm a creep or serial killer. As much as I understand their concern, it's like who is going to answer yes to that?


What Girls Said 1

  • Like your take... its really funny


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