15 Things Most Women Think About on a First Date

15 Things Most Women Think About on a First Date

15. "What would our kids look like?"

Yep, she's already thinking about sex, and reproducing, it's not just men

14. "Who's his ex?"

Yep, just like a man, she's thinking who "she was" and why you broke up

13. "how will he treat our waitress?"

How you treat one woman, reflects how you'll treat her. Treat her as you'd like to be treated yourself...within reason

12. "How does he compare to my ex?"

In her mind, she's already sizing you up, whether it's how much money you make, or how "big" you are, in relation to who she used to date

15 Things Most Women Think About on a First Date

11. "Is he confident?"

Yes, women want confident men. Confidence outside of the bedroom, leads to domination in the bedroom, something women LOVE and often crave.

10. "Am I talking too much?"

Women love talking, it's genetic and goes way back. But, they often don't realize they might be talking too much, and aren't asking us questions. Guys generally don't care about this but, women still think about it!

9. "To eat, or not to eat?"

Girls, I hate to say it, are always making sure they look good for you. I hate saying that because women won't admit it, but, it's true. So, they're wondering if that hamburger she just ordered, is worth the calories because she doesn't want to exercise them off, to stay thin.

15 Things Most Women Think About on a First Date

8. "Dog or cat person?"

Regardless if you're an animal lover or not, she'll be thinking it. Are you a dog person, or a cat person. Not that it matters, but, it's just something people ask. (I'm allergic to cats, so, I'm a dog person, automatically)

7. "Is he living with his parents, still?"

Most relationships, real ones, start around 18. I realize young teenagers do it, but, for the most part they are after 18. 18 is when college starts for most, and many go off to dorm rooms and eventually apartments, but, if you're like me, and you struggled with something physically for 27 years, you still live with your parents. She'll be wondering if you're still living with them, because she'll need to know if she wants to pursue that sort of thing, and how to handle it.

6. "Did I learn this from Facebook Stalking?"

In the 21st century, social media is king. Everything you do on social media, including getting employed, is monitored on social media sites. People have gotten fired, based on tweets they've made, and posts they've made on Facebook. Women are no different. For their safety, mostly, they WILL look at your facebook (if you have one) and look to see if you're some crazy person or not. Men, often do the same.

15 Things Most Women Think About on a First Date

5. "Is he a serial Killer?"

Same as the one before. She's already looked at your facebook, and seems to be OK, but, again, some people will put on facade's only to turn up to be ax murder's. She's still a woman, she's going to wonder, if you're a killer.

4. "Do I look at him in the eye, or not?"

If she's not, she's lost interest. Women who are interested in what you're saying, generally look you in the eye. Do not bring up 1. Politics 2. Religion 3. Sex on a first date though. They are off-putting to someone you're just meeting...it's Ok to talk about them later, but not on a first date.

15 Things Most Women Think About on a First Date

3. "Is my smiling, creepy?"

Much like her hair and makeup/other things, she's going to wonder if her smile is "OK" or creepy looking. Even if we don't care, it doesn't matter, she will most likely try and fix it. If she is, she's just nervous, and most likely likes you.

2. "Was that too much wine"?

Girls see guys as people who love to drink. Men are more likely to be alcoholics than women, heck, women once tried to get alcohol prohibited in the u.s. because men were becoming violent when they drank. However, women have been known to drink quite a bit too. So, she's going to wonder if that glass of wine she just drank, is going to impair her judgment. If you're going to take advantage of it, essentially. For the sake of humankind, and real men. Be a gentleman, and do the right thing!

1. "Who's going to pay the bill?"

If you are in fact on a first date that wasn't free (free things usually include things like parks), then she's going to wonder who's going to pay the bill. There's no real clear cut answer to the question since people have different beliefs on how it works. I can tell you however that if it was me, that, as the man, I don't mind paying (I actually am not dating at the moment, for a number of reasons, but if I in fact was) but, I would like her to at least offer to pay. A woman showing her appreciation/gratitude by at least saying "would you like me to pay?" makes me feel like I'm not being taken advantage of, because I'm a man, women, like men, are not entitled to anything!

15 Things Most Women Think About on a First Date

15 Things Most Women Think About on a First Date
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Most Helpful Guy

  • ChromAzonyx108
    As written by a guy? That takes away credibility, and from the comments several girls seem to disagree with this take. Although, some of it seems plausible.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Anonymous

      Yeah, trust me, I know what I'm talking about... and most of the women do, only some of the women are trolling

Most Helpful Girl

  • RJGraveyTrain
    ... I've literally never thought any of these things.

    Am I a man?
    Is this still revelant?
    • ... Right?

      Smh boys and their dick size (item no. 12). The obsession, it is real.

      Also smh at the idea that you could be literally out on a date with someone without knowing that he still lives with his parents...
      How is that even possible?

    • Oh hah... married since 2001 lol

      I mean, sure you'd meet yr tinder hookups in a public place... buuttttt... isn't tinder then sort of thing where you'd go to yr place (or his) before going on any actual "dates"?

      and even if I totally have the wrong idea and people are going on full-out traditional dates off tinder -- without even meeting up/picking up at one place or the other first (!) -- how could "So, where do you live?" NOT be basically the first thing you even talk about?

      Wow I knew I was 1001 years old, but... smh ahah

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  • Soshy
    As a man you decide to write this post. I'm so confused and I can't relate to any of this. Nice try, maybe you should have written from a male perspective. That way you would have a real understanding of the gender you are writing about.
    • Soshy

      Loooool sounds like I hit a nerve :)

    • Anonymous

      Nah, I just know what women are thinking... and you can't handle it

    • Soshy

      You should read through the replies on this take again and then you will truly get it. Or may be not. Sad

  • archiz
    lol I don t think about most of that.
    at first I d be wondering if he s having a good time too
    if he s having sexual thoughts while I am doing this and that with all that starring
    if he s gonna try to kiss me and lead me to bed
    what does he do in life
    is he serious in general
    does he sound like a nice trustworthy guy
    I hope he s not gonna insist on paying the bill
    • Anonymous

      You tend to troll anyway, so

    • archiz

      so you re saying I am lying now?
      lol whatever

    • Luci92

      I agree Sarah, that's a lot of the stuff I think lol

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  • Elarra
    I literally only think of number 10. The rest of this seems like nonsense and based on your response to the female commenters on here, I'm convinced you wrote this just to troll on this site.
    • Anonymous

      not at all, and im convinced that YOU are the troll, besides, I've seen some of your shit, you're def. a troll

    • Anonymous

      by the way, I reported this

    • Anonymous

      And will now be blocking you too

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  • Raveled
    I don't ever expect to not have to pay on a first date. i always order something healthy if I can. If not, I might have a protein shake before I go out, so I don't want to eat much. I don't worry about the guy I am dating being a serial killer and I don't worry about my smiling a lot. Most of the rest is pretty correct for me though.
  • kellyg83
    Wtf? I guess my brain must be wired differently, because I have never thought of those things. But it's whatever brah.
    • Anonymous

      Well, you do tend to troll anyway, so

    • kellyg83

      Wtf are you talking about?

    • Soshy

      He has issues. Don't mind him.

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  • 19magic
    6/15 apply to me
    13 to gauge the type of guy he is
    12 is just a general thought I have at most guys, oh I wonder how big it is hehe kinda thing
    11 well you need a bit of a backbone
    10 occasionally I do talk wayy too much
    7 if he's living with his parents, I do like to know what his situation is, to see if he's a bum or making the most out of a situation.
    6 Facebook stalking is fun 😊
  • noisette91
    The only one of those thoughts I do get is the one about the bill, and only because I usually wonder which option would offend less: to offer to split it and look condescendant or not to offer at all and make a "faux pas" . I've never had any of the other thoughts... And seriously, the only women who wonder what their kids would look like on a first date are the potential stalkers/psychos :o
    • NexAngelus

      at the start i always ask what we are doing with it. that way there is no confusion later on in the date when things actually come up.

  • jeannine22
    "Who is going to pay?" Yes! The worst part. They never let me pay although I insist. And I really would like to pay at least for my order... but never had the occasion. Some guys even claimed that I would offend them if they would let me pay. I don't know... maybe it's just in my country.
    • Where are you from?

      I always pretend to be a bit offended if the lady offers (even though I'm not).

    • jeannine22

      @myusernamerocks Romania. I don't know, I told you, I insist everytime.

    • Maybe stop insisting. Guys like to spoil their dates. :) Nothing wrong with that.

      Would you prefer to pay your own share or would you want to pick up the entire bill?

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  • FatherJack
    " Yep, she's already thinking about sex, and reproducing, it's not just men " ... Not the case at all , unless the man REALLY ticks all the right boxes !! Women are VERY differently wired to men , & don't have the " always on " sex drives that men do , a man has to bring a lot to the table first !!! Unless the man makes a damn good impression , there will NOT be any more dates !!
  • Idonotgivearatsass
    I can come up with some crazy thoughts every once in a while, but I'd never try to imply I know what a woman is/women are thinking. That's almost impossible since the male and female brain are "wired" differently, and that has finally been proven scientifically, so this just sounds like someone who's bitter.
    • Anonymous

      Not at all, I know what women are thinking

  • G-Daz
    Number 10 isn't the case at all. Women loving to talk is far overblown. I've been around plenty of women that i have to tell stories to all day because i can't get a conversation out of them
    • LOL, you should meet me

    • Anonymous

      That's why I said, MOST women, way to generalize

    • G-Daz


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  • CorvetteGirl
    I think the "to eat or not to eat" all the time. When I'm out with people, like at a party with the youth group, I won't eat at all. I'll just have water. Like one time recently I was getting close to fainting from hunger before I broke down and ate. And even then it wasn't much.
  • Puppylove94
    Lol the fact that your wrote this as a male is pretty impressive. I'd say this is accurate except for the kids thing
  • IHateBeingaMan
    to me it seems women demand more than men do in the early stages of the dating process, for the most part, whenever a man and woman go on a first date with eachother and a second date doesn't end up happening, most of the time, its because the woman loses interest instead of the man losing interest.
    • Anonymous

      no mystery, you put it all out there too soon

  • Luci92
    I've never had these thoughts lol...
    • yeah you probably were thinking: will he have a big dick or what? did i shave my pussy before i come? will he stop babbling and get straight to the point... ? as for paying... well you take it for granted you won't pay XD

    • Luci92

      @supernerd99 Umm... no lol.
      And I split the bill.

    • just teasing you. i know you are one laid back neo-feminist. equality ftw.

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  • LifeIsStrange
    Biggest thing for me was the dating history... whether or not he's been in a long term relationship, how long it was, why it didn't work out and whether he's ready for a relationship or not.
    I always think oh god please don't say you want a million children cause I don't know if I want any so I find that to be a big turn off 😣
    I always offer to pay, always.
    I do wonder how crazy they are...
    I'm a lightweight so 3 and I'm tipsy 😂
    I also get self conscious as to whether I have any make up smeared down my face, or food... or if my hair is a complete mess 😂 I'd rather be told haha!
  • charlie_boy
    This looks very flawed. If all of this is the case then we're doomed
    • Anonymous

      Well, it's true

  • I feel confused abou my gender now. I wonder what sane woman thinks at the first date about - "What would our kids look like?"
    o. o
  • mostwomenshouldstfu
    The f***ing waitress? No politics or religion? Why? How'd that turn out for you when she found out how uninformed you were on the subjects? This whole list, methinks projection on your part.
  • BaileyisDarcy
    4 of these apply to me.

    yet a few of the you said 'all' or 'always'.

  • sweetheaven
    well one thing i think about too is if he is has a good d***k and if he resist a lot during sex and if he has a good hygiene.
  • venomhbk1313
    I'm surprised it doesn't have women asking is he the one
  • EmpressOfGAG
    Chick in part 12 is hot would bang/10
    • Anonymous

      I didn't even add her, the site did.. way to go way off topic

    • Mirin your dedication bruh

  • Rissyanne
    And you know all this how?
  • TonyRyanAgain
    LOL, you sound salty af right now.
  • rjroy3
    All of this is believable lol.
  • bruce3
    nice onee
  • Adigelunar
    thats right lol
  • Touchmehxx
    I only think about like 4 of those things lol
  • Centurion20000
    Fuck me... just ASK. lol
  • louiseisaturtle
    Only #3, 4, and 9 apply to me
  • Hey_itsAlexandra
    Well 9 literally does not apply to me
    • Anonymous

      Somehow I find that hard to believe

    • Erm why? Do you apparently have the ability of knowing my mind?
      You cannot generalise the whole female gender to these stereotypes, it's very diminutive. It's ironic how it's a man who has written this article too, like you would know the dynamics of a woman's brain. I'm sure I know my own more than you do, thank you very much.

  • Marinepilot
    These are valid points.
  • Tvana
    You're a guy, how do you know this?
  • Anonymous
    Hold up? Is it just me or did a man just write 15 Things Most Women Think About on a First Date?
    • Anonymous

      yep you got it buddy

    • Anonymous

      You morphed into a woman to discover what she likes came back to reveal it as a man?

    • Anonymous

      yep, you got it budayyy

  • Anonymous
    1,5,9,10,11,12,13,14 apply to me!
  • Anonymous
    I read somewhere in the comments where you said, "you know what women are thinking.." which isn't actually possible in the same way women don't know what men are thinking or anyone else aside from themselves. I'm sure some women have had some of these thoughts on a date, but when someone says, they haven't had these thoughts, you literally cannot tell them what they or anyone else is or even should, be thinking on a date. All you can do is guess...
  • Anonymous
    1, I do wonder if he will try to pick up the check, but on a first date, I prefer to go Dutch, just in case. Nothing worse than having a bad time, then literally having to pay for it.
    2, I don't drink around strangers; I don't really drink ever. It's just not my thing.
    3, Yeah, I wonder if I'm over doing it.
    4, Always make eye contact when you're interested.
    5, Maybe I'M serial killer! Serial killers are some of the most charming people you'll ever meet. Seriously, no joke. Look it up!
    6, I don't add people that I don't know, so I wouldn't have access to his social media before that first date.
    7, I still live with my parents, my boyfriend just moved in with us from his mom's place. In this economy, it's more common than not...
    8, I only care if he's cool with having pets at all. Fish aren't pets, they're decorations that need feeding.
    9, Seriously? That's a thing? I'm a living being. I eat food. If I'm in a restaurant, it's to eat food.
    10, I always talk too much! But that's why I prefer intellectual guys. So that I can learn something while I listen.
    11, Yes this is very important.
    12, I will never understand how there is even an opportunity to mistreat a server, let alone a reason to. If the service is bad, you don't leave a tip, or you complain privately to management via reviews or email. Bad food has NOTHING to do with there person who carries it to you. The wrong order entirely, yes. There are more male servers around here than female.
    13, Everyone has a type. Your ex fits it, and so does the next one. Every relationship starts out amazing.
    14, I am wondering why his last relationship ended, because I'm wondering how much of chance I have, and if I should bother.
    15, I don't want kids.
    • NexAngelus

      this chick pulled out a gun and started talking about it being protection from crazy guys... i started laughing about how i could take it from her and kill her with it lol... i told her it wasn't my fault. she pulled it out and tried to "scare" me with the gun. i was just telling her the truth. she was waving it around in the air i could of easily of taken it. she was being very stupid with it. i told her i was just trying to increase her saftey. we didn't last too long, but i think that event stuck in her mind, it seemed to rub her the wrong way. im just too open and honest with people :) and i dont scare muahhaha.

  • Anonymous
    You don't understand women very well do you.
    • Anonymous

      Oh, i def. do

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
    None of these has ever crossed my mind during a date.
    • Anonymous

      Yeah, well, you're an anonymous troll, so

    • Anonymous

      LOL. Stupid response. I'm not trolling, I just posted anon cause you're insulting the girls who don't agree with your take.

    • Soshy

      Says the guy who posted anonymously!!! Hilarious!!

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  • Anonymous
    Living with my parents and still studying at 24 is what i'm most worried about and having a big dick isn't going to be enough to make up for that.
    Iv actually put off dating for that very reason though it also seems like a bit of a waste i'm not going to be young for ever?
    • Anonymous

      Neither is she

    • NexAngelus

      being young it kind of counter balances that. if u tried u would probably be ok ish dating. its as u get older. people that are changing carreers and shit like that, that re back in school and shit. TAHTS the shit thats fucked up. and even though u have a job and pay rent and all that shit and go to school... people act like ur a fucking leper. once i get my shit square im just going to import a chick. im not going to deal with fuckign American chicks anymore. im so sick of their shit. why should i reward one of them after all this time? half of them around ur age want to "wait" so then u have them around my age+ all looking for husbands all the sudden because they realized they are fucking old and their bio clocks are going crazy and want kids.

  • Anonymous
    You forgot the most important 1:

    "After this date and after getting a free meal from him, I am going to ghost this guy".
    • Anonymous

      I'm actually about to post a take, that talks just a little tiny bit about ghosting, you'll see

  • Anonymous
    15. lmao I don't know any girl who thinks about what your kids might look like on a first date.
    13. That I fully agree with, treat the waitress as kind as you'd treat any woman.
    11. Yes, confidence is the key.
    9. Haha, true!
    4. I agree, fully.
    1. Don't expect her to offer. Be a gentleman and pay! Always.
    • NexAngelus

      na I've seen that on more than one thing before. chicks think about that when they MEET u. its like a relfex to them.

  • Anonymous
    If she was readjusting her long hair, laughing, joking, being cheeky at times. Also talked a lot, asking questions, really seems to give off an excited vibe. If she also tried to fight on who pays, but I paid. Kept pruning hair throughout.

    If it was a female friend, was that a good date?
    • Anonymous

      Yes, most likely

    • Anonymous

      So would she have thought it a date or catchup

      And either way does it sound like she was enjoying it

      What about the hair preening

    • Anonymous




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