New Girl in a new city, matched on bumble, had first date?

Hi all, I have been flicking through tinder and i matched with a girl who is in the uk from los angeles.

I superliked her and we matched straight away, 2 hours in i message her asking where is she from, is she looking for a British husband etc.. and she replies the next day you got to convince me and ask me lets go for a drink.

4 hours later we having a drink, she ask me all those important questions about my background, parents, religious etc. We seem to be great. She seem to smile all the way. She gives me her instagram to show pics and i follow her now. but she has not added me back.

I have messaged her the following day giving her links to areas she should try out. 15 hours later she replies thanks for the recommendations. I asked how her day was.. she has read the message but no reply.. as its bed time and she hasn't yet opened whatsapp again.

She is only here for a week and i really want to hit it off with her.. Any ideas how i should approach this?

Initially she was here to go around with her friends, but she has been roaming around by herself.
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She replied.. telling me about her day. short and sweet. I need guidance on how to get this spot on.
New Girl in a new city, matched on bumble, had first date?
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