24 Reasons Why I Only Date Confident Women


24 Reasons Why I Only Date Confident Women

1. She is secure with herself. She knows what she is, and what she is not.

2. She is okay with a confident male partner, since she is confident as well.

3. Her decision to date is based on pure desire, not need.

4. She will be direct and not cause unnecessary drama or stress by being vague. She will explain what she likes or dislikes.

5. She will be dating very often/rarely single because she can go after who she wants and voice her interest to crushes, rather than wondering why he doesn't pick up on her "obvious" signals despite the glances and however many times she clicked on his profile. (I've doled out that nugget of insight countless times on Gag..)

6. She will be more motivated. This goes for career pursuits, relationships, intimacy, fitness, etc.

7. She is used to being chased. And for dominant guys this works out very, very well.

8. She will of course still have weaknesses. But will likely explain them more, as she is more self-aware.

9. She will initiate intimacy, conversations, kissing, etc.

10. She will make her own decisions.

11. She'll often need her "alone" time, just as a confident man needs his "alone" time.

12. She will be less likely to gossip or be passive-aggressive about exes, other women, etc.

13. She lives life to the fullest.

14. She is herself.

24 Reasons Why I Only Date Confident Women

15. She will likely have her shit together.

16. She will be more independent.

17. She embraces new experiences and tries new things.

18. She pursues her dreams. And will want to do so with her partner.

19. She is assertive. (Again for emphasis).

20. She will be more likely to have an industrious career.

21. She will be more likely to become an amazing mother and wife.

22. She will make goals and strive to achieve them.

23. She is positive and her confidence is contagious, she'll help others be confident and will motivate others.

24. She is irresistible and irreplaceable because she is so rare.

24 Reasons Why I Only Date Confident Women

24 Reasons Why I Only Date Confident Women
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  • Hannah591
    I enjoy being confident and I can see it's attractiveness to men. I am very direct, I will joke about their "hints" of a date and be like "you don't need to hint, where should we go?". It makes it easier for them, makes it more exciting and new. They look at me with fresh eyes which then makes them want to go for that second date ;D

    5. Is true for me!

    I appreciate a confident man for similar reasons. I think it's easier to respect a confident person who is secure in themselves as they demand respect. I went on a date recently with a shy, insecure guy and he was just so negative about anything and thinking the worst constantly! I have depression which is medicated and so I tend to think negatively so I need a positive, optimistic guy to balance me out! He brought my mood down when it should be up when you're with someone.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • bdbee
    Don't fully agree with 4, just because she's confident doesn't mean she's always dating/rarely single and I feel that contradicts item 3.

    That said I do agree with the latter part of 4. I've mentioned this to you before where I've had someone tell me they've stared at a picture on my profile for 30 minutes... okay well I Wouldn't have known that unless you told me. Same person is also constantly mimicking my social media habits but does nothing to show direct interest. It's both bizarre and annoying.
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  • CheerGirl38139
    Good job dude.

    So many guys that think they have game and don't, will go full retard when they get shot down by a girl... start calling her a "stuck up bitch" because she won't go out with them.

    On the other hand... a smart/confident guy... will take the time to figure out if there's a reason WHY she shot him down. Maybe it's a simple as she just isn't interested, and that doesn't make her a bitch by default. OR... maybe he sees a different way to approach her that actually works because he took the time to figure it out.

    Of course there has to be at least some physical attraction to get anywhere, but beyond that, a good brain is the sexiest body part. Intelligence without arrogance is deas sexy 😍😍

    If confidence comes off as arrogamce to someone, maybe they need to stop and think about why that is. Is the person truly arrogant, or are you misjuding confidence/intelligence for something else? If they do pause to reevaluate, and they still think she's a bitch... well... they probably need to be looking for a different type of woman. ☺

    Peace. And Merry Christmas.
    • 100%agree!!! Thanks for reading!

    • And yes, often times rejections simply are just a mismatch in expectations or someone's "type" in my opinion, so that's OK.

  • Stacyzee
    I like that you didn't make a confident woman and idea of perfection which is not attainable to most. You listed number 8 which is fantastic.
    This shows she's human and like everyone else has things she may want to work on.
    Confidence is holding pride in yourself and being self aware.
    I can see why that's sexy :)
    • Stacyzee

      *an idea of perfection

    • Agreed, yes there are def more weaknesses but I guess we'll save that for later, Thanks for reading!

  • kxera
    Confidence is great! I used to be so insecure due to the constant assholes that were unavoidable and made life hell but now I'm pretty confident. Even days when I know I look like shit, I'm still for the most part confident. I mean I've always been ambitious and sure of what I wanted but just on my down time, I would struggle with confidence.
    • Thanks for reading and commenting! I agree it's a better way to live your life!!

  • Linhlilypops
    The best MyTake I've read so far! I'm happy that I'm confident enough to chase my happiness and my success. And also, about 5, it's true, but too bad I'm not in a relationship because I haven't found the one. But I will soon, I feel positive about the guy that I'm currently dating with. Thanks a lit for the great MyTake!
    • Thank you so much!!
      Well move to US lol we love confident women.

    • wow you don't say. I couldn't get any boyfriend when I lived in Vietnam and Australia. Now I'm dating an American man LOL I think I really need to ;)

    • hahahaha love it.

  • desidoll
    Thanks you for being the minority here haha. All are listed wonderfully especially no 21! Confident women are always wrongly judged as "too full of herself" which drag the men to avoid them as their future wives. It shows that you are a confident man too because as far as I've noticed, only confident men would date confident women and vice versa :)
  • blobbysaurus
    Great article, I think it's important for guys to make it known what they want in terms of character as 90% of focus seems to be on looks then people wonder what they are missing out on. A confident person achieves a healthy mental and physical lifestyle and lives a wholesome life.
  • Mekkalyn
    This whole thing was ridiculous.
    As I am someone who has battled depression and self-worth issues all my life, I barely have any confidence and yet I do like half of those things lol
  • karahiri
    she doesn't sound real lol. i don't think i've come across anyone who has it -all- put together like that.
    • There are girls that are confident. Since that is practically a requirement for me, and well, I date a lot lol.

    • karahiri

      i've met confident people who weren't really what you listed above.

    • What were they like?

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  • spuitkaas
    I think actually most guys in real life want a confident woman. Just like how women want confident men, but that fictional the idea of a shy, cute woman is more attractive.
    • Thanks for your comment, yes different types for different people and that's okay! I'm glad the world isn't homogenous ✌

  • rebekahj391
    Nice take. I never understood why no one would date insecure women and now that I'm more confident, I totally get it :P

    Not sure why dating a lot (#5) would necessarily be considered a good thing though. Doesn't that sort of conflict with #2?
    • Basically I just threw that in there to prove a point, Confident women date! Because they are direct and not sitting around wondering why "he just isn't getting it" lol.

    • That makes sense as long as they aren't the type to jump into relationships just because they can.

    • Thanks for reading :)

  • 9mfeo
    One thing: sometimes it's difficult to articulate what exactly it is that you want because you don't really understand it.
  • OpenWine
    Too many traits for one kind.

    What I think is best..

    1. Doesn't act desinterested to test if you run after her all the time

    2. Can take a compliment and not ask why (even if she has a bf)

    3. Acts by her own will and not by how other people may see it right

    Ok that's enough. Any more would be putting up stereotypes together
  • thecd1979
    Confidence is definitely sexy. It goes for guys and girls. A confident man that has his shit together is going to be attracted to a confident woman that is the same.
  • archiz
    That is a sweet and nice take.
    sort off the ideal that I want to achieve.
    Although I don t agree on the fact that relationship is based on desire and not need. I think it s the opposite.
    Other than that I fully agree :)
    • Ya def some debatable points here :) Thanks for your feedback and for reading!

    • archiz

      you re wlc :)

  • pavlove
    I like this. guys need to spend more time figuring out what they want and not just what they think is wanted from there.

    have to say that first girl is not doing it for me though hahah
    • Agreed, thanks for reading!
      Ya me either I just googled images for " confident women" lol

  • SarahsSummer
    And THAT is why I date confident men! I hope many women read this and empower themselves to be the best and most confident version of themselves.
    • I can tell from your comments and responses that you share these traits. I really admire that, knowing what you want and going for it!!

    • Thanks❤️

  • vishna
    Confident women don't necessarily have all these 24 qualities. But this is your ideal, so I can see where you're coming from listing them all.

    My thing is, I have a lot of these qualities, I'm ambitious, smart, doing my thing, and secure, initiate intimacy, and am confident in how I look, my intelligence, and what I'm doing. But I have a hard time using the word confident as my big word to describe myself because I feel like the world is so backwards, confident women are portrayed as one sided-bitchy, mean, self absorbed, and cocky-and that's not the case. To me, you can have a gentle, more chill confidence and be just as sure of yourself as those stereotypes that demonstrate confidence (especially the super woman)
  • Heyyakk
    Can you elaborate on 7. She is used to being chased. And for dominant guys this works out very, very well.
  • Chantel77
    And this doesn't come off as arrogant? Some people wanna 'knock me off my high horse'
  • AleDeEurope
    Confident, strong, and independent, that's the perfect woman.

    Great take.
  • EmpatheticLady
    Many attractive qualities to those women that own it! I need to work on some of these points, haha.
  • Bbboorriinnngggg
    I believe in myself and I am a very feminine, maternal young woman who wants to have a dominant man as a partner. I am very ambitious with my own career goals. I love experiencing new things.
    However, I have depression and I am cancer to myself. I know my weaknesses. I am usually very introverted and not particularly outgoing. But I am always myself.

    Your description sounds like an outgoing AND confident person, not just a "confident" person.
    Honestly, I have not met or heard of anyone who has such a put together life and personality.
    • Fair point, if I could I would probably edit the title to ".. Confident and Outgoing.."

      I would hypothesize that the majority of confident women are outgoing however. I think they might be connected traits actually.

      There are girls out there like this.

    • Not necessarily. I have met a lot of outgoing people who act outgoing to hide their insecurities.

    • True, good point.

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  • apple24
    Eh... just my career is uncertain! Everything else sounds like me! Although, I haven't liked a guy in a long time so! Er... it is what it is?
  • bomba78
    YES! on point and word for word what my fiance says is what has him hooked on me lol
  • Azara
    if she's direct and clearly expresses herself why would she be used to being 'chased'?

    wouldn't she be going after what she wants instead of waiting around or playing games?

    guys dont have a chance to chase me bc if i like them ill initiate or if they get to it first i will be receptive bc i like them--I dont spend time playing games. so there's no room for ' chasing. ' maybe by chasing you're thinking of something im not aware of. but i think of it as one person feigning disinterest while the other or rather SO the other has space to prove themselves. which is artificial bc proving yourself happens in a relationship not prior.

    i also don't think its so rare for a woman to be confident... its just that guys often complain about women being too assertive. which is unfortunate for those guys.
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    I dig confident women. I have only ever dated the ego-depressed types. Time to rack up the numbers on the opposite end!
  • ChocoLada
    Good MyTake, now all the confident girls will start chasing you ;)
  • Phoenix98
    Ehh kind of hit and miss on some stuff not all stuff is universal for all confident gals.
    • Thank God the world isn't homogeneous right? Thanks for reading!

  • the_rake
    I love this take.

    Too bad confidence is such a rare virtue in women of this day and age.
    • I meet almost all dates, including my girlfriend, at clubs and gyms (post-uni). I feel like that is good places to narrow in on confident women :)

    • the_rake

      Yep, basically confident women usually have a life of sorts - so the more of a life you have, the easier it is to find such women.

    • Nailed it bro! nailed it!

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  • AlwaysBelieving
    Thanks for the my take. I'm beginning to wonder if the latest gal I've come across did what she did for a few of these reasons.
  • Dessertfox
    I like to date confident women. The women in my past who were not were insecure and they cheated.
  • BelleGirl21
    I'm sorry it'll never work out with us 😉

    Great take muscles. 👍
    • Lol whatever you have a million desirable traits!!!

      Thanks for reading!

  • idkwtftoputhere
    Nice take, hopefully you find a woman that has all these qualities, if ya haven't already
  • Iamathinker
    This is a pretty great take. I can be confident sometimes, but usually I'm always apologetic.
    • Thanks for reading!
      Well I think you can be both maybe :)

    • I'm determined to overcome my self doubt and lack of confidence issues. This take helps me see how damaging ir is for me personally, not just for a guy to like me.

    • Glad to help in any way potentially :)

  • I knew it was only a matter of time before you wrote a take about me ;) hahah
  • JustAnotherPassenger
    The post is very idealistic and it points out many things that not most confident people has, but overall, dating confident people is way better for most decent people and it drives to healthy relationships.
  • james_mark
    25- she will wear a strapon and rape your anus :D JK lolol
    Great Mytake!
    • Lol if ur into that! Thanks for reading👍☺

    • james_mark

      Lol i am not, It's just too rare to find a woman like that i think!
      You welcome!

  • Entity
    I only feel bad that apparently confidence is rare. :(

    I wonder why that is?

    [Gets out his White Knight costume and prepares his trusty bullshit sword]
  • Lindajackie
    This awesome! Number 3, wow.
  • Bea123
    good for you :P awesome mytake
  • NoClueFrau
    Pretty empowering.
    good take.
  • maria96
    Great take!! 👌🏿💪🏿
  • aoifeislovable
    Makes a lot of sense...
  • RainbowFanGirl
    Confidence is sexy. :)
  • takumii
    Did you write the topic after you could come up with the points?
  • TatyanaTheEmpress
    Good to know, and nice MyTake :)
  • puncakegirl
    Nice take :D
  • Zorax
    Those are excellent reasons, I concur, great Take
  • Readytoleave
    Bro, that's exactly what I want, thanks
  • tony72722
    Yes... Nice take.