Do women get approached a lot or not?


Do women get approached a lot or not?

If you've been on GAG long enough you've probably seen both sides of this question. On the one side, you have us guys who don't bother approaching attractive girls because we figure you all have a line up that stretches out the door and around the block of guys actively trying to get with you. On the other side we have girls, even by all accounts attractive ones, who claim that guys never approach them or ask them out, but instead just look at them. So how can we have two polar opposite stories here? Surely only one of them can be right. So this is the problem that I ventured to solve: do women get approached a lot or not and is this related to how attractive she is?

Last week I asked a question: Who wants to be part of another social experiment? on here hoping to collect some data. I went through all of the responses and analyzed the data to give you a clearish answer to this burdensome question. Firstly though, I should disclose all of the shortcomings with the analysis.

1) Small sample size: I only got 29 responses from guys and 51 responses from girls.

2) Response bias: Since all of this was self-reported there will be biases in the answers.

Regardless, I think the overall picture could be instructive in dispelling some myths we might have about who approaches who and how often.

I broke it up to explore 4 different degrees of "approaching" in real life. I discounted online "approaches". Obviously if you took part in this you'd know I asked for how often you catch someone staring at you, how often you're approached, how often you're asked for your phone number, how often you're asked out on a date, and what degree of attractiveness you see yourself. I did this for both guys and girls just to compare but this was all motivated to look at the female case.

Coming into this I had my own personal hypotheses that I developed over my time on this site, which were

1) The number of stares is positively related to attractiveness

2) The number of approaches is positively related to attractiveness up to a certain point and then it begins to decline

3) The number of times a woman's asked for her number is positively related to attractiveness up to a certain point and then it begins to decline

4) The number of times a woman's asked out on a date is positively related to attractiveness up to a certain point and then it begins to decline

The decline in 2-4 was rationalized by guys being intimidated by really attractive women and would go for less attractive women who were viewed as "safer".

So now that we've got the framework, let's look at the meat and potatoes.


Do women get approached a lot or not?

In order to generalize the data, I took the median (due to skewed data) and scaled everything up to per year (see Table). It appears that from the sample data, women get looked at fairly frequently, certainly far more than us guys do. One thing to bear in mind is because this is how frequently do you catch someone looking at you, the number of times you're actually checked out is almost certainly an underestimate. This number drops off spectacularly as we move to approaches. Women get approached a whopping 5 whole times per year, on average (not really average but you know what I mean). That means at most 2.5% of guys who check out women actually approach them. This reduces to 0.5% when looking at how many guys ask these women out. Now obviously there's variability to this and these numbers aren't a hard rule but it's interesting to see the massive dropoff between looking and approaching.

Looking at how attractiveness plays into this we can see that there isn't really a strong correlation (see graph). As an aside, something that should be mentioned but isn't visible on the graphs is that there are data points that overlap. Due to this overlap the y-axes are right-skewed, which isn't abundantly apparent in the graphs.

Do women get approached a lot or not?

Continuing, it seems that once a woman's considered at least a "6", that's when guys might start approaching her and asking her out. However, based on the graphs an "8" has just as much chance at being approached and asked out as a "4" or a "5", so looks by themselves aren't a sufficient factor.

So what does all of this mean?

To go back to the original question: do women get approached and asked out a lot? The answer appears to be no. Guys look but that's about as far as they go. The common perception that guys have about attractive girls is that they have a lot of guys after them but this doesn't appear to be the case. If 10 guys want to go after the same girl and all of them think that the other 9 are going to make a move and don't do it then that little hottie has no guys approaching her. The take away here, guys, is that your perceived competition doesn't really exist, even for the most attractive girls. We're psyching ourselves out. Sure, there might be some girls that do have guys after them as the graph clearly shows but they're unlikely to be the rule. So I think this should boost some guys confidence that if you're willing to make approaches then you'll have more success than you think (though none of this insulates you from the possibility that that little hottie you have your sights on doesn't already have a boyfriend/fiance/husband).

Now, this isn't to say that girls don't have a role in all of this too. There's a reason why you're not getting approached and asked out, and it doesn't necessarily have to do with your looks. Clearly there are some less attractive women getting more attention than more attractive women. Based on sifting through the answers it appears that it's in part due to lifestyle. Some women reported being approached a lot at their work (bars/clubs) while if you're a homebody, no matter how attractive you are, you're not going to be approached. Then there's your general body language and putting yourself in positions to being approached. I won't go into specifics because there's a myTake: Why you aren't getting approached - Ladies on being approached and another one Girls, Why You're Not Getting Asked Out on being asked out (shameless plug on the second myTake!).

Final Thoughts

Guys, it's all in our heads. Just figure out how you want to approach and do it. So much of this is just mental. If you can get over your insecurities then the whole playing field opens up for you.

Girls, if you want to be approached, show it. It makes things easier for everyone. Or if you're feeling particularly brave, approach yourself. Just like guys, the only person who's stopping you is yourself.

Do women get approached a lot or not?
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  • Enaya
    Firstly, thank you for the study, now we have stats defending what some women have been saying here all along and men have been denying.

    1. The women were right when they say that they don't get approached.

    2. The women were also not flattering themselves when they said men were inimidated to approach. Men, whose egos were hurt with the idea of being intimidated by a little woman , denied that it was intimidaton.

    3. All this also presumed that the man should be approaching the woman, which is not necessary despite what society says. But then we say a woman is thirsty or needy and clingy when a woman becomes the pursuer. As a society, if you want women to approach you, stop labeling them and appreciate the approach. Same thing for the ladies, appreciate the approach and be kind.

    4. There are studies that show that women who pursure don't end up in long term relationships because men don't chose them in the first place out of their own interest, which means men care more about the first impression - looks, more than the woman's invest ment in them. And this discousrages even the modern woman from pursuing something unless they are looking for a hookup because they worry about societally influences men thinking of them as thirsty.

    5. Conclusion, we should keep our egos and shallow ideas at bay and approach people and they people approached shoud take it in the right light and invest without making much of who did what first and what the other person's looks say about our status.
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    • orphan

      @Enaya it takes a certain combination of personality traits for a woman to approach. the social assertiveness is what's scary. which gives them just that much more of an umph to leave a relationship they're not happy with. beneficial for sure. cuts out a lot of excessive pain and suffering. on the contrary it instills the confidence to also give up and leave too soon..

    • Yea, I hate the stereotype from society that says a women shouldn't approach a man. This seems ass backwards to me. I like it when a girl makes the first move. If she does, I feel like I can be more my true self rather than this superficial person trying to 'impress' the girl to like me.

    • Ananon

      "I like it when a girl makes the first move. If she does, I feel like I can be more my true self rather than this superficial person trying to 'impress' the girl to like me. "
      I'm with you on that.
      When approaching people to acquaint with them, you can pretty much be yourself and have a good time. (It's why I stick with just acquainting and befriending people nowadays, much more enjoyable to me and the other party.)
      When asking someone out on a date, there's normally a certain expectation of showing your very best (and often faking stuff to appear even better) or it'll more likely end in a failed date. If someone was to ask me out, it shows my initial impression is good enough and I can be myself; I don't expect her to fake things or be flawless, and would be genuinely interested in her real self.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • ConsultantIsBack
    i've thought about doing some legit statistical analysis and observational study on gag, but been too lazy. So way to go, thanks.
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    • JSmuve

      Thanks bro. At least someone appreciates this. I just had one guy decide to shit all over it and essentially say it doesn't mean anything. Why can't people just take these things for what they are and keep their negative comments to themselves. I recognize the shortcomings in this thing and if there were a way to get around them I would've but I couldn't. This is probably gonna be my last time doing this because the negativity on this website is just too much to fucking handle sometimes.

    • tyber1

      I think this was a good idea I don't know why other people are getting upset.

    • @JSmuve: Don't let the negative comments get u down cuz unfortunately people are going to say something negative no matter what. Plus, when we put post things on this website or online on general, its open for all users to see, so there's bound to be some bad apples. I think u did a great MyTake, don't let anyone stop u from writing them. :)

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  • XRabbitHeartX
    Great take!! Totally appreciate the time you took to make everything. 10/10 man.
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  • BelleGirl21
    I loved this take! For one thing, CHARTS AND GRAPHS! I love all things organized but there's also a lot of truth to it.
    I think a lot of guys will smile or say hi to a girl and think "I've approached her and apparently she's not interested" and the girl is just left thinking "oh he seems nice, he must not be interested in more."
    Men and women cold both be a lot more daring and open in thus aspect. You're right, most of the defeat is in your mind.
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  • aficionado
    Wow, that's a lot of analysis and research you have done. Appreciate the efforts. And great myTake too!

    I too am one of those guys who never approaches really attractive girls. I assume that they're way above my league, so they're either already taken, or will reject me anyway. I guess I should take my chances with them henceforth! :P
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    • cmale123

      There no girl out your league because in the end she just another girl.

    • aficionado


      Well... we're only kidding ourselves if we think that leagues don't exist. I mean... if there is a woman who is stunningly beautiful, is a pHd holder, has a really high paying job (or any combination of these), how would I ever have a chance with her? She's almost certain to choose a man in her league, over me.

    • cmale123

      You saying chances that its possible. Every girl you ask out or date. Is still base on chances? She had make that choice when you ask. What she got does not effect her decision but what she see you as is another story. Let say two girl who had phd, had good job and look pretty attractive. You ask both out. Rejected by both. Now let say you ask 100 or 1000 or even more have these quality. Would all be a no? Probably not because you ask them is no different then coin flip on chance

  • redeyemindtricks
    OK dude, repeat after me:

    Simple is good.

    Simplistic is bad.

    You are trying to be simplistic here, and that never ends well. Never ends well.

    The problem is illustrated in this thread:

    Read that thread. Read my comments, versus the general results.

    You see the problem.

    That girl's "outfit #1" is objectively sexier and better-looking. Her "outfit #3" looks like something she would wear to just netflix and chill, or whatevs.

    But, the problem is, that outfit #1 looks SO GOOD THAT IT MIGHT BE TOO INTIMIDATING.

    That's the problem here.

    There are a handful of men in the world like my husband, who is the interpersonal equivalent of a big-game hunter. He was always the type to scan a room, find the single most "unapproachable" woman, make a beeline for her, and take her to the nearest convenient location for coitus.

    On the other hand, 99.99999 percent of men are not like that, and so the problem is that BOTH extremes are bad.
    Too bad is bad, and too good is also bad. Yep. Problem.

    We girls, we have this weird, fragile equilibrium point that we're always trying to hit. It changes depending on location, season, time of day, expected audience, current events, time of month, performance of local sports teams (really), ... SO MANY FACTORS.

    Cut us some slack here dude.

    Either that, or dust yrself off and start going up to some of the "unapproachable" girls. We don't bite. (:
  • heavensgift2girls
    Girls get approached all the time, and just don't count it because she is so uninterested in the guy. Most of those girls don't count it as an approach unless the guy actually asks her out. She often rejects the guy with her body language long before he has a chance to ask her out so he doesn't bother and just walks away. I believe this would alter the numbers greatly. I have even seen girls get approached several times in the same day and then a couple of hours complain they never get approached.
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  • LittleSally
    ... any girl on here could've told you that... But this MyTake will help a lot of guys who still think women have it so easy...
    And help the ones that are afraid try to put those irrational fears aside.

    Great MyTake!
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    • 0112358

      Compared to guys they do have it easy. Not one guy in the study was approached even once.

    • @0112358 Well, who else would they be compared to?

    • Soyeah999

      @0112358 how would you know how easy they have it? I don't think one gender 'has it easier' at all...

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  • Bandit74
    I think your sample size was too small to really draw any serious conclusions. Also the fact you had people rate their own attractiveness kinda invalidates things in my opinion.

    I really respect the ammount of effort you put into it though 👍
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    • JSmuve

      I mentioned both of those things two paragraphs in. Did you skip over it or decide to comment on it in case I've forgotten about it?

    • Bandit74

      I did read that paragraph, that's how I knew the sample size was small and that their attractiveness was self reported.

      Sure you mentioned the shortcomings but you still phrased the rest of your take as if we can take the results seriously.

      I've seen people invalidate studies that have sample sizes of 500-100 as being too small, how can we really use 80 people who reported their own attractiveness to come to any real conclusions? I think people seem to either significantly under/overvalue their looks. So that alone invalidates the whole thing in my opinion 😕

    • JSmuve

      But thats the thing, its all opinion. What one person thinks is invalid, someone else might think is valid. It begs the larger question of what size does one need to be valid? Ask 10 people and get 10 different answers. Regardless, the purpose of the take was to get people thinking about their own personal perceptions. It wasn't supposed to be gospel like you seem to be taking it but something to challenge preconceived notions and get people thinking. If you want to shit all over the thing then thats your prerogative but I hardly think you can throw the baby out with the bathwater. Try to see the big picture here.

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  • RomansToPhilemon
    Yea, I just did a post about this. Got some good feed back as well. Except my question was more towards why don't girls approach guys more often. And this data seems to further solidify my point. Girls have gotten too complacent with batting an eye or playing with their hair to show some kind of interest or signal. I mean, these things are great and all, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with a girl chasing after a guy, FIRST.

    What are divorce rates now these days? 50% in the first 3 years. 75% after 10 years of being married. And why is this? Is it because society, for whatever reason, has flipped the roles of genders? Should guys be chasing girls? Is this even attractive to girls? I have always found that girls, in general, are only attracted to me if I do not pursue (chase) them. But rather have the guy have attractive qualities that make them pursue me (the guy).

    Whats more attractive for a lady? (girls do want a manly man right) So a guy who needlessly is trying to 'impress' a girl is going to attract her? Or is a guy who stands firm and exudes manliness will attract the girl to him? Just my 2 cents. No need to yell at me...
  • c0stell0
    i think this was a very good mytake, im glad i could be apart of it! although, i think for the questionnaire you maybe could have asked the girls have often they look at or approach men just to see a full 360 perspective. (such as women who get approached a lot, do they approach men a lot, or not at all or vice versa... so on and so forth) either way, well thought out and well executed!!
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  • NearlyNapping
    The results show that girls DO have it easy. Getting approached five times a year on average is a LOT. Compared to guys that's an extremely high number.

    Granted, the sample size is way too small, there is built in bias, etc. But if you are going to interpret the results it shows that girls really do have it easy.
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  • glamgamergal
    You are seriously the MVG
    Yes most valuable gager
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  • Yeahhbro
    I love the effort that you put it into this study. But i think there is a huge flaw with this study, and that the women and guys in general in here are probably people that have a lot of problems dating or relationships. Girls that do not seem to have that issue, won't have the need to be here... ever. I know some girl friends who are really good looking and they always get approached, specially in parties; they get free drinks and guys talking to them all the time.
    • JSmuve

      Ya but I never said that attractive girls never get approached often. All I said is that it may not be as normative as people seem to believe.

    • Yeahhbro

      still though, i still think the women on here are not a good enough example for this study because it would distort the results heavily.

  • Hannah591
    Woah, you've executed this well. I want to be a part of your next study! I've had like 8 dates this year so I think I would've affected your results hah.
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    • Hannah591

      "your perceived competition doesn't really exist"

  • EmpatheticLady
    I commend the effort you put into this myTake! Very impressive. :) I hope this will give some guys (and girls) that push they needed to approach someone they feel is attractive.
  • GandalfTheGay
    One thing needs to be changed: the attractiveness factor should be labeled
    "confidence in attractiveness"
    because you asked the people how attractive they THINK they are.
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    • Beta455

      I think a better way to measure attractiveness is for guys to rate them.

  • kitty71
    I never been approached by any guy before so for that i have to be the one doing the approaching myself even if for some is not correct for a woman to chase and not to be chases is that wrong really?
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    • DBAOracle

      You have never been approached before? And I wouldn't be surprised if you were 14 but it says that you're 44. I really feel for you, ma'am.

    • kitty71

      @DBAOracle is the truth abd when did the approaching it backfired

  • RainbowSmile
    Good job! I’ve always wondered why I didn’t get approached a lot, I was thinking maybe I am not appealing
  • talias288
    This is totally true. Which is why I decided to stop letting fear get the best of me. I approach any guy, that seems available, and catches my eye.
    • Skankhunt

      Do you approach guys anywhere anytime (bars, school, gym, grocery store etc)

  • acka72
    I think that the conclusión we can dare here is that most people are insecure and dont have dating skills. Whether make or female.
  • RachelBrigs
    It depends on where the girl lives, where she goes, etc
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