What are the qualities that women look in a men?


First of all, I would like to precise that the three main qualities that I'm going to list over here are based on my experience only. Thus, it might not be as accurate as it should be but will give some hints to those who are still wondering what are the main qualities that a men should have to attract the opposite gender. I'll list them from most to less important ones

1- Honesty

Ladies like it when you are being honest with them. Being honest will allow to build trust, and all start from here. Such quality does not only apply in the case of attracting women, it is a trait that you should have that will help you in your life to gain respect, and more.

What are the qualities that women look in a men ?

2- Humor

Everyone want to have fun, and in order to do so we have to be with someone that can make jokes, or be funny somehow. If you don't have it, I'm sure that there are ways to learn it.

What are the qualities that women look in a men?

3- Confidence

I'll describe this one in the way of see it. Thus, I believe that a confident person is someone that is able to remain cool, and calm and knows when to stand up for himself and for others when needed.

What are the qualities that women look in a men?

Keep in mind that each woman has different preferences, and that each woman may look for different traits in a man.

Hoping that my first take was somehow helpful, and that most importantly you enjoyed reading it :)

Best regards,

What are the qualities that women look in a men?

What are the qualities that women look in a men?
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  • Anonymous
    A big black cock!
    Is this still revelant?

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  • DarkHumorRUs
    Yeah I guarantee you I have the qualities, especially the first two, but they haven't gotten me anywhere.
    • Swanny

      Maybe you've been unlucky, but I'm sure that you will find a girl sooner than you think ;)

  • Polocrew
    tall jacked and athletic qualities
  • Anonymous
    And I have none of these besides honesty. I have confidence, but I'm shy. I'm not funny. Just corny and boring.
    • Swanny

      You should be proud to be honest ! Seriously, nowadays it is hard to find people that are honest. It is one the most important factors to attract a woman from my point of view.

      As for your shyness, it's fine. All of us have some part of shyness deep inside but we try to hide it as much as we can. I'm shy I admit it, but I try to avoid exposing it.

      If you are unsatisfied of being a corny and boring person, I suggest to learn some tricks by reading books, warching comedy shows, and check up some sites over the internet. I'm sure that you can find a solution to your situation and be a funny person :)

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