5 Beliefs That Are Helpful to Assume Are Actual Facts


Arguing about beliefs is foolish as they are not based on objective reality and do not have an answer that is perfect enough to defend. However, there are some beliefs that no matter how true or untrue in fact are highly beneficial to accept as absolute, unchanging facts.

All Men Are Created Equal

This should be more of a popular American expression than it is. Despite having supposedly built off this concept, America is still plagued by elitism from every facet imaginable. Sure, there isn't the landed gentry ruthlessly keep the poor at their most miserable in a highly feudalistic society, but socially and culturally we have "the best" "the ok" and "The less." For yourself, I suggest even if many people are born with advantages internally that give them more potential than others--you should still believe that all men are created equal. That you can do anything I can do and vice versa. This will get rid of the excuses in your head that you can't do something because of who you are versus who someone else is. Watch Rudy for a perfect example of this in action.

5 Beliefs That Are Helpful to Assume Are Actual Facts

No One Enjoys Being Sucked Up To

Some people honestly do love to watch people act like less human than they are and treat them like they're better. Yet, if you never allow yourself to believe these people exist, you'll never be tempted to get your boss to like you by acting like a stooge. Sure, you do need him or her to like you, but not the stooge way. You'll do it by being the best, or the nicest to fellow employees, or just an honest person. This applies as well to dating. It's easier for guys to understand no girl wants you to act like some doormat, but for girls as well it's better to believe no guy wants you to be his doormat even if he does because in this you'll never be tempted to be less than anyone else.

5 Beliefs That Are Helpful to Assume Are Actual Facts

You Are No One's Victim

In reality, people are other people's victims all the time. There's mass murder going on, mass sexual assault, mass horrific crimes against humanity that go unanswered. While I'd wager less of those people are on this site than not, you should never allow yourself to believe someone has the power to crush you. Even people above you can fire you..even your lover can cheat on you with someone "better looking" but they can't crush you. You aren't the victim if you don't accept that they ever held that kind of power over you. They dissapointed you, but they did break you.

5 Beliefs That Are Helpful to Assume Are Actual Facts

You Only Live Once

Cliche, yes but more true than people are willing to accept. Every day you walk on this Earth is one less day you have to walk on this Earth before you die. Every moment you waste being anxious is one less moment you have before you die. Every time you sit in your room weeping is another hour of your life you have given up for this person that you will never get back because you will die and there is no cash back policy on life.

5 Beliefs That Are Helpful to Assume Are Actual Facts

Nothing Anyone Else Thinks of You Matters

People are generally on board with this but they are reticient to commit 100% to the belief as a fact. Every time you catch yourself wondering what they think or holding back what you are thinking because it will come off awkward or not funny or mean or inappropriate (there are certain exceptions to this one) say it anyway. You have to get used to saying whatever you feel like. It's more unlearning than learning but regardless it feels like a muscle that you're developing to the point where eventually you'll be running your mouth with your ideas without even being able to think about how it's recieved. Same goes for when you "think back" on what people were thinking of you when the moments already long passed. Say no I will not dwell on this negativity and turn to something positive. It will eventually stick and you'll have a hard time remembering when your life was filled with more negative chatter than positive.

5 Beliefs That Are Helpful to Assume Are Actual Facts

You Have No Real Problems

You have real problems, but it's better to believe that your problems pale in comparison to what other people go through. Having a blessed life starts with believing you have a blessed life. A mansion can seem like nothing if you believe you have a problem filled life. A little shack on the beach can seem incredible if you live for the moment. Accept the belief that if you're healthy and if your family is healthy you HAVE NO PROBLEMS. Every problem you think you have is a game your mind is playing. Again, this is partly true partly not. Sometimes you have very serious problems, but in realizing that your life even it's bad parts is better than it could be potentially you never get phased but the twists and turns.

5 Beliefs That Are Helpful to Assume Are Actual Facts

Love Exists

Something I'm doing for 2016 is pushing love and connection to others as a very important part of life. We can exist alone and be happy, this is true. A man can exist in the wild and survive. Yet, living in communities is as much a gift now as it was during the beginning of Man. Socially interacting with others and pushing that interaction to romantic love is the ultimate achievement of our ability to speak, hear, and touch. Maybe we don't actually have the ability to "love" as we believe it and instead we're just labeling an over-attachment to another for emotional stimulation something pretty to make ourselves feel better, but it's better and gives life more meaning if we accept the belief we can love each other.

5 Beliefs That Are Helpful to Assume Are Actual Facts
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  • OlderAndWiser
    "All people are equal" does not mean that all people are identical, as I am sure you know. It means that all people have the same rights and privileges under the law and all people should have the same opportunities available to them.

    Obviously, some men are short and some are tall. Many ladies prefer taller men and the short guys got "the short end of the stick." This kind of example does not negate the expression that all people are created equal.

    Nice take, especially the introduction that acknowledges that beliefs are based upon logically indefensible assumptions.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Stacyzee
    Ay foo' a take u could have gotten my input in smh
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    • pavlove

      ha let me jump on one of yours

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  • UtopianLobotomy
    Arguing about beliefs is not foolish, society's laws customs are based on beliefs, everything we consciously do is based on foundational core beliefs. There are wrong beliefs and right beliefs, if there were not nothing would matter or makes sense. Why? Because a thing, or anything, can not be both true or false, that violates the law of non-contradiction.

    What world do we live in where positive charges are negative and negative charges positive? Some theoretical parallel dimension?
  • Waffles731
    You only live twice or so it seems,
    Once for you
    and once for your dreams
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  • Anonymous
    I disagree with the all men are created equal belief. I think it's BS that we are brainwashed to believe. I think society will become a better place when we recognize that inferior people exist among us. Why? Because it's true. Some people are just worthless.
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    • pavlove

      but inevitably you come to the belief that you are worthless or that other people have more worth than you... that's why you need to abandon the concept that some are better than others

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